Sunday, 15 July 2012

Big Brother - Caroline O'Shea

Caroline O'Shea

Caroline O'Shea, 31, was a sex toy seller from Birmingham. She was known in the house for her nickname 'Caggy', her hyena style laugh and pulling down Thomas's pants. She was evicted in week 4 with 62% of the vote.  After the house, she went back to selling adult toys, a jobs he had prior to the show. She aimed to launch a music career but was unable to get a record label to sign her however her record was played on Heart after being sent in by her friends. She was offered £5,000 to model topless and has had disputes with Channel 4 over money she believes she is owed. She is pursuing a career in acting and can be found on a casting website. She also appeared in a reality special of The Weakest Link.

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