Sunday, 15 July 2012

Big Brother - Craig Phillips

Craig Phillips, 28, was a builder from Liverpool. He was known in the house for confronting Nasty Nick Bateman, the confrontation that led to him winning as he was fairly unknown until this point. After the house, he gave his £70,000 prize money to his best friends niece Joanne Harris for a heart and lung transplant in America. Within a week of winning, he had raised the remaining £250,000. Joanne sadly passed away in 2008. He has been on hundreds of TV shows and has his own DIY TV shows including BBC1's 60 Minute Makeover. He has also released a Christmas single in 2000 "At This Time of Year", which got to number 14 in the charts and raised £40,000 for a downs syndrome charity. Craig has also been on Bo Selecta! In 2009 he released his autobiography and re entered the house twice for various tasks and continues his TV work.  He has made an estimated £5,000,000 since leaving the house.

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