Sunday, 19 August 2012

Big Brother - Alex Sibley

Alex Sibley, 23, was a model from London. He was known in the house for hiding behind a door and miming to "That's the way I like it"His obsession with cleaning and his outburst at Jonny and Alison for peeing in the shower. His flirty game "Follow the Van". He came third in the final with 27% of vote to win.After leaving the house he appeared in an advert for Domestos and modelled at London Fashion Week. Hello! Magazine voted him 6th in their Most Attractive men of 2002 list. He has appeared on TV shows such as Driven, Celebrity Fear Factor, Blind Date Celebrity Special, Loose Women and Wish You Were Here. He has returned to the Big Brother house twice, in series 8 for a time traveller task with Adele and in Big Brother 10 for an egg and spoon race with Lee and Sophie. He dated BB1 house mate Melanie Hill until 2007. Sun readers have voted him hunkiest House mate. In 2004, Alex was driving his car when he hit and killed a pedestrian, he was charged for the death but the case was dropped in 2006.

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