Sunday, 14 December 2014

Restaurant Impossible - Coffee's Boilin' Pot - CLOSED

Restaurant Impossible Coffee's Boilin' Pot

Episode Recap

Chef Robert Irvine visits Coffee's Boiling Point in MadisonvilleLouisiana, where he meets owners Tim and Allene who fell in love when they worked in the restaurant. They got married and when the business was up for sale in 2005 they bought the business. Things went downhill after they bought it and because of the pressure of running they restaurant they fell out of love and soon divorced. Robert finds that the restaurant is dirty and that the food is frozen, poorly cooked and poorly seasoned. 

What Happened Next?

The restaurant closed in July 2012, the restaurant was ravaged by Hurricane Isaac after being sold in August 2012. Another seafood restaurant named Crabby Shack was opened in it's space in February 2013 following a vast revamp.

Extra Reading

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Keith Young opens Crabby Shack in the old Coffee's Boilin' Pot spot

Recipes Featured on the Episode

Crawfish Spring Roll

Shrimp Boil

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