Monday, 22 December 2014

Restaurant Impossible - Del's Restaurant - OPEN

Restaurant Impossible Del's Restaurant

Episode Recap

Chef Robert Irvine visit's Del's restaurants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a restaurant that has been operating for 61 years. The food and decor is in need of attention but the biggest problem is the owner Marianne. The pressure from the struggles of the restaurant leads her to shouting at the staff and creating an atmosphere that is unappealing to customers so unsurprisingly customers are staying away. They claim that using the microwave saves time and they can the get food out quicker to customers. Robert challenges this and they have a race: Microwave versus Cooking from scratch. Robert won this race and proved that you can cook from fresh quicker than using the microwave. They have other strange kitchen practices including putting ice cubes into sauce to cool it down, what is wrong with the fridge? Robert gives the menu and restaurant a makeover and works with Marianne to improve her management skills.

What Happened Next?

Since Robert visited, Yelp reviews are mixed, negative reviews seem to criticise the quality of food and hit and miss service.  Reviews seem to suggest that they have kept the decor and menu that Robert put in place on the show. 

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Del’s in Bloomfield gets a makeover from TV chef Robert Irvine and Restaurant Impossible

Recipes Featured on the Episode

Chicken Parmesan

Red Sauce Base - Marinara

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