Monday, 1 December 2014

Restaurant Impossible - Dodge City - OPEN

Restaurant Impossible Dodge City

Episode Recap

Chef Robert Irvine visits Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to help turn around Dodge City and prevent the restaurant from closing after being open for over 30 years. The restaurant has a long running Wild West theme and the owners are weary of change, refusing to makes needed to make the restaurant more modern. Robert eventually persuades them to make some changes including changes to the menu and some slight changes to the d├ęcor.

What Happened Next? 

Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews are mostly good since Robert visited the restaurant. Robert Irvine returned to the restaurant a year later and was impressed with the restaurants progress and the food he was served.

Extra Reading

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Dodge City needs to keep up the 'Restaurant: Impossible' shine

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine revisits Dodge City Restaurant in Harrisburg

Recipes Featured on the Episode

Blue Cheese Spinach Orzo Sauce

Bison Tacos

Hanger Steak

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