Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Restaurant Impossible - Horton's Kids - OPEN

Restaurant Impossible Horton's Kids

Episode Recap

Chef Robert Irvine visits Horton's Kids, a children's community centre that provides meals to under privileged children and cooking classes. In this special episode, Robert teams up with First Lady Michelle Obama to help improve the facilities on offer and improve the running of the place.  They revamp the kitchen, provide dining facilities and Microsoft donate computers. 

What Happened Next?

Since Robert's visit, they are offering more cooking classes in the kitchen and the families are enjoying dining together. They are growing fresh veg in the garden, have started a gardening club and the computers are improving the computer skills in the local community. 

Extra Reading

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Recipes Featured on the Episode

Vegetable Pizza

Grilled Watermelon Basil Mint Smoothie

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