Monday, 29 December 2014

Restaurant Impossible - University Grill - CLOSED

Restaurant Impossible University Grill

Episode Recap

Chef Robert Irvine visits University Grill in Burlington, North Carolina, where he finds a restaurant opened by three siblings in order to support their families financially. The restaurant had been open for 5 years and the  constant squabbling between the siblings is close to causing the closure of the restaurant. There are multiple problems Robert has to deal with including owner stubbornness and serious food safety issues. 

What Happened Next?

After Robert visited, Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews were mixed with both good and bad reviews. Robert revisited and sales were reported to be up 15%. The restaurant closed in June 2013 and was sold by the owners so that they could spend more time with their family.

Extra Reading

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After 'Restaurant Impossible' makeover, University Grill sold

Recipes Featured on the Episode

Spiced Aioli

Lamb Poppers

Pan Seared Salmon and Haricot Verts Potato Salad

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