Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Restaurant Impossible - Wild Cat Cafe - OPEN

Restaurant Impossible Wild Cat Cafe

Episode Recap

Chef Robert Irvine visits Canton South High School in Canton, Ohio, who run their own restaurant as part of their culinary school, allowing students to gain invaluable experience of running a restaurant. However, the restaurant is suffering due to budget cuts and in order to survive it has to become self sufficient. Robert found a number of hurdles he had to overcome including broken equipment, lack of profit, dilapidated dining room and students with poor culinary skills. All the restaurant needed to succeed is to replace the broken equipment, revamp the dining room and this will allow the students to be able to practise their culinary skills. Simply, the students can't improve as Chefs with broken equipment. Robert replaces the equipment and gives the dining room a minor makeover. 

What Happened Next? 

They have continued with the improvements that Robert had set in place and have kept his menu. They are still open for lunch 3 times a week and have a special themed dinner once a month. 

Extra Reading

Canton South's High School big reveal — Wildcat cafe

Recipes Featured on the Episode

Coriander and Mustard Seed Crusted Salmon


Bechamel Mac and Cheese

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