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Big Brother 14 Housemates Where Are They Now?

Find out who the housemates from Big Brother 14 were and what happened to them after they left the Big Brother house. 

Big Brother Housemates Callum Knell

Callum Knell

Callum Knell, 28, was a sports coach and lifeguard from Maidstone. 

He was known in the house for his love triangle with Charlie and Dexter and clashing with Charlie's mum Jackie. 

He was evicted in week 7 with the most votes to evict.

After the house, in 2014, he became a primary school teacher. 

Big Brother Charlie Travers

Charlie Travers

Charlie Travers, 27, was a receptionist from London. 

She was known in the house for the Callum / Dexter love triangle. 

She came 5th place in the final with the fewest votes to win. 

After the house, she got together with Dexter, however it only lasted a few months. She has also trained to become a TV presenter and now lives in LA. She appears on E! show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, introduced as "Tyler's Manager's Assistant".

Big Brother Housemates Daley Ojuederie

Daley Ojuederie

Daley Ojuederie,28, was a professional boxer from London.

He was known in the house for flirting with Hazel before removed from the house in Week 4 for threatening and aggresive behaviour towards her, which included grasping her neck and pinning her to the bed during a drunken argument about her pulling down his shorts earlier in the evening.

After the house, he was questioned by the police and spilt up with girlfriend Katie. He was in talks to release a book about his life, friendships with Tulisa and the other members of NDubz and his time in the BB house.

Big Brother Housemates Dan Neal

Dan Neal

Dan Neal, 33, was an ex Met Office police officer from London who was involved with the Jimmy Saville case.  

He was known in the house for receiving a formal warning for comments about Callum and arguing with Wolfie. 

He was evicted in Week 6 with most votes to evict.

After the house, he was in a relationship and is now married to Big Brother's own Rylan Clark, a very good match we think! He also appeared in Gay Times magazine in Winter 2013.

Dexter Koh

Dexter Koh

Dexter Koh, 28, was a self proclaimed 'Sugar Daddy' from Singapore but living in Liverpool.

He was known in the house for his will they, won't they relationship with Charlie and for receiving a formal warning for his inappropriate sexual comments. 

 He came in 2nd place with fewest votes to win. 

 After the house, he dated Charlie briefly before getting into a relationship with a fan with whom he had a baby. He had a spate of bad luck after he moved to London, the company he worked for went bust owing him wages and he struggled to find alternative employment. He is now managing in a lap dancing club.

Big Brother Housemates Gina Rio

Gina Rio

Gina Rio, 24, dubbed as the most spoilt girl in Britain, was rumoured to be an actress and her lavish lifestyle exaggerated and she has appeared in a Dizzee Rascal music video.

She was known in the house for arguing with Michael and receiving a formal warning after a heated argument with Sallie. She developed a close friendship with Dexter which left viewers wondering if romance would blossom.

She came in 3rd place with the fewest votes to win.

After the house, she has had a spat of public twitter rows with Holly Hagan and the other girls from the tv show Geordie Shore. 

Big Brother Housemates Hazel O'Sullivan

Hazel O'Sullivan

Hazel O'Sullivan, 24, was a model and Darts walk on girl from Dublin, Ireland.

She was known in the house for her in house relationship with Daley, that ended in a huge row that saw him being removed from the house and her regular rows with Gina and Charlie.

She left the house in Week 8 with most votes to evict.

After the house, she has been in a relationship with footballer Andros Townsend and she continued with her modelling career.

Big Brother Housemates Jack and Joe Glenny

Jack and Joe Glenny

Jack and Joe Glenny, 19, were twins from Cheshunt who worked in Sainsbury's and competed as one house mate.

They were known in the house for arguing with Dan and Gina and for crying when their parents entered the house.

They came 4th place in the final with fewest votes to win.

Since leaving the Big Brother house, they are still friends with a number of house mates and have appeared at a number of local events.

Jackie Travers

Jackie Travers, 59, was a dance instructor from Berkhamstead who has appeared in TV and film. She entered the house with her daughter, competing separately.  

She was known in the house for taking on the mum role and also breaking her arm whilst outside in the garden of the house. 

She was evicted in week 5 with most votes to evict.

After the house, she ran a dance class with daughter Charlie and regularly appears on the entertainment panel at BBC Three Counties radio and on Big Brothers Bit on the Side.

Big Brother Housemates Jemima Slade

Jemima Slade

Jemima Slade, 41, was a salon owner from West London.

She was known in the house for receiving a formal warning about a conversation about the "type" of men she likes, arguing with various house mates including Dan, Gina and Jackie.

She was evicted in week 2 with most votes to evict.

After the house, she avoided the celebrity circuit and returned to the salon she owns with her mother. Sadly her chihuahua Jakey was stolen in July 2014. The man (left in the image) suspected of stealing her dog is pictured below, if you believe you know either him or the whereabouts of Jakey, who is chipped, please contact your Jemima ( . In September 2015, she had a small part in a movie.

The glamorous London salon owner said she didn't sleep or eat for four days after the  little dog she'd had since he was a puppy was stolen
CCTV appeared to show Jakey being grabbed as he walked along the road by a man (left) who threw him into a white van and sped off

Big Brother Housemates Sallie Axl

Sallie Axl

Sallie Waterhouse aka Sallie Axl, 26, was a glamour model and DJ from the Wirral.

She was known in the house for being at war with Gina.

She was evicted in week 1 with the most votes to evict.

After the house,she has had a number of twitter rows including one with Nicola McClean and ex BB house mate Aisleyne. In March 2015, she sadly lost her unborn baby and was hospitalised with a severe infection and heavily criticised the hospital and the manner they returned the baby she had sadly lost. In June 2016, she gave birth to second daughter Savannah-Blu.

Sam Evans

Sam Evans

Sam Evans, 23, was a stock assistant from Llanelli in Wales. 
He was born with 70-80% hearing loss and in 2012 appeared on Deal or No Deal where he won £7,000 and a holiday to Egypt. 

He was known in the house for his arguments with Dexter. 

He came in first place, winning Big Brother 14 and £100,000. 

After the house, he launched a dating website for deaf people, has done numerous charity events including a charity football match. He donated some of his winnings to charity and has done some television work including appearing on a tv show teaching celebrities the Welsh language.

Big Brother Housemates Sophie Lawrence

Sophie Lawrence

Sophie Lawrence,  21, was a dental nurse from East London. 

She was known in the house for arguing with Sam and ranting at Dexter.  

She was evicted in week 9 with the most votes to evict.  

After the house,  it appears she vanished from the celeb circuit back to her previous career as a dental nurse. 

Big Brother Housemates Wolfy Millington

Ainsley "Wolfy" Millington

Ainsley "Wolfy" Millington, 20, was a shamen and fisherwoman from Bolton.

She was known in the house for having arguments with other housemates over cigarettes and for having many tantrums and crying a lot.

 She was evicted in week 4 with the most votes to evict. 

After the house, she accused Dan of bullying her whilst she was in the house. After leaving the house, she planned to return to university to finish the final year of her digital media degree.

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