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Big Brother 7 Housemates Where Are They Now?

Find out who the housemates from Big Brother 7 were and what happened to them after they left the Big Brother house. 

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, 27, was a model from London. 

She was known in the house for her "You better know yourself little girl" line, her arguments with Grace and Nikki, being a "ghetto princess". 

She came third place in the final with 22% of the vote. 

Since leaving the house Aisleyne has been a very busy lady! She has had a very successful career as a glamour model appearing in countless lads mags and newspapers. In 2008, she returned in Big Brother zombie spin off Dead Set. She turned down a place in Ultimate Big Brother to film for Brit film Anuvahood. She has appeared in numerous TV shows as a guest and presenter including Celebrity Coach Trip, T4, Big Brother's Bit on The Side and Big Mouth, Looser Women Live, Screenwipe and Celebrity Salon. She has her own fashion label "Unique by Aisleyne", has been an Agony Aunt column writer for More Magazine and written columns and articles on Big Brother. 

Her book "Aisleyne: Surviving Gangs, Guns and Glamour" was released in May 2009. In 2011, she was a judge at Miss Universe Ireland. She has done a lot of charity work for charities including being a patron of Brain Tumour UK and being involved with Club4climate. She was close friends with Amy Winehouse and was accused of being a bad influence by persuading her to drink days before her death. She can usually be seen being papped with friends in varying states of intoxication including Bianca Gascoigne and Maria Fowler.

Bonnie Holt

Bonnie Holt, 19, was a care worker from Loughborough. 

She was known in the house for not being in The Big Brotherhood and moaning about her lack of a suitcase. 

She was evicted in week 2 with 78% of the vote. 

After the house, she was ruled out of returning to the house, for legal reasons, these being a rumour that she was facing charges for not paying for some takeaway pizza, no charges were ever bought against her. She then disappeared quickly from the public eye.

Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake, 38, was an exercise instructor from Birmingham. 

She was known in the house for not having access to her suitcase and unfairly being nicknamed as "stinky Dawn" as house mates complained of body odour. 

She was ejected in week 2 after claims she received a coded message. 

After the house, Dawn told police that she was held against her will in the house for up to 24 hours and police were investigating the claims. She went on hunger strike until unedited tapes of her allegations were released, she remained on hunger strike for 3 weeks until some tapes were released but allegedly some were "destroyed". Ofcom rejected a complaint from Dawn that the show had been edited to "humiliate and misrepresent her". She also complained to the PCC about The Sun's articles about her, this was resolved when they published a letter from her with her side of the stories.

George Askew

George Askew, 19, was a student from London. 

He was known in the house for being opinionated yet such a nice guy, why did he have to leave!!! 

 He left the house voluntarily in week 2.

 After the house, he went back to his old life as this was why he left the house to avoid becoming a "celebrity". He did attend the final and end of season party though. He must have made an impression as he started working at Channel 4 as an Assistant Publicist before working in sales and marketing for various firms and is currently Sales and Business Development Director at The Gentleman's Journal.

Glyn Wise, 18, was a student from North Wales. 

He was known in the house for his egg song and his close friendship with fellow welsh house mate Imogen. 

He came second in the final with 38.8% of the vote to win. 

Since leaving the house, he appeared in many TV shows and radio broadcasts on S4C and Radio Cymru. He wrote and published a book in 2007 about the year after Big Brother House amongst other things called Blwyddyn Fawr Glyn Wise or Glyn Wise's Big Year. He returned for a task in Ultimate Big Brother in 2010. In 2012, he began teaching Welsh at a secondary school.

Grace Adams-Short

Grace Adams-Short, 20, was a dance teacher from London.

She was known in the house for her relationship with Mikey, throwing water in Suzie's face and arguing with Nikki.

She was evicted in week 4 with 87.9% of the vote.

After the house, she was in the House Next Door briefly. She and Mikey are still together, they got engaged 4 months after leaving the house, got married in 2009 and had a baby daughter Georgiana in 2012. She runs a performing arts school called Studio 76 in Liverpool and The Grace Academy of Performing Arts, in Plymouth. In 2007, she won Cirque du Celebrité on Sky 1 despite performing with a broken foot!

Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas, 23, was a bartender from Llanelli in Wales. 

She was known in the house for her close friendship with fellow Welsh contestant Glyn. 

She was evicted in week 12 with 62% of the vote. 

After leaving the house, she became a popular glamour model appearing in a wide range of magazines and newspapers. She has also appeared in TV shows including Dead Set, Celebrity Coach Trip and Come Dine With Me. In 2011, it was revealed that Imogen had a relationship with a married footballer but a gagging order prevented his name from being released in the press. Imogen never revealed the identity of the footballer, it was social media users and the Sunday Herald who revealed that it was Ryan Giggs. There were false accusations that Imogen had used blackmail in the situation, which were later dismissed in court. She has had a string of relationships with celebrities including Russell Brand and Jermaine Defoe and has now settled down with Adam Horseley, giving birth to baby daughter Ariana in February 2013.

Jayne Kitt

Jayne Kitt, 36, was a recruitment consultant from Berkshire. 

She was known in the house for breaking the house rules. 

She was evicted in week 9 with 67.1% of the vote. 

After leaving the house, she had a few appearances on TV shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats and then she returned to her previous career in recruitment.

Jennie Corner

Jennie Corner, 18, was a student from Liverpool. 

She was known in the house for flirting with Pete. 

She came sixth place in the final with 0.9% of the vote. 

After leaving the house, she appeared in a cooking show with Glyn and did numerous photo shoots as a glamour model in magazines such as Zoo. She came third in "Miss Cheshire" 2007 winning a modelling contract.

Lea Walker, 35, was a model and porn star from Nottingham. 

She was known in the house for fancying Pete and being BFFs with Richard. 

She was evicted in week 7 with 53.8% of the vote, re-enters into the House Next Door and evicted again in Week 12. 

After the house, she starred in a porn film called Casting Cuties 4 and claimed to have Britain's Biggest Boobs. She had a radio show on Gaydar Radio with Richard called The Dick and Dolly Show. She also released a book entitled Living With BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and has also done various modelling jobs.

Lisa Huo

Lisa Huo, 27, was an upholsterer from Manchester. 

She was evicted in week 5 with 60.3% of the vote. 

She was known in the house for swearing, smoking and having a hissy fit after Richard did his hilarious impression.

After leaving the house, she did the usual nightclubs and premiere rounds for a year. In 2009, she became a plumber after completing a plumbing apprenticeship.

Michael Cheshire, 23, was a student from Cheshire.

He was known in the house for being from the House Next Door and being a bit of a bitch.

He was evicted in week 11 with 9.7% of the vote to save.

After the house, Michael faded back into his old life of meditation, although his resemblance to August from Once Upon a Time still surprises me! Doppleganger!

Mikey Dalton, 22, was a software developer from Liverpool. 

He was known in the house for his relationship with Grace. 

He was evicted in week 11 with 48.5% into the House Next Door and properly evicted on day 86 after failing to win the vote to go back into the main house.

After leaving the house, his relationship with Grace continued, they got engaged 4 months after leaving the house and married in 2009. They had a baby daughter Georgiana in 2012. He and Grace appeared in an episode of Help! I need a Wedding Entertainer and Mikey is a DJ, appearing in clubs around the world.

Nikki Grahame, 24, was a model and dancer from London. 

She was known in the house for her "Who is she?!?" outburst, tantrums and relationship with Pete. 

She was evicted in week 8 with 37.2% into in the House Next Door and won the public vote to re-enter the house, she came fifth place in the final with 6.5% of the vote. 

After leaving the house, she starred in her own reality show "Princess Nikki" and won a National TV Award. She starred in adverts for Dominos Pizza for the launch of a new pizza and has appeared in a wide variety of TV shows including The Weakest Link, Big Brother's Little Brother and 8 Out of 10 Cats. She had a column in OK! Magazine for Big Brother 8, which led to a regular column within their celebrity magazine. In 2009, she re-entered the house for tasks on Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother and was in a serious car accident with minor injuries. She has written two books on Anorexia, "Dying to be Thin"in 2009 and Fragile in 2012. She returned to the Big Brother House for Ultimate Big Brother and came second. She revealed that in 2012 she suffered a relapse of Anorexia and had to be sectioned.

Pete Bennett, 24, was a singer from Brighton. 

He was known in the house for his tourettes outbursts and relationship with Nikki. 

He came first, winning Big Brother 7 with 61.2% of the vote to win.

After the house, he released a book, Pete: My Story after leaving the house. In 2010, he announced he was divorcing wife Gemma after just 6 months of marriage. They married on Living TV's Four Weddings. He has appeared as a killer clown in The White Room, a film shot in Stoke on Trent. He currently performs with band Pete Bennett & The Love Dogs.

Richard Newman

Richard Newman, 33, was a waiter from Northampton. 

He was known for taking the mickey out of Lisa, an immense collection of headwear and being BFFs with Lea. 

He came fourth place in the final with 9.2% of the vote. 

After leaving the house, he was in Attitude Magazine, hosted Mr Gay UK and appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother with Lea. He became a host on digital radio station Gaydar Radio, where he had a show, The Dick and Dolly Show with fellow housemate Lea. He also writes various articles for gay interest magazines as a freelance writer.

Sam Brodie

Sam Brodie, 19, was a nail technician from Ayr. 

She was known in the house for being too nice and having a massive row with Grace and Lea. 

She was evicted in week 3 with 53.7% of the vote. 

After the house, Sam changed her mind about having a sex change and is back living as Samuel and has since had a baby with his girlfriend. He has presented various TV shows on Indonesian TV.

Sezer Yurtseven

Sezer Yurtseven, 26, was a stock broker from London. 

He was known in the house for being nicknamed Sleazer and trying it on with the female house mates. 

He was evicted from the house in week 2 with 91.6% of the vote to evict. 

After the house, he was dating Imogen until he was arrested on suspicion of rape, although he was later cleared, it put an end to their relationship. They briefly got back together but as his reputation was significantly damaged by the allegations they split again. He describes himself as an Entrepreneur and has been Director of various companies, 7 of which are now dissolved and 3 are still active. He was cleared of tax fraud after failing to file tax returns on earnings between 2005-8.

Shahbaz Chauhdry, 37, was unemployed and from Glasgow. 

He was known in the house for crying, hiding food and having what appeared to be a mental breakdown. 

He walked voluntarily from the house after 5 days. 

After leaving the house, he threatened to sue Endemol and was unable to find work, living on benefits.  In 2009, he said in an interview that he was still having nightmares from his appearance on Big Brother.

Glen "Spiral" Coroner, 22, was DJ and Rapper from Dublin. 

He was known in the house for his song "I'd do everything for you" and his major crush on Aisleyne. 

He was evicted in week 10 with 9.7% of the vote to save. 

After the house, he produced a top ten hit “Finglas” in Ireland. In 2007, he stood in for Mark Ronson's drummer, who had come down with food poisoning, on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Christmas Special playing with the Kaiser Chiefs, Candie Payne and Mark Ronson. 

Susie Verrico

Susie Verrico, 43, was a model from Kent. 

She was known in the house for having a glass of water thrown in her face by Grace and the State of Susie. 

She was evicted in week 11 with 59.4% of the vote. 

Since leaving the house, she has done some modelling shoots and appeared in many adverts including Mastercard, Fray Bentos and Pot Noodle.

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