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Big Brother Winners Where Are They Now?

Find out who the winners of Big Brother were and what happened to them after they left the Big Brother house. 

Craig Phillips Big Brother Craig Phillips, 28, was a builder from Liverpool. He was known in the house for confronting Nasty Nick Bateman, the confrontation that led to him winning, he wasn't gaining much air time until this point. After the house, he gave his £70,000 prize money to his best friends niece Joanne Harris for a heart and lung transplant in America. Within a week of winning, he had raised the remaining £250,000. Joanne sadly passed away in 2008. He has been on hundreds of TV shows and has his own DIY TV shows including BBC1's 60 Minute Makeover. He has also released a Christmas single in 2000 "At This Time of Year", which got to number 14 in the charts and raised £40,000 for a downs syndrome charity. Craig has also been on Bo Selecta! In 2009 he released his autobiography and re entered the house twice for various tasks and continues his TV work. He has made an estimated £5,000,000 since leaving the house.
Brian Dowling Big Brother Brian Dowling, 22, was an air steward from County Kildare. He was known in the house for being everyone's favourite and for his dislike of Josh. He won Big Brother 2 with 58% of the vote to win. After winning Big Brother he starred in other reality tv shows including Hell's Kitchen, where he came third and Fáilte Towers, where he came second. He also won a Come Dine with Me Big Brother Winners special. In 2010, he won Ultimate Big Brother and the title of Ultimate House mate. He co-presented Live from Studio 5 from 2010-11. In 2011, it was announced that Brian was to present Big Brother for Channel 5. He has also presented childrens tv, presenting SMTV Live in 2002, his own show called Brian's Boyfriends and is a guest presenter on This Morning. He has done voice over work including narrating The Salon. He has also hosted awards ceremonies including the Elle Style Awards. He had a spot on Radio 1 on Saturdays mornings doing the entertainment news in 2004-6.
Kate Lawler Big Brother Kate Lawler, 22. was an administrator from London. She was known in the house for drunkenly running around a broom, stealing the chocolate from the rich side. She came in first place, winning Big Brother 3 with 58% of the vote. After leaving the house, she has been a radio DJ on Capital FM, Kerrang Radio, Virgin Radio and also a nightclub DJ, she has DJed all over the world, gaining a solid reputation and launching her own own record label. She has also forged a career in TV, she was a co-presenter on early morning show RI:SE and featured on ITV show Celebrity Wrestling, BBC show Hole in the Wall, Celebrity Wipeout and Big Brother Celebrity Hijack. She presented a dating show called Playdate for ITV2, appeared on Celebrity Love Island, finishing third and on Brainiac: Science Abuse and also became the face of an Ann Summers campaign, modelling for them and also completing a charity marathon in their underwear. In 2007, she was banned from driving for 6 months for speeding. In 2012, she carried the Olympic Torch in Sandwell.
Cameron Stout Cameron Stout, 32, was a fishmonger from Orkney. He was known for swapping with a house mate from the African Big Brother House. He came in first place, winning Big Brother 4 with 57% of the vote. After leaving the house he did lots of work for the BBC being a spokesperson, co-presenting on BBC Scotland and being on BBC Radio. He writes regular columns for Scottish Newspapers, The Sunday Post, Aberdeen Evening Express. He has starred in pantomimes as Prince Charming and Peter Pan and been involved in charity events. He is now a primary school teacher.
Nadia Almada Nadia Almada, 27, was a retail assistant from London. She was known in the house for her constant tears and tantrums to Big Brother, begging for cigarettes and being one of the lipstick bitches. She won Big Brother 5 with 74% of the vote to win. After the house, She went on to record a single 'A Little Bit of Action' which reached No.27 in the UK chart. She has appeared on many tv shows since including Hollyoaks, Big Fat Quiz of the Year and Australian Big Brother and presented shows including the launch show for Big Brother 9. In 2004, she released a dance workout DVD called Latino Dance Workout. She has appeared in other reality shows including Fool Around With, Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep and in a Big Brother special of Come Dine With Me. In 2010, she returned to the Big Brother House for Ultimate Big Brother where she proved unpopular with her antics. These involved telling Josie that her boyfriend John James did not really love her and huge rows with both Coolio and Ulrika, which earned her a reputation as a bully. Nadia complained to Ofcom about editing of her argument with Coolio and it emerged that she had said and done worse stuff not able to be shown on tv! She is alleged to have attempted committing suicide after Ultimate Big Brother.
Anthony Hutton Anthony Hutton, 23, was a dancer from Newcastle. He was known in the house for his and house mate Craig's bizarre relationship and his hot tub romp with Makosi. He won Big Brother 6 with 57.3% of the vote to win. After the house, he appeared in Sky 1's The Match and in 2007 in Premier League All Stars. He has appeared in various pantos and released a disco themed workout DVD. In 2007, he began dating Zoe Birkett but they split in 2011. His land rover mysteriously caught fire in 2007 and he was fined for urinating in the street. He returned to the house in both 2009 and 2010 for tasks including a picnic with Makosi in Ultimate Big Brother. In 2012, he decided to become a hairdresser and planned to open a salon in Darlington.
Pete Bennett, 24, was a singer from Brighton. He was known in the house for his tourettes outbursts and relationship with Nikki. He came first, winning Big Brother 7 with 61.2% of the vote to win. After the house, he released a book, Pete: My Story after leaving the house. In 2010, he announced he was divorcing wife Gemma after just 6 months of marriage. They married on Living TV's Four Weddings. He has appeared as a killer clown in The White Room, a film shot in Stoke on Trent. He currently performs with band Pete Bennett & The Love Dogs.
Brian Belo Brian Belo, 19, was a data assistant from Essex. He was known in the house for his romance with Amanda. He came first, winning Big Brother 8 with 60.3% of the vote. After leaving the house, Brian and Amanda dated briefly Brian appeared in Hollyoaks after talking about his love for the show in the house and became a regular on Harry Hill's TV Burp. He has returned to the house twice for tasks in 2009 and appeared in Dead Set. In 2013, he reached a million pound settlement with the makers of The Only Way is Essex after claiming that he played a part in coming up with the concept of the show. Brian appeared on a Come Dine with Me Big Brother Winners Special and a Coach Trip celebrity special. He released single "Essex Boy" which failed to make it into the charts.
Rachel Rice Rachel Rice, 24, was a trainee teacher from Torfaen in Wales. She was known in the house for being the boring one and there was nuclear fall out after her audition VT was shown to the house, depicting a very different Rachel to the one in the house. She was the winner of Big Brother 9 with 51.3% of the vote. After the house, she went back to her old life and completed her teacher training and is now teaching drama. She is now married with two children.
Sophie "Dogface" Reade Sophie "Dogface" Reade, 20, was a model from Nantwich. She won Big Brother 10 with 74.4% of the vote to win. Sophie was known for changing her name to Dogface to earn house mate status, this was later changed back as a reward and her fling with Kris. Since leaving the house she has become a very successful glamour model, appearing in countless lads mags. Her love life has received much media attention, she dated footballer Mario Ballotelli until it was discovered that he was sleeping with her best friend, she is reported to have turned down Zayn from One Direction, briefly dated both Gary Linnekers son and Lucien Laviscount. She turned to drugs after the breakup with Mario Ballotelli and was diagnosed with depression. She has also appeared on a Come Dine with Me, BB winners special.
Josie Gibson Josie Gibson, 25, was a sales rep from Bristol. She was known in the house for her relationship with John James. She came first in the final, winning Big Brother 11, with 77.5% of the vote. After the house, she split up with John James in March 2011 and occasionally mentions him in articles and has twitter rows with him. She has released a perfume, been a brand ambassador for Curvissa Clothing, did a nude photo shoot and is a regular columnist in magazines including Now Magazine. She has also done a host of presenting gigs on OK TV and Big Brother's Bit on The Side and appeared on countless TV shows too numerous to list. In 2013, she released two fitness DVDs Josie Gibson's 30-Second Slim and Josie Gibson's 21 Day Fat Burn after yoyoing in weight since leaving the house. She is now a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist and has raised lots of money for various charities including CLIC Sargant. She split with fiance Luke Sanwo after he fell out of love with her when she lost over 6 stone in weight and launched an online weight loss programme called Slimmables.
Aaron Allard-Morgan Aaron Allard-Morgan, 30, was a manager from Weston Super Mare. He was known in the house for his relationship with Faye. He was the winner of Big Brother 12 with most votes to win and won the prize fund of £50,900. Since the house, he has appeared on many tv shows and has written a book about his experiences in the Big Brother House, he was also running a bar, which has since closed down. He and Faye appear to still be together.
Luke Anderson Luke Anderson, 31, was a Chef from Flintshire, he was born a woman, previously named Laura. Due to their being another Luke in the house, he was referred to as Luke A. He won Big Brother 13 with 35.27% of the vote to win. He was known in the house for his bromance with Adam. After the house, he returned to work in the restaurant that he had worked in previous to Big Brother, when he was a woman. In December 2012, he told Closer Magazine that him and wife Becki were planning to have a baby. He regularly appears on Big Brother's Bit on the Side as a panellist.
Sam Evans Sam Evans, 23, was a stock assistant from Llanelli in Wales. He was born with 70-80% hearing loss and in 2012 appeared on Deal or No Deal where he won £7,000 and a holiday to Egypt. He was known in the house for his arguments with Dexter. He came in first place, winning Big Brother 14 and £100,000. After the house, he launched a dating website for deaf people, has done numerous charity events including a charity football match. He donated some of his winnings to charity and has done some television work including appearing on a tv show teaching celebrities the Welsh language.
Helen Wood Helen Wood, 27, was a salon manager from Bolton. Prior to Big Brother, she was known for having sex with Wayne Rooney and had a super injunction against her regarding sex with another unnamed actor/celebrity. She was known in the house for receiving a ticket to the final on day 2 and her unacceptable behaviour towards various house mates including Jale and Danielle and various arguments with other house mates. She received two formal warnings over her behaviour towards other house mates. She came in first place, winning Big Brother 15 and £100,000. The result was extremely close with Helen gaining 50.6% of the public votes. After the house, she was rumoured to be dating fellow house mate Ash Harrison, has regular twitter rows with former house mate Danielle. She was later arrested for throwing a drink in Danielle's face at Essex Fashion Week. She is a regular Big Brother columnist for the Daily Star and had another Twitter spat with Denise Welch. She was a bridesmaid at house mates Steven and Kimberley's wedding.

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