Monday, 31 December 2018

Top Kitchen Nightmares Moments

Back in January 2018, I asked my readers to pick their favourite Kitchen Nightmares moments in order to try and  list the Top Ten Kitchen Nightmares moments ever. The problem is that Kitchen Nightmares is such an iconic television show and there were so many options, with some classic Gordon insults and comedy moments that it was impossible to whittle it down to just ten. Feel free to comment below with your favourite moments and please bear with me whilst I put the post together!

Gordon vs Sebastian

This clash between chefs happened in Sebastians in Kitchen Nightmares season 1. Sebastian had a radical menu concept that allowed customers to create thousands of possible creations. Gordon planned to scrap the confusing menu and establish a unique selling point of fresh pizza cooked in their wood fired pizza ovens. But Sebastian's ego could not accept the changes and he fought against Gordon's changes. After Sebastian tried to bring back his old menu mid service Gordon tells him that he does not believe in him or that he wants to change and walks out. Sebastian storms after him and they have the first and one of the most explosive Kitchen Nightmares arguments!

Hey, Panini Head

This classic Gordon line featured in Hannah and Mason's in Kitchen Nightmares season 2. Gordon questioned chef/owner Brian on his input in decision making in the restaurant and found out that the only decision he had made was to add a turkey panini to the menu. Later, Gordon was inspecting the walk-in fridge and found it to be rather disgusting, upon showing his findings to Brian and through his lack of interest this iconic line was born.

So sorry about the Old Bag

She didn't like the food, I mean she ate it all. But she didn't like it.  She said it was like ragu and Gordon disagreed having tasted the food himself. This customer also caused the fiery parking lot bust up with another customer that saw the cops involved.

"Hello, my name's NINOOO!"

This is a winner for me. Every time I meet someone  new I like to tell them my name's Nino. If they get the reference then we can be best friends.

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  1. Are there new kitchen nightmare going to aired soon? I've seen every episode of kitchen nightmare. Time for new episodes "waiting".


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