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Restaurant Impossible Season 2 Open or Closed

Restaurant Impossible Season 2 Open or Closed

A list of all Restaurant Impossible season 2 restaurants, whether they are open or closed and what happened next after Robert left the restaurants featured on the popular Food Network show. There were 18 episodes in season 2 aired between July 2011 and January 2012 and the closure rate currently stands at 67%

Coffee's Boilin' Pot Restaurant Impossible
Coffee's Boilin' Pot - CLOSED

Chef Robert Irvine visits Coffee's Boiling Point in Madisonville, Louisiana, where he meets owners Tim and Allene who fell in love when they worked in the restaurant. They got married and when the business was up for sale in 2005 they bought the business. Things went downhill after they bought it and because of the pressure of running they restaurant they fell out of love and soon divorced. Robert finds that the restaurant is dirty and that the food is frozen, poorly cooked and poorly seasoned. 

What Happened Next?

The restaurant closed in July 2012, the restaurant was ravaged by Hurricane Isaac after being sold in August 2012. Another seafood restaurant named Crabby Shack was opened in it's space in February 2013 following a vast revamp.

St James Soup Kitchen Restaurant Impossible
St James Soup Kitchen - OPEN

Chef Robert Robert Irvine travels to Newark, New Jersey, for this Thanks Giving Special to help to reopen a soup kitchen, restaurant and dining room run for the homeless by the local church charity that has been ravaged by a fire. They are in a race against time to be able to relaunch the restaurant in time for Thanksgiving and help serve a Thanksgiving dinner to the thousands of homeless people of Newark and New York City. 

What Happened Next? 

Thanksgiving dinner was served to the homeless and the homeless continue to be fed at the soup kitchen, please consider donating anything you are able to the soup kitchen so they can continue helping the homeless. Happy holidays xx

Wild Cat Cafe Restaurant Impossible
Wild Cat Cafe - OPEN

Chef Robert Irvine visits Canton South High School in Canton, Ohio, who run their own restaurant as part of their culinary school, allowing students to gain invaluable experience of running a restaurant. However, the restaurant is suffering due to budget cuts and in order to survive it has to become self sufficient. Robert found a number of hurdles he had to overcome including broken equipment, lack of profit, dilapidated dining room and students with poor culinary skills. All the restaurant needed to succeed is to replace the broken equipment, revamp the dining room and this will allow the students to be able to practise their culinary skills. Simply, the students can't improve as Chefs with broken equipment. Robert replaces the equipment and gives the dining room a minor makeover. 

What Happened Next? 

They have continued with the improvements that Robert had set in place and have kept his menu. They are still open for lunch 3 times a week and have a special themed dinner once a month. 

Sullivan's Grill Restaurant Impossible
Sullivan's Grill - CLOSED

Chef Robert Irvine visits Sullivan's Grill in Fruita, Colorado and meets owner Gilly who is on the verge of bankruptcy and had recently lost her husband. The restaurant and kitchen was in a terrible state and in desperate need of a revamp. There was confusion surrounding the direction of the business and the theme of the restaurant. They inherited a Mexican menu when they bought the restaurant and kept some of the original menu items, whilst also adding new dishes. Gilly was working 80 hours a week to keep the restaurant in business and corners had been cut, some of the food was canned or pre-prepared. The restaurant was given a huge makeover and the menu was improved.

What Happened Next? 

With the loss of her husband and the improvement in business, Ginny decided to close and sell the business in January 2012. 

Hoffman's Bistro and Patisserie Restaurant Impossible
Hoffman's Bistro and Patisserie - OPEN

Chef Robert Irvine visits Hoffmans in Santa Cruz , California, where they are losing $20,000 a month, are in $2 million of debt and in desperate need of Robert's help. To add to this the family are constantly arguing and the relationships are suffering. Robert soon discovers that the main problem is the lack of a clear identity, is Hoffmans a restaurant or a bakery? He tells them they need to be strong on both or to focus their attention on just one identity. As a result, the pastry cases which once displayed Ed's cakes were replaced with a wine bar and the restaurant is given a makeover. 

What Happened Next?

Robert revisits and the finances have improved but they believe it will take another two years to be out of debt. Although they were reluctant at first they believe that the bar was a great idea and have seen an increase in business from it. They have added new menu items and wish to make a few tweaks to the decor. Overall, they are happy with Robert's changes. Reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp are mixed since Robert visited.

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