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Restaurant Impossible Season 4 Open or Closed

Restaurant Impossible Season 4 Open or Closed

A list of all Restaurant Impossible season 4 restaurants, whether they are open or closed and what happened next after Robert left the restaurants featured on the popular Food Network show. There were 13 episodes in the season, airing between July to October 2012 and the season 4 closure rate currently stands at 77%.

Longbranch Steak and Seafood Restaurant Impossible
Longbranch Steak and Seafood - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Longbranch Steak and Seafood in Fayetteville, Georgia, the restaurant was a wedding gift to owner Lisa. Ever since opening the restaurant she has been struggling financially and it has caused problems in her marriage. The food was terrible, there were cockroaches, there was no management of any kind and the service was slow but Robert turned it around by improving the menu, decor and teaching the staff.

What Happened Next?

When Robert revisited, they had reintroduced some of the old favourites to please the regular customers and Lisa had stepped up as manager. There aren't many reviews of the restaurant after Robert's visit that I can find, they closed shortly after airing in August 2012. One review says they were only focusing on the regular customers.

The Main Dish Restaurant Impossible
The Main Dish - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits The Main Dish in Meridianville, Alabama, where he meets Lynn and Ken who bought the restaurant 5 years ago despite them both having no experience in running a restaurant. When he arrives Lynn is out the front in a hot dog suit, despite the fact that they don't sell hot dogs... They are $50,000 in debt and working 80+ hours a week to keep the restaurant afloat. Robert discovers that most of the food is frozen and that they have completely got the costings wrong on the catering side of the business. Robert changes the decor and the menu to help bring in customers to the restaurant. 

What Happened Next?

Robert revisits a few months later and sales are up, most customers are happy with the new changes. They are cutting back the catering until they can control the costs, using only fresh produce and most of Robert's menu remains. The reviews after Robert visited appear to be average. They sold the restaurant in February 2013 after receiving an offer that was too good to turn down and it became Jojo's Restaurant and catering with average reviews.

Zandi's Grill Restaurant Impossible
Zandi's Grill - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Zandi's Grill in Millersville, Maryland and after struggling to find the restaurant is met with the challenge of poor quality food, poor service and a very dated decor. Owners sisters Yvonne and Evette have fallen out of love of running a restaurant and are allowing the place to fall apart, both the restaurant and the owners need Robert's help. 

What Happened Next?

Robert revisits the restaurant and finds that business is up 39%, they are serving over double the customers they were previously each day. They have kept Roberts new décor and the spirit of his menu by keeping it small with fresh ingredients. They closed in February 2014, reviews prior to closing were mixed. 

Italian Village Restaurant Impossible
Italian Village - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Italian Village in Milmont Park, Pennsylvania, a 30 year old restaurant that is famed in the area and is no longer enjoying the success of it's glory days. There are multiple issues, the restaurant is dark and gloomy and the menu is huge. The owner Jon Srs son Rob Jr has the knowledge to make changes but isn't allowed to do so and is kept in the dark about the true finances of the restaurant. There is also a vermin problem with mice droppings being found. 

What Happened Next?

Yelp reviews were mixed after Robert visited the restaurant. Rob revisited a few months later and sales are up 18%. They have reduced the menu to around 30 items on Roberts advice, improved the Father-Son relationship and the vermin problem is under control. The restaurant closed on July 20th 2014 with Rob blaming the economy and the opening of a local casino for the closure. The restaurant was sold by auction on July 26th 2014 with all of the contents also being for sale.

Stella's Italian Restaurant Restaurant Impossible
Stella's Italian Restaurant - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Stella's Italian Restaurant in Stratford, Connecticut, to help owner Michael and his mother Camille, he is working 90 hours a week but the restaurant that they have owned for 15 years is still failing. Michael does not know how to run a restaurant, he has poor leadership skills and has no idea about his food costs. The menu and decor also desperately need Robert's help. 

What Happened Next?

In the months after the show was filmed, sales were up 20% and Camille was more involved with the restaurants finances. Michael has continued to develop his management skills and the customers love the new food and decor of the restaurant. The restaurant went out of business in August 2014. 

Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant Restaurant Impossible
Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant - OPEN 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant, Lebanon, New Hampshire, where owners Nick and Maria are trying to save their 6 year old Mexican restaurant from closure. The locals were initially keen to try authentic Mexican food but the customers soon dwindled as the quality of the food and service deteriorated. 

What Happened Next?

In the few months after Robert visited, they noticed an improvement in the number of customers and have cut staff costs down to 28%. They are cutting food costs without compromising on the quality and are becoming more involved in food prep to further cut costs. Reviews since Robert visited are mostly very positive on Yelp and Trip Advisor.

Frankie's Restaurant Impossible
Frankie's - OPEN 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Frankie's, Three Rivers, Michigan, a staple restaurant that has been open in the town for over 30 years. The restaurant was purchased 13 years ago by best friends Tina and Jay but over the year the friendship has deteriorated to the point that they refuse to be in the same room as each other and as a result the restaurant is suffering. Combined with a gloomy and tired décor and a menu cooked with a microwave, the restaurant is on the brink of closure. 

What Happened Next?

After filming sales were reported to be up 39% and the beloved onion rings are still on the menu and selling well! Reviews on both Yelp and Trip Advisor were mixed after Robert visited. It appears that the restaurant has changed hands and new owners are running the place, the reviews are mostly positive after it changed hands.

Paliani's Restaurant Restaurant Impossible
Paliani's Restaurant - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Paliani's Restaurant in Burton, Michigan, owned by Marina, she is struggling to juggle being a single mother and running a successful restaurant, the kitchen is chaos, the dining room is filthy and Marina is oblivious that she is contributing to the failure of the restaurant with her poor management skills. 

What Happened Next? 

Within a few months sales are around 40% higher and she is seeing both new and old customers through the doors. Some of the changes have not been a hit with regular customers. Marina has slightly tweaked Robert's menu, reintroducing side salads and bread sticks. The restaurant closed in December 2012, owner Marina said that although there was a surge in business following the show it slowed, the regulars disliked the changes and that the new customers did not become regulars.

Michele's Restaurant Impossible
Michele's - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Michele's in Corry, Pennsylvia, where he finds owners Andy and Michele, who bought the restaurant at an auction despite neither having an experience of running a restaurant. Michele cooks in the kitchen despite no formal training and struggles to cook a steak. The interior is gloomy and Andy has plenty of attitude. 

What Happened Next?

When Robert revisits a few months later, sales have increased 40% and they are working towards hitting Robert's set target for sales. The new decor has been popular with customers and the menu is now a mix of the original items and Robert's new dishes. They have a new Head Chef with 15 years of kitchen experience. They closed in November 2013.

Maple Tree Cafe Restaurant Impossible
Maple Tree Cafe - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits the Maple Tree Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help Ashley, who has no experience at all in the restaurant industry, she is overpowered by the staff and she is supported in the restaurant by family members, who also have no experience in working in a restaurant. The food was inconsistent, over seasoned one minute and under seasoned the next and the   service was poor. 

What Happened Next? 

Yelp Reviews after Robert visit were mixed and seem range from very good to very bad. Within a few weeks, sales had more than doubled and that she has kept most of Robert's menu including the popular Cuban Sandwich. Ashley is stepping up as manager and the staff are responding with less criticism. 

Whistle Stop Restaurant Impossible
Whistle Stop - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Whistle Stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where owner Linda is doing everything, she bought the business when the previous owners announced they were to close to the restaurant. Robert isn't a fan of the buffet - refusing to even taste it, the food is terrible, some staff have a really poor attitude and Linda tell Robert that she is losing $15k a month and she owes a lot of money to various creditors and the IRS.

What Happened Next?

A few months later, Linda had started a breakfast service and Brett is no longer working there. Yelp Reviews after Robert's visit were poor with negative comments on the buffet in particular. Owner Linda posted the following on Urban Spoon following the closure in February 2013 -
"For all you haters of The Whistle Stop Restaurant in Hot Springs won't be able to write ugly reviews anymore cause I (CLOSED) the doors ....I got tired of working 7 days a week, and you didn't appreciate it...Worthless employees didn't show up and didn't bother to call in and they go out and talk about you behind your back....but you know who they call when they are in jail or need money ...Maybe you should all go out and put in your own restaurant and then people will complain about you cause nothing you do is ever good enough for people.... you are the biggest whiners in the world....go anywhere in town and see if you can eat good food for 8.00 for lunch and 11.00 for diner. I am glad to close the doors maybe I can have a life just like you do...I can spend time with my kids and grandkids instead of being up there working my cooking for you while you are enjoying you family, I feel sorry for all you people that only think of yourselves and never anyone else and complain all the time...shame on you for being such unhappy people."

Valley Inn Restaurant Impossible
Valley Inn - OPEN 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Valley Inn in Palos Hill, Illinois, the restaurant was opened over 40 years ago by Frank Sr and Faye and upon his death it was passed to his sons Dennis and Frank Jr. Once a successful restaurant but due to the economy the restaurant is struggling to bring in customers. There is a power struggle between Faye and the son as to who will be running the restaurant as she refuses to give up leadership. The food and décor are also in need of improvement, with corners being cut by using mostly frozen products and the restaurant is dark and dirty. 

What Happened Next?

Since Robert visited the restaurant, sales are up 85% and that the improvements have brought in new customers. They have kept some of Robert's dishes on the menu and are still using fresh produce over frozen. Yelp reviews since Robert visited are mixed, with as many negative as positive. 

Oleander Bar and Grill Restaurant Impossible
Oleander Bar and Grill - CLOSED 

Chef Robert Irvine visits Oleander Bar and Grill in Olean, New York, where he meets Kelli and daughter Abbi, they have only been open six months and they are losing money and are close to losing the restaurant. The relationship between the two is the main reason for the failure of the restaurant, they disagree over everything, often fight and tell the employees conflicting information. They are grossly over stocked with produce and the décor is in need of an overhaul.

What Happened Next?

After Robert visited, Kelli told local media that she loved the new décor of the restaurant but it was too soon to know what effect the show would have on sales. They closed in November 2013.

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