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Big Brother Series 1 Where Are They Now?

Big Brother UK Series 1

Big Brother 1 (2000) was the first series of reality game show Big Brother, which sees members of the public being filmed 24 hours a day with no contact with the outside world. Housemates nominate each other for eviction and are evicted until one housemate remains, this housemate will win a cash prize (£70,000). 

Find out who the housemates from Big Brother UK season 1 were and what happened to them after they left the Big Brother house.

Andrew Davidson Big Brother

Andrew Davidson was a marketing manager from London. His brother is Formula One driver ad radio commentator Anthony Davidson. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for his close relationship with Nick and his flirty relationship with Mel and being labelled as 'Randy Andy' after his raunchy kiss with Mel, the first Big Brother kiss! 

He was evicted in week 3 with 68% of the vote.

After the Big Brother house, he went back to his career in Marketing, working for MTV for four years before moving to Flamingo,  a role that he was previously turned down for due to appearing on Big Brother. He has had a successful career in marketing, working with a number of top brands. He didn't stay in the celebrity limelight after leaving the house  except for a brief presenting role on Channel 5's entertainment show Exclusive and releasing single 'Randy Rap'.

Anna Nolan Big Brother
Anna Nolan was an office manager from Dublin who had also trained to be a nun but had decided against it.

She was known in the Big Brother house for her guitar playing, being very popular in the house as she was only nominated for eviction once and being the first openly gay housemate. She was favourite to win before the confrontation with Nick over his lies and cheating in the house.

She came in second place in the Big Brother final with 49% of the vote.

After the Big Brother house, she has forged a successful career in TV and radio and also as a journalist and columnist for various newspapers and websites. She appeared in the BBC's Anna in Wonderland and Closure and many other television programmes including hosting The Great Irish Bakeoff and is also an Executive Producer. She was invited back for a challenge during Ultimate Big Brother where Nikki Grahame had to feel her head. She is a close friend of Davina McCall, who she asked to sign to her own agent upon leaving the house and they have been pictured together on many occasions. She is also still in contact with other BB housemates.

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Caroline O'Shea Big Brother
Caroline O'Shea was recently unemployed, her most recent job being a sex toy seller from Birmingham.

She was known in the Big Brother house for her nickname 'Caggy', her irritating hyena style laugh, admitting to her out of the house job selling sex toys during a game of Truth or Dare and pulling down Thomas's pants. She was good friends with Sada and Nichola and often argued with Mel and Craig.

She was evicted in week 4 with 62% of the vote after surviving eviction every week since the first nominations.

After the Big Brother house, she went back to selling adult toys, a jobs he had prior to the show. She aimed to launch a music career but was unable to get a record label to sign her however her record was played on Heart after being sent in by her friends. She was offered £5,000 to model topless and has had disputes with Channel 4 over money she believes she is owed. She is pursuing a career in acting and can be found on a casting website. She also appeared in a reality special of The Weakest Link and on Towie in 2016 with Debbie and Nikki, offering dating advice to Nikki.

Claire Strutton Big Brother
Claire Strutton was a florist from Buckinghamshire. 

She was known in the Big Brother house for being Nasty Nicks replacement, constantly talking about her boobs and a close relationship that constantly saw her flirting with Craig. She was chosen from 20 other potential housemates to enter the house and the producers believed she would be a rival for Mel.

She was evicted in week 7 with 79% of the vote. 

After the Big Brother house, she was in a relationship with Tom, they had a child together and moved to Spain but two years later they split up. She also presented a TV show called Dance 2000, a programme about clubbing culture, appeared on reality show The Salon and Living in Spain, a documentary on ex pats living in Spain. She has also modelled underwear for Playtex and competed in the BT Global Challenge. She has since remarried and owns a luxury beach resort in Marbella and has opened a number of bars in Essex.

Craig Phillips Big Brother
Craig Phillips was a builder from Liverpool. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for confronting Nasty Nick Bateman, the confrontation that led to him winning as he wasn't gaining much air time until this point and a flirtatious relationship with Claire after she entered the house as Nicks replacement. He often argued with both Caroline and Mel. 

He was the Big Brother 1 winner with 51% of the vote to win.

After the Big Brother house, he gave his £70,000 prize money to his best friends niece Joanne Harris for a heart and lung transplant in America. Within a week of winning the show, he had raised the remaining £250,000 that was needed for her operation. Joanne sadly passed away in 2008 after developing an infection. 

He has been on hundreds of Television shows and has had his own DIY Television shows including BBC1's 60 Minute Makeover. He also released a Christmas single in 2000 "At This Time of Year", which got to number 14 in the charts and raised £40,000 for a downs syndrome charity and has been on Bo Selecta! In 2009 he released his autobiography and re entered the house during Big Brother 10, Ultimate Big Brother and Big Brother 16 for various tasks and continues his TV work. He also owns a property investment firm, television production company and can be hired to talk at corporate events. He continues to raise money for charities including Downs Syndrome charities and has raised over £500,000. 

He has made an estimated £7,000,000 since leaving the house and in 2018, has been outspoken about it being time for Big Brother to end. He proposed to his girlfriend Laura Sheriff in 2017. 

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Darren Ramsay Big Brother
Darren Ramsay was a Customer Services attendant at the Millennium Dome and was from London. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for his relationship with the chickens in particular Marjorie after initially being petrified by them and that time his nominations were overheard by the other housemates. This led to Darren being allowed to change his nominations which led to friction with the other housemates. 

He finished third in the final with 13% of the vote to win. 

He had a quiet year after leaving the Big Brother house, he presented Good Food Live on UK Food hoping to launch a career in TV and has had various TV appearances including a brief time as a host on This Morning. He trained as an flight attendant for TV show 'Airline', where he was asked to leave. He also appeared on The Weakest Link on a Reality TV special version of the show. He was due to go on a Christian charity mission to Jamaica but pulled out as he was feeling unwell. In 2010, Darren re entered the house as part of a task to find Nasty Nicks hidden notes revealing those nominated that week in Ultimate Big Brother. He currently works for a research company.

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Melanie Hill Big Brother
Melanie Hill was a salesperson from London.

She was known in the Big Brother house for kissing both Andrew and Tom, flirting with Tom, the saucy massage, her reaction to overhearing Darren nominating her, her clashes with Claire and plucking her bikini line with tweezers. 

She was evicted in week 8 with 69% of the vote. 

After the Big Brother house, Mel presented two series of E4 show Chained and wrote various articles and a had a magazine column writing mainly on Big Brother and also writing for the Guardian. She wrote an article saying she wouldn't have done the process again had she known how she was perceived and the public's reaction. She took part in a charity football match for the NSPCC in 2001 and appeared in the Big Brother Pantomime as Prince Charming. She was dating Alex from BB3 for 3 years, after splitting up they went to court over their pet dog and joint custody was agreed. She then studied to become a barrister before leaving the profession to go travelling and later worked in marketing. She has a son Otis with boyfriend Glenn. 

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Nichola Holt Big BrotherNichola Holt was an art teacher from Bolton. 

She was known in the Big Brother house for getting naked and encouraging other house mates to paint the walls with nakedness. 

She was evicted in week 5 with 72% of the vote. 

After the Big Brother house, she was briefly in a relationship with fellow housemate Sada for a few months after comforting Sada after her relationship broke down whilst she was in the house. After drinking heavily at an after party with Caroline, she accidentally sent Vanessa Feltz flying to the ground.  She was working in fashion and textiles but also as an escort and was approached by an undercover reporter and  she offered him sex for £140. She has since appeared in a number of adult movies in 2004 and 2005. She also tried her hand at being a pop star and released a single called "The Game", which only reached number 72 in the chart and she planned to work on a dance album but nothing came of this. She was briefly married to personal trainer Yas Parr after marrying in Mexico in 2004 but is now single and living in Bolton.

Nick Bateman was a London City broker from Kent.
Nasty Nick Bateman Big Brother
He was known in the Big Brother house for his lies in the house including lying about losing his wife in a car crash, his many warnings and being thrown out for attempting to sway nominations. 

Nick was removed from the house in week 5 after being found to have a pencil and paper that he had used to influence votes and after a confrontation from the housemates led by Craig. 

Since leaving the Big Brother house, he is estimated to have made over £500,000. He has had many TV appearances including appearing on Back to Reality and hosting TV show Trust Me. In 2010, he returned to the Big Brother house for Ultimate Big Brother and was favourite to win amongst many of his house mates but came fifth overall. Nick has been in many pantomimes including the Big Brother Pantomime, a narrator for the stage show of The Rocky Horror Show and appeared in a Come Dine with Me Christmas Panto special alongside 4 other panto stars. He is also a writer, having written a book Nasty Nick: How to be a Right B*****d, a column for The Sun newspaper and was writing travel articles for The Good Holiday Guide Magazine, he later became Editor at Large. He appeared in an advert for Cancer Research UK and won £10,000 for the charity on a celebrity The Weakest Link. He also now presents a local radio show. He married Lynette in 2007, they separated in 2012 and divorced in 2016. He now lives in Australia with his partner Carol, moving in 2013 and he currently works in television production and runs a marketing business. 

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Sada Wilkington Big Brother
Sada Wilkington was a writer from Edinburgh. 

She was known in the Big Brother house for being the posh hippy one and demanding tofu on the shopping list. 

She was evicted in week 1 with 55% of the vote. 

After leaving the Big Brother house, she was approached for a photo shoot for Loaded Magazine. She was in a relationship with fellow contestant Nichola Holt for a while but they broke up. She got a £10,000 Shampoo advert deal from Yahoo! and a car from a car advert. She has co-written a book called The Babe's Bible, a book about dating. She has also trained as a Yoga Instructor and has moved to Argentina, where she married Argentinian musician Sat Man Swara.

Tom McDermott Big Brother
Tom McDermott was a farmer from County Tyrone.

He was known in the Big Brother house for flirty with Mel and the saucy massage. 

He was evicted in week 6 with 30% of the vote. 

After the Big Brother house, Tom and Claire became the first Big Brother couple, they had a baby boy called Pierce in 2001 and moved to Marbella in 2003 where they ran a property website. They split up in 2004. He has appeared on Rankin Celebrity Challenge, a cookery show with Ian Rankin. He also went travelling and did PAs with nightclubs, companies and charities. He currently lives in Cornwall where he owns a property company. He has since remarried and remains good friends with Claire. 

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