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Big Brother 15 Where Are They Now?

Find out who the housemates from Big Brother  15 were and what happened to them after they left the Big Brother house. 

Ash Harrison was a model from Manchester. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for his flirting with Helen and keeping the public wondering whether they would become an item.

He made it to the final and finished in 4th place.

 After the house, he was romantically linked to house mate Helen Wood after a holiday abroad together and he had a Ebola scare in January 2015 whilst in Egypt. Helen wrote in her column that they were sleeping together for months after Big Brother and claims that he owes her over £3000 that she had loaned him. He has returned to his previous career as a model and is also DJing. He dated Charlotte Crosby for 6 months before they split up in December 2016. 

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Ashleigh Coyle
Ashleigh Coyle was a model and a boutique clothing store assistant from Derry. 

She was known in the Big Brother  house for her clashes with Helen. 

She came in second place, narrowly losing out to Helen with 49.4% of the public vote. After the house, she modelled at Belfast Fashion Week and signed a 4 year deal with Invincible Entertainment Group. On her twitter it states that she is a Company Director at Elusive Managament (sic), a modelling and acting agency that she has launched. She is a patron for a number of mental health charities and has spoken out about her battle with anxiety. In 2018, she appeared on television show Beauty Queen and Single, a dating show for beauty queens on BBC1. 

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Biannca Lake
Biannca Lake was a stripper from Chigwell. 

She entered the Big Brother house on day 40 and was in the house briefly where she was constantly getting her breasts out and she performed a lap dance for Helen. 

She was evicted in Week 7 with the fewest votes to save. 

After the house, she flashed her boobs and the rest to the paparazzi on multiple occasions. On This Morning, she confessed to having slept with over 200 men. She appeared in Sharpey X SN1 Pablo's music video 'Turn Up' and has created a television show called It's a Pole Life that has yet to air featuring strippers

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Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall was a journalist from Enniskillen. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for his on/off relationship with Mark. 

He finished in 3rd place in the final with the fewest votes to win. 

After the house, he returned to his career in journalism and he is working at Paul Holman Associates in Press and Marketing. He discovered that he had passed his Masters Degree days after leaving the house. He is a contributor to http://www.theatreperform.com

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Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright was an actor and artist from Hampshire. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for being on the receiving end of abuse from Helen, which resulted in a formal warning but also receiving an apology from her and later reducing her to tears during the Man Up Task, where the men had to beg the women in power to save them from eviction. 

He made it to the final and finished in fifth place. 

After the house, he returned to his previous career as an artist and creates incredible work just using a biro, which can be seen at http://www.brawlingwithmybiro.co.uk/ . He is also an actor and performer, he has appeared in a number of movies/shorts.

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Danielle McMahon
Danielle McMahon was an underwear model from London.

She was known in the Big Brother  house for her comments on same sex marriage and being on the receiving end of Helen's unacceptable behaviour. Helen was given a formal warning regarding her behaviour towards Danielle. 

She was evicted in week 7 after new house mates Pav and Zoe decided to vote her out. 

After the house, she and Helen continued their dislike of each other with various twitter arguments and she had a drink thrown in her face by Helen during Essex Fashion Week. Danielle has continued her career as a glamour and underwear model.

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Helen WoodHelen Wood was a salon manager from Bolton. 

She was known in Big Brother  the house for receiving a ticket to the final on day 2 and her unacceptable behaviour towards various house mates including Jale and Danielle and various arguments with other house mates. She received two formal warnings over her behaviour towards other house mates. 

She came in first place, winning Big Brother 15 and £100,000. The result was extremely close with Helen gaining 50.6% of the public vote. 

After the house, she was rumoured to be dating fellow house mate Ash Harrison, has regular twitter rows with former house mate Danielle. She was later arrested for throwing a drink in Danielle's face at Essex Fashion Week. She is a regular Big Brother columnist for the Daily Star and had another Twitter spat with Denise Welch. She was a bridesmaid at Steven and Kimberley's wedding. She has revealed on Twitter that she is writing a book, due for released late 2017, the release has been delayed as it is taking longer than expected to write. 

Prior to Big Brother, she was known for having sex with Wayne Rooney and had a super injunction against her regarding sex with another unnamed actor/celebrity.

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Jale Karaturp
Jale Karaturp, 33. was a customer service assistant from Surrey. 

She was known in the Big Brother house for being told by Pauline that they shouldn't talk after a series of food related arguments, who gave her the killer nomination (meaning she was up for eviction every single week) and clashing with Helen, who nicknamed her slug, called her some rather nasty names and was warned by Big Brother about her unacceptable behaviour towards Jale. 
They later became friends after a farming task they had to complete together. 

She was evicted in week 5 with the most votes to evict. 

After leaving the house, she continued working as a psychic medium and can be hired to give a 45 minute telephone reading.

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Kimberly Kisselovich

Kimberly Kisselovich was a business woman from London. Prior to this, Kimberley who is originally from Los Angeles was a Playboy model. 

She was known in the house for her relationship with Steven.

She left the house in Big Brother week 6 due to illness, later revealed to be an ectopic pregnancy. 

After leaving the house, Kimberley and Stevens relationship continued outside of the house and in April 2015, they got married with Helen and Biannca being bridesmaids. She appeared in the usual lads mags, Zoo etc, after leaving the house. She was issued with a deportation order two weeks after marrying Steven which appeared to have caused a strain in the relationship as they split shortly after. Kimberley returned to the US and has vanished from social media, leaving her accounts inactive.

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Mark Byron
Mark Byron was a visual merchandiser from Liverpool. He had previously appeared in reality shows including Shipwrecked and The X Factor. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for his on/off relationship with Christopher and winning £5,000 in a task on the first night in the house. 

He was evicted in week 10 with the most votes to evict. 

After the house, his relationship with Christopher did not continue and he remained close friends with his fellow house mates including Steven, Helen and Kimberley. He flew to Poland with Steven to have matching nose jobs prior to his wedding to Kimberley then failed to turn up at the wedding, receiving scathing comments from Helen. In a statement released later, he appeared to cast aside his friendships with his fellow ex house mates. In 2016, he has released a range of sunglasses and he is an ambassador for the James Bulger Charity. He appears in pantos, he appeared in Aladdin in Liverpool in 2016 and in Snow White in Wrexham in 2017 as the Fairy Godfather. He turned on the Christmas lights in Wrexham in December 2017.

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Marlon Wallen
Marlon Wallen was an optical assistant from Croydon. 

He was known for receiving a formal warning from Big Brother after comments about Kimberley whilst she was exercising in the garden, not getting along with Helen and gaining immunity from the public vote by purposely failing a shopping task which in turned annoyed the other house mates.

Marlon was evicted in week 6 with 7 out of 10 nominations from his fellow house mates, he had apologised after saving himself from eviction by failing the task but it appears they had not forgiven him. 

After leaving the house, Marlon has done pa's in various nightclubs and has been involved in  a number of charity football events including Soccer Six, a celebrity charity football match event held in Burnley. He plays for  football team AFC Croydon. 

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Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies was a graduate in media from Hertfordshire. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for being banished from the house on day one, having to sleep in a box in the garden, his criticism of Steven and Kimberley's relationship and arguing with Helen. 

He was evicted in week 5 with the most votes to evict but returned briefly to participate in various tasks. 

After, the house he was involved in a Twitter argument with Steven after he allegedly told him to f off at the wrap party. He was rumoured to be involved with Mark but it doesn't appear to have been made official. He runs a blog featuring mostly men's fashion and beauty product reviews.

Pauline Bennett
Pauline Bennett aka Jazzy P was a rapper and dancer from Dudley. 

She was known in the Big Brother house for her joker personality, strange phobias, sending Helen through to the final and her confrontation with Jale over stolen chicken soup.

 She was evicted in week 2 with 79.4% of the public vote.

She returned to her previous career as a dance teacher and now lives in Wolverhampton with her son. In 2018, she announced she was releasing a single to raise money for homeless charity Centrepoint. 

In the early 90s, she featured on a number of chart hits including rapping on a remix of Kylie Minogue's "Shocked", which was a top 10 hit charting at number 6 and she also appeared on Top of the Pops performing the song. 

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Pavandeep Pav Paul
Pavandeep Pav Paul was a manager for a property business from Ilford. 

He entered the Big Brother house on day 40 and was known in the Big Brother house for being the least popular amongst the housemates, apparently constantly staring at Ashleigh and receiving an ear bashing from Chris about it, later Winston also gave him a talking to. 

The general public thought the housemates were being unfair with their behaviour towards him and saved him from eviction on multiple occasions he reached the final where he came in 6th place. 

After Big Brother, he told the press that he was relieved to have exited the show and that he hated the process. He returned to his previous career in his families property business and is also a property developer. 

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Steven Goode
Steven Goode was a Managing Director from Bushey. 

He was known in the Big Brother house for his relationship with Kimberley and for their on screen romance. 

He was evicted in Week 7 with most votes to evict. 

After he left the house, his relationship with Kimberley continued and in April 2015 they married with many of his fellow housemates in attendance and after getting a nose job in preparation for the ceremony. The marriage was in question when Kimberley was briefly facing deportation due to visa issues. They split in August 2015 after 4 months of marriage, although both have remained quiet on social media regarding the split. He owns a company specialising in blinds. 

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Tamara Stewart-Wood
Tamara Stewart-Wood was a senior oil and gas recruitment consultant from London. 

She was known in the Big Brother house for her relationship with Winston which blossomed after a week of flirting and a dinner date. 

She was evicted in week one with the most votes to evict. 

After the house, she continued to date Winston for around two months until she dumped him, alleging that he had rinsed her money and had eaten her out of house and home. She quit twitter briefly after being subjected to abuse from trolls but rejoined and hit out at Winston after he blanked her at the wrap party. She did a topless glamour shot for the Daily Star before returning to her previous career in recruitment.

Toya Washington
Toya Washington was a vlogger and TV presenter from London.

She was known in the Big Brother house for her close friendship with Danielle, threatening to leave the Big Brother house after a blazing row with Marlon which erupted after she called him a wannabe and referred to his Big Brother Audition VT as embarrassing. She also rowed with pretty much everyone including Ash when she was nominated for eviction. 

She was evicted in week 3 with the most votes to evict. 

After the house, she returned to both vlogging and TV presenting, she also had reoccurring twitter spats with fellow ex housemate Ash.

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Winston Showan
Winston Showan was an personal business development manager from Brentwood who had also made appearances on TV shows such as Eastenders, Girlfriends and The Only Way is Essex before appearing on Big Brother.

He was known in the Big Brother house for his relationship with Tamara which begun in the second week of the show after a week of intense flirting and a dinner date. 

He was evicted in Week 1o with the most votes to evict.

After the house, his relationship with Tamara continued for a few months before she split up with him, apparently because he was rinsing her cash and eating her out of house and home, many twitter spats involving multiple housemates followed, including with ex Tamara after he blanked her at the wrap party. He appears to have moved to California.

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