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Kitchen Nightmares - Ms Jean's Southern Cuisine - OPEN

Kitchen Nightmares Ms Jean's Southern Cuisine

Episode Recap

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Ms Jean's Southern Cuisine, Philadelphia, opened 12 years ago by retired teacher Jean Gould. When customers complain Jean argues with them and accuses them of lying. She is deep in debt and the restaurant is empty most nights. Jean approaches Gordon at his hotel with a peach cobbler in one hand and says her biggest problems are the staff. Gordon arrives at the restaurant and there is nobody there to greet him. He orders pork chops, ribs and mac and cheese. His iced tea is “like sugar syrup” and he sends it back so he gets up for a walk about and finds Ms Jeans exercise bike in the corridor. The ribs, have a weird saltiness,the mac and cheese arrives still sizzling from the microwave and is bland and overcooked. The pork chop is greasy and looks sad on a plate alone, it is also as dry as a mouthful of sand. Ms Jean tastes the dishes he returns and says he doesn’t know anything about soul food.

Gordon returns for a dinner service and compares the reception to a waiting room at a doctors surgery. There is chaos in the kitchen as the orders are stuck on the fridge and Jean attempts to control the kitchen but the servers decide they are going to do their own thing. Surprisingly the food gets out to the dining room but the customers are not impressed. Gordon ventures out to reception to find the hostess on the cell phone and after an exchange she quits. Gordon notices that a lot of chicken is being returned to the kitchen and discovers that the chicken is leftover from lunch.  Jean breaks down in a big way, you can see how much her staff care. Gordon takes Jean and her staff to a theatre to show them “The Other Side of Ms Jean”, a film by customers who won't return as she does not treat them well. Jean apologises to everyone and promises that she is a new Ms Jean. Gordon gives the restaurant a huge makeover nearly doubling the capacity. Gordon also changes the menu to southern comfort food with a fun twist, they sample the menu and are delighted with it.

For relaunch night, the Mayor comes out and Gordon puts Jean in charge of the kitchen. The staff respond well to the new leadership and new system. Appetisers make their way out to the customers quickly and everyone including the Mayor is impressed with the new food. The front of house lets down the service and the servers are under pressure. Gordon stops the service temporarily and Jean gives Marissa a pep talk. Gordon chats to them all after service and declares that “Ms Mean” has left the building.

What Happened Next?

In the following days, the Mayor awarded Jean for her years of service to the community and June 3rd was declared Ms Jeans day. Ms Jeans is still open as Jean's Southern Cuisine but has moved to a new location, 807 Wallace Avenue, Wilkinsburg PA 15221.  Reviews are mixed but more recent reviews are positive.

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