Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kitchen Nightmares - Nino's Italian Restaurant - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares Nino's Italian Restaurant

Episode Recap

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Nino's Italian Restaurant, a 54 year old Italian family restaurant, in Long Beach, California, originally ran by Inge and Vincenzo. Vincenzo left the restaurant as dementia set in and eldest son Nino became the manager, much to the annoyance of brother Michael, as he sits in his office watching TV. As a last resort they have bought Gordon in as Inge is funding the restaurant with her retirement money. Gordon arrives and asks for the family to all sit down together, they rate the food as good and Nino tells Gordon that he works hard. The family disagrees with him, an argument breaks out and Michael unloads all his frustrations about his brother. Gordon orders the egg plant, one meat ball and chicken piccata. As Nino is telling Gordon about his heavy cleaning regime Gordon discovers gum under his table and cobwebs all over the dining room. The chicken picatta is dreadful with floury and slimy chicken, the meatball is mush, soggy, bland and dreadful. It was made  5 days ago.

Gordon arrives to witness a dinner service. He discovers a strange frozen lasagne and dry chicken.  The dishes leave the kitchen quickly but are sent back and Carina finds Nino eating dinner with Inge and Vincenzo. He goes into the walk in and finds the rotten mushrooms, frozen meatballs, pasta in water, unscaled salmon and worse. Gordon tells him he is not doing his job properly  but he says that Inge is stopping him, whereas she says he is lazy.  The next morning, Gordon meets Inge to let her know he is going to board up the front of the restaurant as if it is closed and wants Inge to tell Nino that she is shutting the restaurant. Nino arrives to a boarded up restaurant and says he wants to fight to keep the restaurant open. Carina and Micheal do not believe that Nino will step up but they agree to give him another chance. Gordon gives the restaurant a makeover with new family tables and the menu also gets a revamp.

On relaunch night, Gordon puts Nino in charge of expediting in the kitchen. The customers love the new makeover. Food leaves the kitchen at a good pace and the customers enjoy the food. As more orders come into the kitchen, Nino starts to get overwhelmed and the kitchen gets backed up. Michael tries to help and makes things worse, Gordon tells him to leave the line and Nino gets the kitchen back on track. Gordon chats to Michael and tells him to cool down but Michael shows Gordon he isn’t able to put the past to one side. Despite a rocky in places relaunch it is overall a success. They meet afterwards but Michael walks out and is generally negative about the relaunch and changes.

What Happened Next?

In the following weeks, Michael distanced himself from the restaurant and Nino stepped up to take more responsibility. Inge is still running the restaurant and Carina decided to spend more time in the restaurant alongside her day job. The restaurant looks set to be on the road to recovery. Reviewers have said that they have the old menu at lunch and use Gordons new menu at dinner. Reviews are mixed since Gordon visited. The restaurant closed in August 2016 due to their wishes to retire and spend more time with the family.

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