Friday, 15 January 2016

Hotel Hell - Meson De Mesilla - OPEN

Hotel Hell Meson De Mesilla

Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits Meson De Mesilla, a 14 bedroom hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico where owner Cali loves to sing and believes she is as good as Cher. The restaurant only serves one type of food and the Chefs are clueless on how to cook the menu and Cali has husband and wife teamZan and Mitzi to help her. Gordon arrives and is asked to sign a waver promising to cause not damage to the Venetian plaster, in a beige that most of the restaurant features. Gordon rips the waiver in half and tells Cali that he didn't sign it. She explains that the plaster is expensive and that guests should be responsible for damage to it. Gordon is given a tour of the hotel and is shocked that there are 3 different stages for Cali to perform on, he is also shocked when he goes into the kitchen to discover that they don't serve New Mexico food. Gordon and Cali sit down to talk about finances and discovers that she only has $70k left in the bank due to the expensive remodelling of the hotel.

Gordon wants to meet the staff to find out why the hotel is failing. He sits down with Zan, who tells him that Cali is controlling. Gordon is not impressed with the food, saying that it is disgusting, especially the frozen lamb, which is tough and fatty. Cal starts singing and both Gordon and the guests are surprised by her suddenly bursting into song, they are don't like the food or the singing. Gordon goes into the kitchen and finds Dan who has no kitchen experience, he speaks to the bar staff and discovers that Cali is going to sing the same songs. Gordon sits down with the staff and an argument breaks out that results in Zan and Mitzi leaving. 

Gordon decides to take a dip in the pool but sees a poop in the pool and decides against it. The next morning, Gordon drives into town to find David at his other job, a food truck and as there was no breakfast at the hotel, he decides to try something to eat. Gordon tries the food and loves it. In order to help Cali understand the problems, he asks some guests to tell her what they think, they don't like the cleaning waiver, they think the pool is dirty and most of all they hate the singing. Cali says she doesn't care what the guests think and Gordon introduces her to a writer from a travel magazine who tells her that business is not going well and that no one wants to return to the hotel.

Overnight, the place is given a transformation with changes to the rooms, pool, front desk and the restaurant, featuring a new breakfast buffet headed by David. Cali is unsure of the new changes, especially the linen tablecloths and is concerned that the new changes mean more work. Gordon tells her to accept the changes or he'll put all the old rubbish back in. Gordon arranges a pool party to show all the guests the new changes and to hopefully encourage them to return and puts her microphone into a block of ice to ensure that she can't ever sing ever again!

What Happened Next?

 The owner kept most of the changes but has changed some things such as the tablecloths in the restaurant, they are now plastic. They have reported that business has increased since Gordon visited the hotel. The hotel was put up for sale in August 2014 for $2.85 million. Kali has since bought in a 50/50 silent partner for the restaurant part of the business and none of Gordon's changes remain in the hotel. 

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