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Restaurant Impossible - Rascal's BBQ & Crab House - CLOSED

Rascal's BBQ & Crab House Restaurant Impossible
Chef Robert Irvine visits Rascal's BBQ & Crab House in New Castle, Delaware, a restaurant close to closure as there are no customers choosing to eat there. The food is bland despite the crab cakes being full of fresh crab. The freezer is fulled with improperly labelled food The restaurant in the the dirtiest Robert has seen so far. 

Robert begins to remove all of the old kitchen equipment and rubbish and a deep clean is also begun to get the restaurant up to an acceptable standard and this costs half of Robert's budget! The restaurant is given a makeover as is the menu with fresh dishes and a revamped catering menu and service. Robert invited local food critics to the relaunch. 

What Happened Next?

After the show was aired, the restaurant was only open weekends, with owner Steve claiming it was difficult to get crabs. He was not happy with the way the restaurant was portrayed and claimed that those working on the show had spread rubbish, old equipment and seeds on the floor to make the restaurant appear worse than it actually was. He didn't keep Robert's menu for long after filming, reverting to his previous menu and portion sizes, claiming it was too fancy for his customers and not what they would want. They closed in May 2011.

This episode was episode 3 of season 1 and was aired on February 2 2011, there were 7 episodes in the season, airing from January to March 2011 and the closure rate for Restaurant Impossible Season 1 currently stands at 86%.

Recipes Featured in this Episode

Crab Cakes | Pork, Brisket, or Seafood Dry Rub

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