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Hotel Hell - Anglers Lodge - OPEN

Hotel Hell Anglers Lodge

Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits Angler's Lodge, Island Park, Idaho where husband and wife team Dave and Dede have lost their way and the hotel is close to collapse. They saw land for sale next to one of the best fishing spots and decided to build the lodge as Dave believed he could fish and run the business at the same time. Business was booming and they were looking to expand when over the summer they tragically lost their 10 year old son Dalton. As the lodge began to struggle other family members stepped in to help out and save the hotel.

Gordon arrives and comments on how stunning the entrance to the lodge is and meets the family. He is stunned to discover that the owners have built the lodge themselves and live on a cabin on the property. For the first two years, there was a 2 hour wait for the restaurant but after they made changes the customers began to dwindle. Gordon is shown to his room by Sam and comments on the strong lemon smell. He asks if the beds are going to be made and is told they are made. He finds a stain that may be blood on his bedding and comments that the view is breathtaking but the room is depressing, dark, dingy and the pillows are uninviting. There are more stains on the mattress and candy stuck to the pillows. He pulls out the filter of the air con unit and finds it caked in dust.

Gordon goes down to the restaurant to try the food, Gordon tries the wings in home made BBQ sauce and discovers that they are frozen wings. The rib eye is soaked in alcohol, overcooked and the rice served with the curry is mush. The trout has multiple sauces, has the skin and scales on and is branded the worst trout Gordon has ever seen. Gordon is shocked to discover that Dave and Dede dislike Gina's food but that they take what they can get when it comes to Chefs. Gina is shocked to discover that the owners dislike her food especially the curry dish. Gordon arrives to watch a dinner service and is shocked to discover a collapsed cheesecake in the fridge and a server chewing gum. The chef and the sous chef don't say a word to each other and Gina refuses to allow the other kitchen staff to do their jobs.

Gordon gives feedback to the owners, they wanted Zach to learn the basics of the hotel so that he could take over should he need to step up. Zach stands up to Gordon about his swearing in front of his mother whilst swearing at Gordon in front of his mother. Gordon speaks to the locals about the lodge as it is a small community. The locals feel like they have been pushed away by the owners, they don't know how to deal with customers or care about the customers but they are willing to come back. 

Gordon takes Dave away to the car to have a chat, asking the cameras to leave them alone. They talk about Dave's negativity, the initial lack of support from the locals, the lack of staff commitment and how he dealt with the loss of their son. Gordon shows them a montage of beautiful family photos of when they first built the lodge and life in the early days that made me cry. Gordon's team gives the lodge a big makeover in the rooms, more rustic with light colours on the walls. There is a new menu and Gordon's team have been teaching the staff how to cook the menu. 

Gordon has invited both locals and a local food critic to sample the new food. Gina struggles to read the orders, fails to communicate with the staff and refuses to allow the sous chef to even dress a salad. Gordon acknowledges that Art and Kurt have stepped up before asking Gina to come outside, they talk and he tells her that she is destroying the lodge as she refuses to see that it is not working and will not take Gordon's advice. Gordon reveals that he will be sending in consultant Emily for a month and that Dave and Dede will be having dinner in the restaurant that evening. The locals enjoy the food and Dave and Dede are all smiles, toasting the new lodge as Gordon leaves, or attempts to but struggles with his hire car.

What Happened Next? 

After the show was filmed in October/November 2015, the family embraced the menu changes and was excited for the future. Their passion is rekindled for the lodge. There aren't many reviews since but they appear to be positive.

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