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Hotel Hell - Landoll's Mohican Castle - OPEN

Hotel Hell - Landoll's Mohican Castle

Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits Landoll's Mohican Castle, Loudonville, Ohio, a castle owned by mother and son , Marta and Jimmy, she does everything but he doesn't know how to help her. Marta and Jim sold their printing company to build the castle, it cost $6million and unfortunately their restaurant burnt to the ground and the insurance had lapsed. The stress led to a separation and divorce between Marta and Jim, Jim retired and Marta runs the business. Son Jimmy is the General Manager and the staff want him to step up so that Marta can step away from the restaurant but they recognise that he has been treated like a baby and not given the responsibility. 

Gordon arrives and is awestruck by the castle but brands the gift shop as junk, there is a CD of music that plays in the suites. There is dust on the wine fridge and the ancient tv. The castle holds 30-50 weddings a year organised by Melody, who hasn't been trained in holding events. Gordon picks a winner for a free nights stay at the castle, calls the winner and offers him a free dinner. Gordon finds out Jimmy and Marta both have no training and Jimmy is General Manager in title only. Gordon admires the view but finds mounds of dead flies and cigarettes in a tower. Gordon meets Marta and finds out that the hotel is now only worth $2million, he tells her about the cigarettes in the tower as he wants to avoid another fire and discovers that she even orders in the food. 

Gordon reveals that he has something different for this episode, he has invited a bride and groom  with 100 guests to get married in the hotel in a few days. The first time he sees the function room is with the bride and groom who aren't impressed with the function room. The walls are bright yellow and the chair covers are cheap polyester. They meet Melody and ask about the food, they offer a buffet without tastings. Gordon insists on a tasting, the bride to be notices that the linen doesn't match, some is white and some ivory. Jimmy admits that he has never cooked half the menu including the filet mignon, he would google how to cook it. Gordon begins to regret his decision to arrange a wedding and Jimmy is told to prepare a selection of dishes, a chicken dish caked in cheese, under cooked slimy salmon and an overcooked filet mignon. Gordon assures the couple that it will improve and he feels the pressure to not let them down. 

Gordon comes down to witness a dinner service, he meets Sous Chef Grant and Marta is in the kitchen to help. They cook meat and fish on the same hot plate and the food sits on a warmer that isn't in the kitchen. The tickets don't have numbers on, they separate tickets where they want to split the cheque and there is confusion as to where the food is to go. Two customers order the same dish and it looks different. There is food sat on the warmer for 15 minutes and no one gets their food at the same time. Gordon realises that no one knows what they are doing and Jimmy cannot function without his mother, they laugh and brand the evening a success.  Gordon tells them it was not a success and talks to Marta about her doing too much and Jimmy not doing enough. 

Gordon orders a room service breakfast package for the bride and groom, it is terrible and is uncooked and he puts together his own package to show them what they should be offering. Marta has written a letter to her son before sleeping at 5am due to her thoughts on the hotel. Gordon tells her she needs to be selfish before asking Jimmy to join his mother and she reads her letter to him, she outlines her stresses and pressures and reduces him to tears. Gordon gives Jimmy a pep talk to get him to step up. Gordons team give the function room a huge makeover, the day before the wedding whilst the rest of the team work on last minute prep with the bride and groom. Gordon has arranged for a chef to be their consultant and to help them hire a head chef. 

The wedding begins and whilst the ceremony is taking place, they have a pep talk as this is different to any other wedding they have done with a plated service. The DJ doesn't know how to pronounce their surname but he asks how they would like to be introduced.  The bride is impressed with the presentation of the food but they are clearing plates from tables before everyone is finished and Gordon asks Jimmy to pay closer attention to the smaller details. Gordon insists the staff do the work and Marta does nothing but relax. The bride and groom brand their wedding perfect, phenomenal and the guests love the food. Gordon tells Jimmy he needs to step up to allow his mother to step back and he promises to stay on track.

What Happened Next?

Since Gordons visit, they have steadily increased bookings, the kitchen has been reorganised and they have hired a new head chef. Jimmy has stepped up as General Manager and Marta has been able to take a step back. Jimmy has lost 65lb since filming and has been on a 3 day intensive course to improve his management skills. They have continued to make renovations to the property. 

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