Friday, 31 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Landoll's Mohican Castle - OPEN

Hotel Hell - Landoll's Mohican Castle
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Landoll's Mohican Castle, Loudonville, Ohio, owned by mother and son Marta and Jimmy. They sold their printing company to build the castle, at a cost of $6million. Their restaurant burnt to the ground but the insurance had lapsed and the stress led to the divorce between Marta and Jim, Jim retired and Marta still runs the business. Gordon arrives and is awestruck by the castle but brands the gift shop as junk. There is dust on the wine fridge and the ancient television in reception. The castle holds weddings organised by Melody, who hasn't been trained in events. Gordon admires the view but finds mounds of dead flies and cigarettes in a tower. Gordon meets Marta and finds out that the hotel is now only worth $2million.

Gordon reveals he has invited a bride and groom  with 100 guests to get married in the hotel in a few days. They meet Melody and ask about the food, they offer a buffet without tastings but Gordon insists on a tasting, the bride notices that the linen doesn't match. Jimmy admits that he has never cooked filet mignon, he would google how to cook it, he is told to prepare a selection of dishes, a chicken dish caked in cheese, under cooked slimy salmon and an overcooked filet mignon. Gordon assures the couple that it will improve and he feels the pressure to not let them down. Gordon comes down for a dinner service, he meets Sous Chef Grant and Marta is in the kitchen to help. They cook meat and fish on the same hot plate, the tickets don't have numbers on and there is confusion as to where the food is to go. Two customers order the same dish but it looks different, food sits on the warmer for 15 minutes and no one gets their food at the same time.

Gordon orders a room service breakfast package for the bride and groom, it is terrible and is uncooked and he puts together his own package to show them what they should be offering. Marta has written a letter to her son before sleeping at 5am, she reads her letter to him, outlines her stresses and pressures and reduces him to tears. Gordons team give the function room a huge makeover, the day before the wedding whilst the rest of the team work on last minute prep with the bride and groom. Gordon has arranged for a chef to be their consultant and to help them hire a head chef. The wedding begins but he DJ doesn't know how to pronounce their surname but he asks how they would like to be introduced.  The bride is impressed with the presentation of the food but they are clearing plates from tables before everyone is finished. Gordon insists the staff do the work and Marta does nothing but relax. The bride and groom brand their wedding perfect, phenomenal and the guests love the food. Gordon tells Jimmy he needs to step up to allow his mother to step back and he promises to stay on track.

What Happened Next?

Since Gordons visit, they have steadily increased bookings, the kitchen has been reorganised and they have hired a new head chef. Jimmy has stepped up as General Manager and Marta has been able to take a step back. Jimmy has lost 65lb since filming and has been on a 3 day intensive course to improve his management skills. The Yelp reviews and the Trip Advisor reviews are both excellent. They have continued to make renovations to the property and in 2018 are building a new block of hotel rooms. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Landoll's Mohican Castle aired on July 26 2016, the episode was filmed in December 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 8.
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Beachfront Inn & Inlet - OPEN

Hotel Hell Beachfront Inn & Inlet
In this Hotel Hell episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Beachfront Inn & Inlet, Fort Pierce in Florida, a struggling hotel located on the beach. The hotel was opened in 2012  by Brian with the profit of a successful fish market ran by his father. Brian has no hotel experience and the employees and guests party in the bar until the early hours of the morning which has led to complaints. Gordon arrives at the hotel and is in awe of the stunning backdrop to the hotel but is shocked to see pieces of varnished driftwood for sale for $22. Gordon finds a large barbecue, complete with old, burnt wings. Liza takes Gordon to his hotel room, room 16 in the Caribbean building and as soon as Gordon enters he notices a damp, musty smell and a bed that feels like it is 15 years old. Gordon orders the chicken wings, that are dry, a lobster mac and cheese that isn't a mac and cheese with penne pasta and the tuna burger, with frozen tuna. Brian admits that they have had to switch to frozen fish as he is in debt to his brother at the fish market.

Gordon arrives for an evening service and asks customers if they would expect fresh or frozen fish and they tell him they expect fresh so asks Brian to explain why they are serving frozen. In the walk in, he finds something in slimy water, something unknown that is frothy and festered, raw and cooked chicken together and rotten produce stored with fresh. Gordon wants to close but the decision is made to 86 the wings instead. Gordon visits Liza to get some peace and quiet and a complaint is rang through from a customer with an allergy, Gordon finds Brian and they go up and discover the problem is the air conditioner, it has not been cleaned and is blowing allergens in the room. Gordon reaches out to Eric, who is funding the business, he has threatened to cut him off and has asked for 8 weeks to repay him the $30k he is owed. Gordon introduces Brian to customers, they aren't impressed - the service is poor, the food is poor, one customer was served raw chicken and one admits he used to get free drinks. There are mixed messages, some guests are paying hundreds of dollars to stay and eat surrounded by drunk beach goers. 

Overnight, Gordon's team redesigned rooms and added a beach club to unused outside space. Gordon reveals the new rooms, a smaller menu that will be easier for Ben to cook featuring fresh seafood and that the Mayor will be dining with them that evening. For relaunch night, Brian gives the front of house team a talk whilst neglecting to tell them that the Mayor is dining that evening. He also neglects to tell the kitchen staff, Brian tells them that he is at table 7, they chase table 15 which is the table the mayor is actually sat at. Gordon is not impressed with Brian, as Ben has given up and he has done nothing about it. He walks past the mayors table and there is no food on there despite Ben telling him that the mayor had his food. Gordon rescues a dish from a server and the chicken looks dry,  Brian believes the food to be raw. Gordon reaches his wits end and packs his bags, leaving Brian stood with the chicken salad.  

What Happened Next?

After Gordon left, Brian missed the deadline for paying his brother back but his advice started to sink in, four months afterwards Brian sacked Ben and employed new kitchen staff. They have implemented a curfew for the live entertainment and he is focusing on the paying guests. They have made further improvements including installing new kitchenettes,  a new menu, new patio furniture and the garden has been landscaped.  There is also a new gift shop selling Navy Seal merchandise.  Trip Advisor reviews are mixed and there are still complaints about late night noise from the bar. Yelp reviews are also very negative.  Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Beachfront Inn & Inlet aired on July 19 2016, the episode was filmed in October 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 7.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Brick Hotel - OPEN

Hotel Hell Brick Hotel
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon visits The Brick Hotel in Newtown, Pennsylvania, a historic hotel bought in 2006 by therapist Verindar Kaur and son CJ, in the bid to make a profit they cut corners and there is a high turn over of staff, over 50 members of staff have worked there over 8 months, some only last one shift. Before Gordon goes to the hotel, he meets a large group of ex employees, they believe the turn over is in the 100s and one staff member saw over 50 managers during her time! The staff aren't paid on time and never in full and when they chased payment she called the cops on them. Gordon arrives, the windows on the door are smashed, the wall paper is peeling off and there are bullet holes in the wall. He goes to check into his room and discovers that the clock is caked in years of dust. The housekeeper arrives, there is no programme of cleaning and a bizarre miniature table and chairs. They discuss the hotel and she takes him upstairs to find mouldy shower curtains, carpets, yellow pillow cases, grey and yellow curtains and rubbish in the chest of drawers. Gordon goes to his room, room 201 and finds dust on everything and a stain on the ceiling.

Gordon goes down to the restaurant where he meets Tammy who tells Gordon that they are doing 350 events a year to keep the business afloat. Gordon orders the french onion soup, which was tasteless, a cauliflower steak which is a mess and a crab sandwich, straight from a can. Gordon had ordered a burger but he cancels it through fear of his limited pants supply. Verindar blames the staff saying they aren't good enough and denies calling the police on ex staff but a current member in a voice over says she has heard her call the police multiple times. Gordon meets CJ, who is there less than once a month as he works as an IT manager. When they first bought the hotel they were told it was hands off but they are not making money. Verindar is in the kitchen, shouting at the staff and confusing the servers by giving them the wrong food. They tell Gordon they clean the line only and Gordon finds a pot of thick, black grease that is a fire risk. 

Gordon gets out his bacteria testing kit and tests the vents, they give a reading of 573, a stained chair gives a reading of 446 and the shower curtain gives a rating of 5680! Gordon goes into a room where guests are staying, he shows them mould in the carpet and in the shower. Gordon sets off the fire alarm, evacuates the hotel and closes the hotel. Gordon meets the staff, she blames all staff for the actions of a few bad staff. She accuses the staff of stealing, drinking on the job and sneaking shots from the bar but Gordon steps in to say she must stop blaming them for the past. Gordon meets CJ to make progress with Verindar, he admits she has struggled to adapt culturally and has said she wants to step back. The hotel is renovated over night, with the lobby and the rooms getting a makeover. The menu is also given a makeover that will suit both casual dining and the large functions they hold. For relaunch, locals are invited for a dinner service but also to tour the newly renovated hotel rooms. They love the new food and the kitchen is running smoother. With his presence CJ is able to prevent his mother returning to her old habits.

What Happened Next? 

After leaving the hotel, Gordon reports that the reputation was on the mend, CJ is more present which has allowed Verindar to step back allowing the staff to do their jobs and employee turn over is at an all time low. Since Gordon visited the manager has responded to online criticism by saying that a large renovation is planned for the upcoming months. Yelp  reviews and Trip Advisor Reviews for the restaurant are mostly negative and some receipts posted on Yelp appear to show some higher than expected prices. As of 2018, the restaurant has new owners and has been renovated and renamed as Rocco's at the Brick, Trip Advisor reviews are mixed. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Brick Hotel aired on June 28 2016, the episode was filmed in November 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 6.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Lakeview Hotel - OPEN

Hotel Hell Lakeview Hotel
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon visits Lakeview Hotel in Chelan, Washington to help turn around the Lakeview Hotel, an adults only hotel, restaurant and ice cream parlour situated on Lake Chelan, owned by Brent and Afni MacDonald. They are losing $30,000 a month and there has been turmoil locally due to bush fires. Gordon arrives at the hotel and waits for the advertised valet parking but Brent offers to park Gordons car. He finds more dust and cobwebs everywhere, Brent tells them they have been closed whilst he went on holiday to Mexico for 3 weeks and they offer no samples in the ice cream parlour. Gordon is taken up to his room, the best room in the hotel but there is no remote control to the air conditioning and the filter is cleaned twice a year. Gordon orders the soup of the day, BC Bacon Burger, Turkey Patty and the "soon to be famous" teriyaki burger. The minestrone soup tastes bought in, the burger is thin and bland, the turkey melt comes with a broth that is salty and bitter and the soon to be famous burger is caked in cheese. Gordon discovers that the owners have a teenage daughter but refuse children to the hotel. 

Gordon asks about why there is no local wine on the menu and Brent tells him they all own restaurants so they are the competition. Gordon witnesses an evening service, the guests are given a list of items on the menu that aren't available and aren't impressed with the food, they expect fresh food and are surprised to hear it is frozen. Brent says there is no such thing as a fresh burger and you cannot get a fresh burger in the area. Gordon goes to a competitors restaurant and orders a fresh burger which he brings back to show Brent. Gordon asks Brent why he fired his son, it appears he had an alcohol problem and thought it would help. Gordon tells Brent about his brothers drug addiction and that he has never given up on him. Gordon enters the hotel rooms along with a uv light, the pillows, duvets and sheets are covered in fluids. Brent says the sheets were washed a week ago, Gordon tells them to stop lying but they are adamant. Gordon speaks to Afni and she opens up to Gordon. Gordon talks to Brent about his son and he says the relationship broke down after his previous wife remarried. He didn't go to his daughters wedding as he wasn't invited and he has grandchildren he doesn't see. 

Gordon has gathered the locals and they tell Gordon the staff don't have good things to say about the restaurant and ones friend was a server, who saw Afni scrape food into the bin, take it out and wipe it before giving it back to the server. The lack of free samples is a problem and they are perceived to have not offered any help during the fires. The town depend on each other to survive without tourists, wants them to do well and to welcome them into the community. Gordons team have cleared out the cobwebs and dust, revamped the rooms and transformed the ice cream parlour. Gordon has bought in a sommelier, they will be serving local wines and the menu has also been revamped. The guests love the new rooms, food, ice cream samples and also the wines on offer. Brent has decided to stick with adults only in the hotel against Gordon's advice as he believes children will be noisy and ruin the rooms. 

What Happened Next? 

After filming, Brent reverted back to his old ways and distanced himself from the locals and the reputation is as bad as ever. Many staff have left or been fired and the owner claims that parts of the episode were staged. The hotel is still open and reviews since Gordon's visit are mostly positive about both the hotel and restaurant. They haven't exactly followed Gordon's advice, they have changed the menu as they say the new items on there weren't selling and renamed the restaurant against Gordon's advice. Brent has since admitted that his behaviour on the show was all an act because he knew they wanted drama. Trip Advisor reviews are mostly positive and Yelp reviews are mixed. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Lakeview Hotel aired on June 21 2016, the episode was filmed in November 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 5.

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Town's Inn - OPEN

Hotel Hell Town's Inn
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Town's Inn, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, where Gordon finds the most bizarre owner he has ever met, Jason and wife Ana bought the hotel in 2007 as an investment and to keep his mother Karan busy. Karan treats it more as her home than a business and sleeps in her office! Her son has believes her welfare is the most important even if it means she has to no longer be involved or he has to sell.

Gordon arrives and finds clutter, hats and freaky dolls for sale but also loaves of bread, which are all out of date! Gordon is taken to his room but finds a selection of wicker baskets for sale at $1-30 that are dusty and covered in bugs! Gordon is in the Potomac Room, named after the local river. The ceiling is cracked, the curtains fall down as the pole is too short and the cupboard is locked as this contains her clothes. He asks for the key, Karan refuses but is willing to open to show Gordon what is in there. Gordon asks for half the cupboard and takes out half of Karan's clothes, they are put in her office on her bed. Gordon heads down to the dining room and orders mac and cheese, fiesta stew and trout. The mac and cheese is split on top, microwaved and has no seasoning, the fiesta stew was made 5 days ago and the trout is watery. He meets Sarah, a close friend who volunteers in the hotel as she likes to fill her time. 

Gordon discovers Lamont with black bags full of clothes and is puzzled as he only removed one bag from his room. The bags are going to Lamont's basement until she can sort through them. Gordon meets the staff who get annoyed as volunteer Sarah tells them what to do on behalf of Karan, whilst she sits in her office alone. The kitchen has paint on the walls as Sarah wanted them painted and she paints over cracks by putting her business cards on the wall and painting over them but the wall is rotten underneath and Karan appears to justify filling holes with brillo pads. Gordon returns to the kitchen, there are 5 microwaves and 2 chefs.. Gordon is surprised to see that they are boiling pre-prepared burgers, Karan sees no problems with this so takes a customer into the kitchen to see how it is cooked, he was expecting a fresh burger. Gordon asks the young server to take two female customers to show them where the food comes from, and to take the rotisserie chicken and explain that it is 6 months old and store bought. Gordon tells the customers about the origins about their food and shuts down the kitchen. 

Part 2

Karan defends the chicken but tells Gordon that she cares about everything. The walk in is filled with old cooked bacon, fries in dirty water, fish stewing in blood and the oven was last cleaned a year ago. The equipment needs replacing but Karan tells Gordon that she is in debt and laughs off Gordon's comments about the faulty kitchen equipment. Gordon uses a bacteria test kit to test the hygiene and the carpet on the floor of his bedroom gives a reading of 803 (30 is safe) but Karan defends the rating and blames bikers and hikers. Gordon refuses to sleep in the room and leaves. As Gordon is leaving, he sees the office sign and Karan tells Gordon that it is her private quarters, he tells her she is not doing one thing right and he cannot help when she is in denial. 

Gordon returns the next morning, he has hired a professional cleaning crew to declutter and scrub the kitchen. He tells Karan to start packing up a box and meets with Jason to discuss the hotel. Jason tells Karan that he wants to make money and also support his Mom but with no profit, it will have to close as it will drag down his family. Gordon finds a home for Karan to live in, paying the rent out of his own pocket and sends Karan off for a makeover. Gordon reveals her makeover and the makeover of the Inn, the staff are overwhelmed by the changes. The office is now a store, allowing more space in the dining room and the rooms have been given a modern makeover. The menu has been reduced in quantity and simplified and the kitchen has been cleared to maximise the space. On relaunch night, the kitchen is more efficient and the customers are loving the new food. Karan is more proactive as an Inn Keeper and the locals promise to return and leave with goods from the store. Gordon tells Karan to take some time to spend with the Grandchildren. 

What Happened Next?

Since Gordons visit, Karan continued with the lease on the house, the staff are helping to make positive changes and Jason has become more involved with the business. Karan has since moved back into the hotel and is living in a room on the second floor.

Reviews were mixed since Gordon's visit, more recent reviews on both Trip Advisor and Yelp are mostly very positive. 

Their website shows a great contrast between those rooms that have been renovated by the show, those that appear to renovated by the owner and those that have not yet been renovated.

Town's Inn aired on June 07 and 14 2016, the episode was filmed in November 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 3 and 4.

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Vienna Inn - CLOSED

Hotel Hell Vienna Inn
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Vienna Inn, Southbridge, MA, an Inn being run by a dysfunctional couple, Jonathon and Lisa Crock, who bought the Inn in 2000 but there are rumours that the Inn is a brothel and they are swingers! Gordon arrives and is surprised to find that the staff buy their own costumes at around $300 a piece. Lisa admits that buying the hotel was her husbands idea, he is half Austrian/Polish and cooks in the kitchen. The bedroom has a locked closet that is for Lisa as she has no room for clothes in her own bedroom. Gordon orders the scallops, beer battered sauerkraut and vegetarian mushroom ravioli. The Scallops were cut up, rancid and terrible, the sauerkraut is dated and the Mushroom crepes are a mess but the edible flower is delicious. He advises them to close as Jonathon's heart clearly isn't in it and Lisa's head is in the clouds. Gordon has heard that the basement of the Inn is used for wild swinger parties, he finds a wine cellar stocked with expensive wine and a mineral spa. 

Gordon arrives to see an evening service, food sits on the top as their timings are off and they are serving two day old chicken. Gordon inspects the kitchen and finds that there is food stored in the fridge that shouldn't be together and some that needs to be thrown out. Gordon walks off leaving an argument outside and Lisa heads straight into the bar for a drink. Gordon tells them that he has never met a couple so undeserving of his help, he tells them to pack a bag and get out of the hotel for the night. Gordon calls a staff meeting and discovers there are rude text messages, the pay cheques are refused by their banks and they are drip fed cash. Gordon brings in ex customer for feedback, one had raw scallops and find it overwhelming with the clutter. The uniforms were seen as revealing and unnecessary. They have all heard that it is a swingers hang out and as the spa and massage rooms have been misconstrued. 

Gordon brings in a sommelier to help them sell wine, there are makeovers in the rooms and dining room, new uniforms and a new state of the art system so that customers can book online. They appear to love the changes but Lisa starts to make comments. Jonathon gets lost in the kitchen, service has fallen apart, food is coming out at different times. Gordon asks them to be honest if there is anything they don't like and Lisa tells him she is surprised how he did one room. She comes across as ungrateful but Gordon tells them this isn't a makeover show and the rest of the work is for them. He also tells them that he arranged for a new stove to be installed and the engineer came but after the survey he had to leave as it is on the verge of running illegally.

What Happened Next? 

Shortly after Gordon left we are told that Lisa and Jonathon reverted straight back to the old Vienna, they changed the decor and returned all of the clutter back out of storage. They went back to the old menu and as a result their reputation has remained the same.

Reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp are suspiciously different to the portrayal of hotel on the show both before and after Gordon's visit, with a solid 4.5* on both Trip Advisor and Yelp.

In November 2017, the hotel suffered from a  fire and as a result Vienna Inn closed.

Vienna Inn aired on May 31 2016, the episode was filmed in November 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 2.
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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Anglers Lodge - OPEN

Hotel Hell Anglers Lodge
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Angler's Lodge, Island Park, Idaho where husband and wife team Dave and Dede saw land for sale next to great fishing spots and decided to build the lodge as Dave believed he could fish and run the business. Business was booming and they were looking to expand when they tragically lost their 10 year old son Dalton. Gordon is stunned to discover that the owners have built the lodge themselves and live on a cabin on the property. For the first two years, there was a 2 hour wait for the restaurant but after they made changes the customers began to dwindle. Gordon is shown to his room by Sam and finds a stain on his bedding and comments that the view is breathtaking but the room is depressing, dark, and the pillows are uninviting. He pulls out the filter of the air con unit and finds it caked in dust.

Gordon orders the wings in home made BBQ sauce and discovers that they are frozen, the rib eye is soaked in alcohol, overcooked, the rice served with the curry is mush and the trout has multiple sauces, the skin and scales on and is the worst trout Gordon has ever seen. Gordon is shocked to discover that Dave and Dede dislike Gina's food but that they take what they can get when it comes to Chefs. Gordon arrives to watch a dinner service and is shocked to discover a collapsed cheesecake in the fridge and a server chewing gum. The chef and the sous chef don't say a word to each other and Gina refuses to allow the other kitchen staff to do their jobs. Gordon speaks to the locals about the lodge as it is a small community. The locals feel like they have been pushed away by the owners, they don't know how to deal with customers or care about the customers but they are willing to come back. 

Gordon takes Dave away to the car to have a chat, asking the cameras to leave them alone. They talk about Dave's negativity, the initial lack of support from the locals, the lack of staff commitment and how he dealt with the loss of their son. Gordon's team gives the lodge a big makeover in the rooms, more rustic with light colours on the walls. There is a new menu and Gordon's team have been teaching the staff how to cook the menu. Gordon has invited both locals and a local food critic to sample the new food. Gina struggles to read the orders, fails to communicate with the staff and refuses to allow the sous chef to dress a salad. Gordon reveals that he will be sending in consultant Emily for a month and that Dave and Dede will be having dinner in the restaurant that evening. The locals enjoy the food and Dave and Dede are all smiles, toasting the new lodge as Gordon leaves, or attempts to but struggles with his hire car.

What Happened Next? 

After the show was filmed in October/November 2015, the family embraced the menu changes and was excited for the future. Their passion is rekindled for the lodge. Trip Advisor reviews are mixed since Gordons visit and Yelp reviews are mostly positivePlanning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Anglers Lodge aired on May 24 2016, the episode was filmed in November 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 1.

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Murphy's Hotel - OPEN

Hotel Hell Murphy's Hotel
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Murphy's, California, to help the towns oldest building, Murphy's Hotel. Gordon learns that the hotel has become a place where people party all night and keep other guests awake. Gordon arrives at the hotel and is taken to his room, the "Ulysses Grant Room and says that it smells like a museum. Gordon leaves his room and heads for the restaurant where he meets owner Brian, who introduces him to the other owners Joel and Kevin. They all sit down to discuss the hotel and they insist they all contribute equally to running the restaurant. Gordon heads into the dining room and is surprised by the bright pink dining room. Gordon orders the escargot, a halibut dish and lamb shank. He isn't impressed with the food, saying that the escargot tastes like socks, is still part frozen and the lamb shank looks like a plate of vomit. He calls Kevin and Brian over and insists that they try the food, they are shocked when they find that the food is disgusting.

Meanwhile the front desk has been left unattended, there is a sign telling customers to go to the bar and the guests end up wandering around. Gordon heads into the kitchen and decides to check out the walk-in, which is full of old, rotten and mouldy food. Gordon brings the owners in who insist that they clean it twice a week. Gordon decides to head up to his room at 1am but his room is above the bar and they are still partying below. Gordon goes down to the bar to ask for a quieter room and finds a very drunk Brian ripping his shirt off. He tells Gordon that he is stinking drunk because of the state of the walk-in and Gordon tells him to go home. He is moved to another room which is meant to be quieter but that one is just as loud. Gordon decides against having a shower in the bathroom in the morning as it is disgusting.

Gordon heads down to the restaurant and tells all the staff to gather for a staff meeting. They tell Gordon that the owners party in the bar and give away free drinks to their friends. Gordon tells them that this needs to stop and that one owner has to step up and be the general manager. Brian volunteers, promising Gordon that he will stop drinking whilst working and step up to the plate. Gordon's team work over night to renovate the hotel and the owners return the next day for the reveal. They are impressed with the new look lobby, Gordon also reveals they have worked on all of the rooms in the hotel and there is a new online booking system. Gordon gives them a tour of the hotel ending in the new dining room which is no longer pink. He has also transformed the menu and has added a wine tasting menu.

What Happened Next? 

One regular visitor posted on Trip Advisor that they thought the changes that Gordon had made in the restaurant were wrong, with many favourites being removed. These comments aren't felt by all as others are thrilled with the new menu on offer. Trip Advisor reviews are mixed  as are the Yelp reviewsPlanning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Murphy's Hotel  aired on September 09 2014, the episode was filmed in June 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 8.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Curtis House Inn - OPEN

Hotel Hell Curtis House Inn
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits The Curtis House Inn, Woodbury, Connecticut, the oldest Inn in the state. Gordon is greeted by owners TJ and brother Chris, they constantly argue and this is affecting their relationship and the hotel has lost loyal customers. Gordon arrives on Mother's Day to find that he is the only guest booked into the hotel and that as he is early he will have to pay a $40 early check in fee. The check in clerk is also surprised that Gordon is booked in room 16 as there is said to be a ghost in the room. When Gordon arrives in the room all he finds is a footprint on his pillow, dead flies on the windowsill and that the door doesn't lock! Gordon orders the crab cakes, calamari and a burger. Both the crab cakes and calamari are terrible and the burger is raw in the middle. Gordon goes into the kitchen to see chef Chris slopping food on the plate and using a dirty cloth to wipe the plates.

After a rough nights sleep, Gordon meets with TJ and Chris and can't believe that they don't talk. The staff join the meeting and tells them that they have had enough of the situation. Bev tells them that she can't work there anymore as the place is destroying her. Gordon asks the two to join him and some of the guests who are to give them feedback, they tell them that the sheets were dirty, windows unwashed and there is broken equipment. Gordon reveals to the guests that all of their personal information is left in a notebook on the front desk. Gordon goes to speak to their mother and a family intervention is organised to try and heal the relationship. They tell TJ that she is working to hard and she needs to work more on talking to her brother, they recall when everyone got along and everyone used to love working there. They commit to making it work, hug and make up.

Gordon's design team works overnight and transforms theInn, the reception area has silhouettes of the family on the wall and they now have a computer. Gordon has also fixed the lock on Room 16 and given it a makeover. Next he calls everyone down to the restaurant to have everyone sample the new menu. For relaunch everyone is working well together and Chris is taking pride in his food. Gordon's last task is to call in a paranormal expert to review the Inn to see if it is haunted. The expert concludes the Inn is haunted and Gordon gives them a plaque as they will be registered as haunted.

What Happened Next? 

Bookings are up and people want to visit to see the Inns spiritual visitors. Trip Advisor reviews for the Inn are mostly positive and Yelp reviews for Curtis House Inn are mostly good however some regulars appear to dislike the changes in the restaurant. Trip Advisor reviews for the restaurant also appear to also be positive. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Curtis House Inn  aired on September 01 2014, the episode was filmed in May 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 7.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Four Seasons Inn / Laylas Riverside Lodge - OPEN

Hotel Hell Four Seasons Inn / Laylas Riverside Lodge

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits the Four Seasons Inn in West Dover, Vermont, he arrives expecting the luxury 5 star chain hotel and instead finds a dog friendly inn. Owner Sandy calls the hotel a little slice of heaven but the rooms and kennels are empty. Finances are tight so the staff don't get paid, they instead get free accommodation in the hotel. His dog Layla wanders free around the hotel but not all guests like dogs or appreciate the dog hair. Gordon goes down to the kitchen and tastes some Curry bread which is too doughy and the ravioli looks and tastes terrible. Gordon meets Richard, the marketing man and is surprised that Sandy hasn't come to greet him. Gordon asks for 5 minutes with Sandy outside and asks him what the house is, Sandy tells him that it is the kennel. The hotel is busy and the servers are left to man the front desk, leading to customers being overcharged. Sandy wants to run and hide in the kitchen but Gordon instead gathers everyone together, the staff tell him that none of them get paid.

Gordon has a terrible nights sleep and decides to go to the pool the next morning, he finds dog poo in the pool and settles with the hot tub. Gordon decides to sit Sandy down with the guests. They say although they love dogs, they don't expect dog hair on plates or in their bed. Gordon brings out the black light and there are body fluids everywhere, many guests ask to leave early disgusted at what they have seen. Gordon has a chat with Sandy and tells him that he is not a chef, he needs to be the Innkeeper and Gordon reveals to the staff that Sandy is now to be the manager.

Overnight, the Hotel has been renovated and Sandy steps in to his new role wearing a suit. Gordon decides to change the name to Layla's Riverside Lodge and the menu has had a revamp, serving dishes created with local produce including a Vermont Cheesecake. The bedrooms have been updated and the carpets have been deep cleaned. There is $100,000 of new linen and dog beds have been provided. Gordon has also revamped the kennels and he brings his own dog to stay as they are to host a dog agility event and he has hired a dog consultant to help with the canine side of the business. The guests are impressed with the new rooms, the food and the beds for the dogs. Sandy reveals that everyone will be put on the payroll and will be receiving a pay check.

What Happened Next?

Four Seasons Inn was renamed to Layla's Riverside Lodge during the show named after Layla to promote the dog friendliness of the hotel. Bookings are up as a result and Sandy has received numerous messages of support from viewers. Yelp reviews are mostly positive, with negative comments being addressed by the owner. and Trip Advisor reviews are positive. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Four Seasons Inn / Laylas Riverside Lodge aired on August 25 2014, the episode was filmed in May 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 6.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Calumet Inn - OPEN

Hotel Hell Calumet Inn
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota, to help sisters Rina and Vanda, they were bought the hotel by their father but Rina left for 3 months as it had become too much. Vanda doesn't get up before 3 and believes that the staff are just there for the money. Their parents have been forced to come work for them to help keep the hotel open, their mother Rita is working 7 days a week to help them out. Gordon arrives at the hotel and compares it to a prison, upon shouting for someone, Mandy sees Gordon and apologises as it is just her in the hotel today. Gordon is shown to one of the hotel rooms, he finds a mouldy refrigerator and a rail for a wardrobe. They stayed one night before purchasing the hotel and take him to the dirty room she stayed in. Gordon orders the soup of the day and a fish dish. There is drama and Mandy comes in and explains she is no longer GM, Vanda is a socio path and Rina is never at the hotel. Gordon tastes the soup, it smells burnt, is disgusting and the fish is rock hard. Both Rina and Vanda get snappy and threaten not to pay anyone.

Gordon finds Rina in floods of tears with mother Rita who explains that she runs away when things get tough. Gordon speaks to Mandy but the sisters tell her she's not committed and she explodes about working 60 hours a week with two children, gets up and walks out. Gordon tells them that it has been Mandy keeping the place open,that they need to step up and don't deserve to own the hotel. The next morning Gordon heads downstairs to go to the gym and is told to go down the street in his dressing gown! Gordon gathers some of the guests who tell them that the room is run down and neglected and a guest with allergies says her room is caked in dust.Gordon tells Mandy that she is a good GM and asks if she had control would she come back, she says she will think about it. He tells them to bring in someone to manage it or sell it. Gordon calls the staff together and the sister's reveal they are stepping back and Mandy will be running the hotel.

The next day Gordon reveals the makeover, the guest rooms are now bright and airy. There are new mattresses and bedding in every room and the rooms have real wardrobes in. Gordon reveals the new gym and new restaurant with recipes provided by Rita, the staff try the food and love it. The sisters struggle to keep their nose out and start interfering, Gordon has to step in and tells them to pack and get out. A taxi arrives for them and Gordon gives them each a goldfish to look after to show they can be responsible, Vanda says she is going to go travelling and Rina cries again.

What Happened Next?

Trip Advisor reviews are mostly good since Gordon's visit but Yelp reviews are mostly negative and mosly after the hotel changed ownership. It was posted on their Facebook Page that their revenue has nearly doubled. Rina and Vanda are no longer the owners of Calumet Inn as of June 2015. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Calumet Inn aired on August 18 2014, the episode was filmed in May 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 5.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Hotel Chester - OPEN

Hotel Hell Hotel Chester
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Hotel Chester in Starkville, MS, a hotel located next to a college campus. The hotel was booming when it was bought by David and Sukie Mollendor in 2000 but the couple have been forced to file for bankruptcy. Their home was foreclosed and they were forced to move into the hotel. The hotel was running smoothly until David was in a car accident and bed ridden for 6 months and Sukie had to leave her job in real estate. Gordon can't find the hotel and has to ask for directions. Gordon arrives and speaks to David who explains that he graduated with a major in hotel management, doesn't think there any issues but reveals that the rooms haven't been updated in 10 years.

Gordon goes down to the restaurant to eat and finds that all the food is Japanese. Gordon sits waiting for around an hour but gets fed up, Lindsey finds him sleeping on a couch and he finally tastes the sushi, which is disgusting. Gordon tells Sukie he doesn't like the sushi, she runs off to tell David. The dinner service is busy but an hour in the first table haven't even got their food yet. Sukie is having trouble in the kitchen and Gordon learns that she has been struggling  since David's accident. Gordon heads over to a supermarket to pick up some ingredients to cook the waiting customers some food. Sukie tells Gordon that they live in the handicapped room since the accident and learns that he broke both his back, ankles and has been recovering for the past 5 years.

The next day Gordon drives them to local successful businesses and they explain that their success is down to the student trade. Gordon reveals changes to the hotel including modernised rooms, a revamped room for David and Sukie and the beer garden has also been given a makeover. The menu has also been changed, featuring local food which will be appealing to the students. A new head Chef is bought in with Gordon paying the salary until they can afford to. Young locals arrive and the beer garden impresses everyone. Before he leaves he takes David and Sukie out for a drive and shows them an apartment he has rented for them for 6 months , they will take over the lease after this.

What Happened Next?

Yelp reviews and Trip Advisor reviews since Gordon visited are mostly very positive, with compliments on the friendly and helpful staff, the beer garden and the breakfast. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Hotel Chester aired on August 11 2014, the episode was filmed in June 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 4.
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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Applegate River Lodge - OPEN

Hotel Hell Applegate River Lodge
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Applegate River Lodge in Applegate, Oregon, owned by Richard and Joanna Davis, they designed and built the lodge 22 years ago but since their divorce the hotel has started to suffer. Richard smokes pot and Joanna struggles with the debt, their two sons Duke and Dusty work there and are constantly fighting. They play music all night so the guests struggle to sleep and are annoyed. Gordon arrives and buzzes at the front desk, Richard ignores it but finally comes out and explains that he was hanging out, Gordon asks about the smell and discovers that it is medical marijuana. Gordon goes to his room and finds stains and dead insects. He meets Joanna who is responsible for check in, the banking and appears to be the only person working and she tells him that Richard does nothing all day and is over a million dollars of debt. Gordon meets Duke who says he gives his mother nothing, Gordon tells him about the debt and he brags he makes over $12,000.

Gordon observes the dinner service and sees the dog is sitting by the tables begging for food. He speaks to the guests who tell him that they aren't impressed with the rooms. Gordon sees the staff mixing ketchup and Ranch dressing and thinks the kitchen is a joke. The music concert starts at 10pm and is very loud! Gordon decides to go to bed and gets the black light out, the results are disgusting, there are stains everywhere. As a result of this Gordon gets out the sleeping bag and tries to sleep, after failing to get to sleep he goes back downstairs and asks Richard how guests are meant to sleep.

The next day the hotel is given a makeover, there is furniture in the check in area so people can sit and wait and the lobby looks great. They have an online system so that guests can check in online and the rooms have been redecorated. The menu has been simplified and Gordon reveals a mini music festival outside so they can still keep the music and there are four outside glamping bedrooms. Gordon tells them that they need to look after each other and stop smoking medicinal marijuana.

What Happened Next?

Yelp reviews since filming are mixed, the negative reviews seem to be about the hotel and weddings and the positive reviews about the restaurant. Trip Advisor reviews also seem to be mixed, with both positive and negative comments about the wedding service, accommodation and food. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Applegate River Lodge aired on August 04 2014, the episode was filmed in June 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 3.
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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Hotel Hell - Monticello Hotel - OPEN

Hotel Hell Monticello Hotel
In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits the Hotel Monticello in Longview, Washington, one of the oldest buildings in town but owner Philip is an alcoholic, he is constantly drunk and was charged with a DUI. Gordon arrives and is impressed by the hotel and the amount of rooms it has to offer but sees a lot of cars outside, a terrible advertisement. He goes in the hotel and finds out that all the cars belong to Philip. He also notes that the employee of the month has not been updated for 3 years. Gordon is not impressed with the state of the rooms and finds one room has been turned into a storage room. Gordon meets Ginger and Philip, he is amazed that the two are a couple. They tell him that they are losing $400,000 a year and this is due to the employees!

Gordon goes to the restaurant and meets Debby the waitress. He orders ravioli which is awful and not home made. Gordon asks to speak to the chef, who tells him he gets 20 minutes prep time a week, has no control on the menu and Philip buys in the food. Gordon speaks to Philip about his DIU, he claims he doesn't know what's going wrong and it's clear he has been drinking today. During dinner most of the customers are elderly patrons and Gordon talks to the bartender who tells him that Philip drinks at least 10 drinks a day. Gordon takes Philip upstairs to a room and gets out a black light, there are stains everywhere and the room is filthy, Gordon tells them that they are ripping people off and don't care about anyone.

Gordon introduces Philip and Ginger to some guests who have stayed at the hotel, their complaints are about how dirty the rooms are, wasted money and none of them would return. Gordon promises some treatment to help Philip with his drinking problem and tells Philip that if he doesn't change the hotel will fail. Over night the hotel is given a huge transformation, the motel sign is gone. The staff love the new rooms and Gordon tells them that they have the potential to turn their fortunes around. They will now be offering room service with a new menu with local ingredients for both this and the restaurant. 

What Happened Next? 

In January 2014, the lounge and restaurant in the hotel was closed by the owners so they could pursue other endeavours. Reviews since Gordon's visit are mostly mixed on Trip Advisor, although some are disappointed about the closure of the restaurant and loungePhilip was sentenced to 90 days in prison in July 2016 for threatening a District Court judge.

In September 2016, the property was listed both for sale and lease online. It appears that Philip is no longer the owner as of early 2017 and the new owners have recruited new staff. There was a large multi million dollar remodel in October 2017 and the restaurant planned to reopen. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information. 

Monticello Hotel aired on July 28 2014, the episode was filmed in June 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 2.
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