Meson De Mesilla - Hotel Hell Update - Open or Closed?

Hotel Hell Meson De Mesilla

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Meson De Mesilla hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Meson De Mesilla is a 14-bedroom boutique hotel owned by Cali Szczawinski, a former aspiring singer, who purchased it in 2006.

On his way to the hotel Gordon gets slightly lost when his GPS directs him to the hotel and there’s no sign to indicate where the hotel is.

The first thing Gordon notices is the boring beige colours and upon check in he is asked to sign a cleanliness agreement.

He is asked to sign a waiver to not damage the venetian plaster, he is offended and rips the document in half.

He is taken to his room and finds the beige colours and the decor bland, comparing it to an airport hotel.

He meets the owner, Cali, makes a beige joke and enquires about the waiver and is told it costs $7.50 per square foot to replace the venetian wallpaper.

In a walk-around with Cali, he notices there are three stages in the hotel: restaurant, bar and pool area. These stages are only used by Cali when she performs.

The pool is filthy, and Cali says the pool cleaner is late but it doesn’t matter as the pool doesn’t get used anyway.

In the kitchen, he meets the Chef, Ceara, who lives locally but doesn’t cook locally inspired dishes for the hotel.

He sits with Cali at the bar to find out what’s wrong with the place. Cali says they are not getting enough guests.

She purchased the place for $1.2 million, remodeled for $1.2 million and she only has enough funds to keep the hotel open for another 6 months.

He meets with the General Manager, Zan, in the restaurant who says he is a restaurant manager but Gordon points out there's a difference between that and a hotel manager.

Zan says Cali is the main problem with the hotel. He believes his hands are tied but he is invested in the success of the hotel.

Gordon sits down to lunch and immediately asks for the vinyl table cover to be removed.

Mitzi, Zan’s wife, is Gordon’s server. She tells him Cali chose a Tuscan menu over local dishes. Cali believes the food is great but Gordon disagrees.

Mitzi says Cali is the main problem with the hotel and she is rude to everyone.

During lunch, Cali takes the stage and sings Cher’s ‘If I Could Back Time’, to the discomfort of all the patrons.

Gordon walks through the hotel and he observes the prep cook in the kitchen, refrying an already fried boxed calamari.

The guests are forced to sign the waiver and aren’t happy that there is no breakfast service or room service for guests.

Gordon tries to unwind at the bar but Cali sets up on the stage and sings the same Cher song again.

Gordon meets with Cali, Zan and Ceara in the kitchen. Ceara says she's working with the menu she was given and she isn’t allowed to make changes.

Zan says there needs to be changes and this triggers an altercation between him and Cali where he is very disrespectful.

The underlying tension spills over and Cali fires him on the spot, Mitzi, his wife, quits her job in protest and follows her husband.

Gordon goes for a swim the next day, only to find the pool is still dirty. Looking for breakfast he finds a coffee tray set out for him.

Driving out of the hotel he finds a food truck ‘A taste of Mexico’ with a long queue owned by David, the prep cook from the hotel.

David prepares a quesadilla that Gordon says is tastier than anything in the hotel and he also has a refreshing cucumber and lime drink.

Seeing the contrast of how colorful the town is and the blandness of the hotel, he takes Cali to meet with hotel guests for feedback.

They say the waiver is an insult, the pool is dirty and the singing is a nuisance. One guest offers Cali $100 to not sing.

Nilu, a Features Director and Senior Correspondent for Travel and Leisure Magazine gives feedback on how their assets are underutilized.

None of the guests said they would come back to the hotel. Cali realises she has been focused on the wrong things and wants to change.

The design team works all night and the first reveal is a large sign with the name of the hotel on the side of the building.

The changes in the restaurant include white linen tablecloths and there is a new breakfast menu with David, the prep cook as their new breakfast chef. A new breakfast buffet is set on one of the stages.

Gordon has revamped the suite with local colours infused in the d├ęcor and the waiver has also been removed.

The pool has been cleaned and redecorated with the stage area is now a cabana with all new furnishings provided by

Gordon also worked on the new local menu, which is a taste of Mexico rather than of Tuscany.

Cali becomes upset with the changes, wondering how she is going to manage and keep up the new standards.

She asks Gordon for the old tapestry and some plastic grapes.

He takes her to the rubbish area where her old furniture is and Gordon threatens to take back all the new furnishings. She apologizes and says she's grateful.

Later, Gordon sits down with her, opening up on how his father sang in pubs and wasted his life.

He tells Cali that at her level she should have some class and focus on running the hotel. She needs to let go of her singing career.

For the relaunch, a pool party is organized and a local band is hired to play.

The guests love the new room decor, the ambience of the pool area and the new food.

Gordon introduces Jeff, who has 30 years’ experience running boutique hotels in New Mexico and is also ‘Innkeeper of the Year’.

He is there to help Cali and to answer her questions on hotel management.

Gordon presents Cali with a microphone, frozen in a block of ice, to stop her from singing.

What Happened Next at Meson De Mesilla?

Cali kept most of the changes Gordon made but made some minor changes.

They reported that business had increased since Gordon visited the hotel.

Meson De Mesilla was put up for sale in August 2014 for $2.85 million.

Cali brought in a 50/50 silent partner for the restaurant part of the business and Trip Advisor and Yelp reviews were average.

Meson De Mesilla was sold in March 2017 and is under new ownership.

It has been renamed to Hacienda De Mesilla

Trip Advisor reviews of Hacienda De Mesilla are good.

Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information.

Meson De Mesilla aired on July 21 2014, the episode was filmed in June 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 1.


  1. She was an attention grabbing nutter. Good she got out of business.

  2. I would have told her where to stick her plastic grapes.

  3. What happened to David, the Breakfast Chef? I'm quite interested to see if he's still there.

  4. Loved his passion. David had more passion and success


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