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Restaurant Impossible - Del's Restaurant - CLOSED

Del's Restaurant Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visit's Del's Restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Del's Restaurant is an Italian restaurant that has been operating for 61 years and is owned by Marianne and her brother John.

The food and decor is in need of attention but the biggest problem is the owner Marianne.

The pressure from the struggles of the restaurant leads her to shouting at the staff and creating an atmosphere that is unappealing to customers so unsurprisingly customers are staying away.

John thinks that the food is good and doesn't know why the restaurant is failing.

Robert invites locals to a service to be able to observe the restaurant. The diners think the decor is dated and the carpet is in need of being replaced.

Marianne is running around everywhere during the service and screams at the servers before throwing a salad across the kitchen.

The diners aren't impressed with the food and some dishes are bland. Robert tells Marianne that the food is bad but she refuses to believe it.

Robert meets with designer Cheryl and they discuss the old decor. Robert wants a classic Italian theme,

The kitchen claim that using the microwave saves time and they can the get food out quicker to customers.

Robert challenges this and they have a race of microwave cooking versus Cooking from scratch.

Robert wins the race and proved that you can cook from fresh quicker than using the microwave.

They have other strange kitchen practices including putting ice cubes into sauce to cool it down and Robert introduces new practices for the kitchen.

Robert gives the menu and restaurant a makeover and works with Marianne to improve her management skills.

On relaunch night, the customers love the new modern decor and are impressed with the new flavourful dishes.

What Happened Next at Del's Restaurant?

Since Robert visited, Yelp reviews are mixed, negative reviews seem to criticise the quality of food and hit and miss service.

Reviews seem to suggest that they have kept the decor and menu that Robert put in place on the show.

Del's Restaurant closed in April 2015, deciding that it was time to close.

Recipes in this episode

Chicken Parmesan

Red Sauce Base - Marinara

Del's Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 3 episode 4 and aired on February 29 2012.

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