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Flood Tide Restaurant Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits the Flood Tide Restaurant in Mystic, Connecticut.

Flood Tide Restaurant is a once flourishing 50 year old restaurant that now has a bad reputation, largely in part to owner Jody Dyer.

She has had the same chef Robert Tripp for over 20 years and calls him a world class chef.

Robert finds the decor dated and does not like the dirty exhibition kitchen.

Robert invites guests for a dinner service who find the decor dated and are unsure of the menu.

The food takes a long time to reach the customers, there is table side service for salads and the food is either bland or over salted.

Jody is disappointed when she tastes the calamari and lobster bisque and the servers reveal they have never tasted the food.

Robert scrapes grime from the kitchen, reprimands the chefs but the staff all step up to clean the kitchen.

Robert meets the design team and wants to focus on the window and create a private dining area.

In order to tackle the reputation of the restaurant he heads to a local coffee shop to meet the locals.

They identify that the food was dated and overpriced and the service pompous and Robert realises he may not be able to turn around public opinion.

Robert teaches the kitchen to improve the menu using the existing equipment and ingredients.

The wood burner is to be used to roast chickens and the wood burning grill for meats.

Robert shows Jody the opinions of the locals, he feels the only option is to rename the restaurant and Jody is reluctant but later agrees to rename the restaurant to The Wood Grill at Flood Tide.

Robert buys a boat for just $75 and the team make it into a new sign for the restaurant and trains the staff to be less stuffy.

He asks them to remove the ties, they destroy the serving trolley with a sledgehammer in the parking lot and meet with locals to advertise the reopening.

Robert ask the servers to sample the new food and describe the dishes to Robert.

On relaunch night, the servers are doing a great job selling the menu and the new menu is exciting the customers.

The food is a great hit with the customers and Bob is in great control of the kitchen, impressing Robert with his ability to run the kitchen and cope with the new menu.

Jody is dining in the restaurant with friends and she loves the new food.

What Happened Next at Flood Tide Restaurant?

Owner Jody was not happy with the panelling in the dining room and reported that profits were slightly up but not enough to save the restaurant as she was still struggling financially.

Trip Advisor reviews were mostly good after Robert filmed the episode but Yelp Reviews were mostly poor.

Flood Tide Restaurant closed in November 2013 and was bought with the adjoining Inn in March 2014 for $5.35 million.

In June 2014, the restaurant was reopened, redecorated and renamed as "Harbour House".

Flood Tide Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 1 episode 7 of and aired on March 2 2011.

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  1. The interior design make over was the worst I have ever seen done anywhere. It was hard to believe that they would paint bright Colors in an ugly plaid pattern Over beautiful mahogany wood. I felt so bad for the owner and I'm extremely confused why Robert would allow that to happen.

  2. I also didn't like the paneling in the remodel, I think the designer could have done a better job!

  3. Felt the same exact way! Was shocked he allowed it to be painted that way....


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