Restaurant Impossible - Moss' Prime Rib & Spaghetti House - CLOSED

Moss' Prime Rib & Spaghetti House Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Moss Prime Rib and Spaghetti House in Elyria, Ohio.

Moss' has been open since 1958 and the restaurant was once a landmark in the town but due to the economy and Sandi's reputation it is close to closure.

Moss' Prime Rib & Spaghetti House is currently owned by Sam and Sandi who bought the business (name and recipes) 10 years ago for their son.

But 11 months after opening he quit the business, they moved the restaurants location and they have $457,000 of debt.

Their oldest son Sam joined the restaurant to help out his parents who have since divorced and Sandi lives above the restaurant.

Robert arrives and samples the food. The prime rib is smothered in butter and sour cream, the rice is nicely cooked but lacks flavour and the spaghetti is overcooked.

During the dinner service a customer calls the prime rib bland but Sandi is defensive of the food.

Robert meets with designer Taniya and tells her that the carpet and drapes must go, leading to Robert pulling one of the drapes off of the wall.

They empty out the restaurant and start to pull off the drapes that are stapled to the wall.

Robert goes into the kitchen and finds that the Chef has been there for 13 years but has never cleaned the kitchen.

There is old grease caked on every service and clean pans are put on top of layers of grease.

There is grime under the fryer but they claim that there are no staff paid to clean the kitchen.

Sandi reveals to Robert that she is emotional and is ashamed of her behaviour.

Robert asks the staff for feedback and Sam is negative. The staff have many positives and negatives and show that they are loyal to Sandi and the restaurant.

Robert catches up with the renovation team who reveal that they are behind schedule and need more people to help.

Robert has a heart to heart with Sandi and tells her that he will be teacjing her costings as her current system of guessing prices is not working.

She is currently barely charging enough to cover her costs and not enough to make a profit and this is how she has got into so much debt.

Robert enters the kitchen and is surprised to see a new chef. Sandi reveals that the chef is actually her brother Gary, who is the chef instructor at a local college.

Robert is confused by all this but Gary says he has offered to help but she has refused due to her pride.

Gary admits he did not push his offer to help hard enough and will be bringing some culinary students to help with the relaunch.

Shortly before the relaunch and Sam remains negative and is negative about the new drinks prices.

Robert tells Sam that he doesn't want negativity and he can't be positive then he will have to leave.

Sam returns and promises to Robert that he will be positive about the changes to the restaurant.

The makeover is revealed and Sandi loves the new decor.

For relaunch night, Gary is in the kitchen with his culinary students and the customers love the new food and decor and the relaunch is a success.

What Happened Next at Moss' Prime Rib and Spaghetti House?

After Robert visited, Yelp reviews seem to indicate that the majority of customers loved the changes that they made.

Moss' Prime Rib and Spaghetti House closed on April 13th 2013.

Moss' Prime Rib and Spaghetti House was Restaurant Impossible season 3 episode 1 and aired on February 08 2012.

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