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Scrimmages Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Scrimmages Restaurant in Ellington, Connecticut

Scrimmages is a sports bar run by four partners Brian, Leon, Jerry and Mike but with so many different opinions it was only a matter of time before everyone fell out.

They are no longer making money and the relationships are at breaking point.

They had a great first year but by the second year they were losing money and they are currently losing $10,000 a month.

Leon believes that everything is good but the other owners see problems.

Robert arrives and is confused of the identity of the restaurant, they are a Mexican sports bar.

Leon runs the business and the others are investors but all of them have mortgaged their homes to fund the business.

Robert invites for a full service and wants all owners to have roles in the restaurant, they are working as servers and running food.

The kitchen is confused and backed up as the kitchen has not prepped and they are preparing one dish at a time.

The food takes 45 minutes and is poorly cooked, the customers wouldn't return. Robert samples the food and finds it to be poor but Leon is in denial.

Robert has his hands full with repairing both the restaurants issues including a drab decor and sub par food and the strained relationships between the owners.

Both the decor and menu are changed and Robert works with the owners to repair the relationships between them all.

Robert reveals that they don't actually sell much Mexican food, they comp $30000 a year and are making a $680 loss on every lunch service.

Robert teaches the chef and Leon some new recipes and the owners have a face to face to mend the relationships.

What Happened Next at Scrimmages?

Reviews after Robert visited were mostly negative on Yelp but average on Trip Advisor, it appears they went back to their old ways serving poor food and providing poor service.

Scrimmages closed in November 2013, as the restaurant was sold and it became Catch 202.

Recipes in this episode

Re-Stuffed Potato Skins

Dessert Nachos

Scrimmages was Restaurant Impossible season 2 episode 7 of and aired on August 31 2011.

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