Scrimmages - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Scrimmages Restaurant Impossible

In this restaurant impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Scrimmages in Wilmington, Delaware.

Scrimmages is a sports bar run by four friends Leon, Brian, Mike and Jerry.

They formed a partnership and bought the restaurant nd have been running the restaurant for 5 years.

The money for buying the restaurant came from the mortgage of the houses of the owners.

Initially the sales were good during the first year but afterwards the sales significantly dropped.

As a result there was friction between the four and tensions arose, causing the owners to fall out.

The average daily sales for Scrimmages is around $3500 whereas the expenses are $3600 for day.

They are losing $10,000 a month and are on the verge of losing their homes as well as the restaurant.

On arrival, Robert met the restaurant owners and asks them to describe the place and what is wrong with it.

The three owners are blaming Leon for the downfall.

Robert gets to know that Leon runs the restaurant and Mike looks after the accounts.

There is strong disagreement among Leon and rest of the owners.

He sees some serious issues among the owners that is leading to the decline of the business.

Robert observes the full day service of the restaurant to find out what is wrong with the place.

He discovers that the service is quite slow as Mike, Brain and Jerry are not there most of the time.

The kitchen is a disaster, instead of cooking multiple orders the cooks are preparing just one order at a time.

This means that the food is taking a long time before being ready to be taken out of the kitchen and served to the customers.

Roberts interacts with the customers as to what they think of the food.

Most of the customers seems dissatisfied as the service is slow and food being served is cold.

The quality and taste of the food is also not good and most customers are reluctant to come back again.

Robert checks out the sales report to find what menu item is being sold the most.

The report reveals that the restaurant is giving away $30,000 a year, which was surprise for the owners as well.

An estimate of $680 is being lost on every lunch service from Monday to Friday.

Upon tasting the food himself, Robert is disappointed as food is dry, overcooked and not seasoned well.

Robert confronts Leon but he is in denial and thinks that the food is good.

Afterwards Robert points out the things that needs to be fixed to improve the restaurant.

Firstly, he asks the owners to act as a team and give their collective input into running the restaurant.

Secondly, Robert points out that the menu needs to be upgraded as the food he was served was way below standard.

Thirdly, the service needs to improve and food out of the kitchen much more quickly.

Fourth, he needs to identify what the restaurant specializes in and find the theme for the restaurant.

Lastly, the decor needs an overhaul and a completly new look.

Robert confronts all the partners and asks them if they are willing to cooperate.

The partners decide to work together as group and go forward in the right direction.

All of the partners show willingness to act together and contribute equally to the restaurant.

Afterwards, along with Leon and Chef Jimmy, Robert prepares a new menu.

Chef Robert shows them some dishes that are cheap and simple including Re-Stuffed Potato Skins and Dessert Nachos.

Robert with the help of designer changes the decor and interior of the restaurant to give it the look of a vintage sports bar.

The walls were painted and a new bar was setup.

A wall was created that is made of old baseball bats to improve the spacing of the restaurant.

Carpets are removed and a wooden floor is laid.

The tables and chairs are painted and given a sporty look to go with the bar.

Vintage sports items are used as decoration to compliment the sports theme.

Upon the relaunch of Scrimmages, the owners are shown the new decor of the restaurant.

They are surprised and at the same time excited with the new look of the restaurant.

The restaurant will relaunch at lunch with with the new, improved menu.

The customers were happy with the new decor and were having positive vibes.

The service improved greatly and food was comes out of the kitchen at a good pace.

Robert speaks with the customers, they seem satisfied with the food and service and would like to visit the restaurant again.

The relaunch of Scrimmages was a success.

What Happened Next at Scrimmages?

Reviews after Robert visited were mostly negative on Yelp.

Reviews were average on Trip Advisor, it appears they went back to their old ways serving poor food and providing poor service.

Scrimmages closed in November 2013, as the restaurant was sold and it became Catch 202.

Scrimmages was Restaurant Impossible season 2 episode 7 of and aired on August 31 2011.

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