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Restaurant Impossible - Italian Village - CLOSED

Italian Village Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Italian Village in Milmont Park, Pennsylvania.

Italian Village is a 30 year old restaurant owned by Robert Mellon and his brother Jon and is a well known establishment in the area.

The is no longer enjoying the success of it's glory days and is $500,000 in debt and losing $5000 a month.

There are many issues in the restaurant, the decor is dark and gloomy and the menu is huge with over 180 items!

Robert orders just 10 items and is not impressed with any of the dishes he is served.

The owners son Rob Jr has stepped in due to his knowledge after attending culinary school and after his uncle Jon moved away from the business.

He has the knowledge to make changes in the restaurant but isn't allowed to do so and is kept in the dark about the true finances of the restaurant.

There is also a vermin problem with mice droppings and dead mice being found behind furniture.

Robert reduces the menu to just 30 items, calls an exterminator and rejuvenates the decor.

What Happened Next at Italian Village?

Yelp reviews were mixed after Robert visited the restaurant.

Robert revisited a few months later and sales are up 18%.

They had reduced the menu to around 30 items on Roberts advice, improved the Father-Son relationship and the vermin problem is under control.

Italian Village closed on July 20th 2014 with Rob blaming the economy and the opening of a local casino for the closure.

Prior to the closure, their website was hijacked and replaced with a website featuring bad reviews and telling people not to eat there.

The restaurant was sold by auction on July 26th 2014 with all of the contents also being for sale.

Recipes in this episode

Drunken Penne Pasta

Italian Village was Restaurant Impossible Season 4 episode 4 and aired on August 01 2012.

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