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Maniaci's Italian Bistro Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Maniaci's Italian Bistro in Mohnton, Pennsylvania.

Maniaci's Italian Bistro is a family owned restaurant and is currently owned by three brothers Jeff, John and Tim.

The restaurant was passed to the brothers after their mother passed away five years ago and has been struggling for the past three years.

A competing Italian restaurant has just been opened nearby causing business to decline further.

Robert arrives and finds a dirty dining room with stained ceiling tiles and plenty of clutter.

Customers are surprised at how bad the dining room has been neglected and no customers would return.

This is no surprise as they serve bad food and have bad practises such as an owner getting drunk with the customers.

There is no management of staff, one owner is never there and Tim is in denial about the restaurant and refuses to acknowledge that the food is poor.

Even after his wife tells him that she doesn't like the house dressing he still struggles to believe it is bad.

Robert introduces new menu dishes including a branzino dish and the staff love it.

Robert updates the decor by adding more wood, sectioning off the bar, ripping up the carpet and repainting the walls.

The customers love the new decor and food at relaunch and the brothers are much happier.

What Happened Next at Maniaci's Italian Bistro?

The brothers were still getting a surge of customers in the months following the show.

Reviews after the show were mixed with some branding the food excellent and others saying it was average.

Maniaci's Italian Bistro closed in April 2014, a year after filming, posting the below on Facebook -

"Maniaci's is sad to report that after almost 20 years, we will be closing our doors for good on April 5th. We have tried our hardest to keep up with rising costs and rough times; but, unfortunately, we have not been able to overcome all of the obstacles. We want to thank all of our loyal customers that have been with us through the years and, also, the newest customers. We don't always know what God's plans are, but we will continue to follow the path he leads us down. We appreciate all of the support we have had from all of you over the years.

We will be having a final goodbye event for all of our customers on Saturday, April 5th. Please stop in anytime after 6 pm to wish us well and hang out with the Maniaci family for one last time. We look forward to seeing you April 5th."<

Recipes in this episode

Chicken Parmesan

Branzino with Roasted Tomatoes, Olive Oil Poached Mushrooms

Maniaci's Italian Bistro was Restaurant Impossible season 5 episode 10 and was aired on March 10 2013.

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