Beachfront Inn and Inlet - Hotel Hell Update - Open or Closed?

Hotel Hell Beachfront Inn & Inlet

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Beachfront Inn and Inlet in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Beachfront Inn was opened by Brian Paul in 2012 and is located in a prime location on the Florida coast.

He opened the hotel using income from the fish market his family owns.

The hotel manager Liza believes Brian doesn’t have any hotel experience.

Server Gina thinks Brian is only physically there as he wanders aimlessly around the place.

Sous chef Joey believes Brian is too easygoing and he should be focused on running the hotel but he isn’t.

Brian is being taken advantage of by the staff especially Chef Ben.

The restaurant manager James thinks that the main issue with the restaurant has been the lack of consistency of the food from Chef Ben.

Executive Ben thinks that the menu is too big and they are serving too many different dishes.

The hotel has a reputation as being a party spot and that guests party until the early hours of the morning.

This has led to other customers complaining about the noise during their stay.

Gordon arrives at the hotel and is in awe of the location.

However, he thinks the place looks like it was closed down from outside.

He enters the inn and he is greeted by Lisa at the reception.

He is shocked to see pieces of varnished driftwood for sale for $22.

Gordon notices the barbecue grill and sees that it is dirty and covered in old, burnt wings that Liza says are from the day before.

Liza takes Gordon to his hotel room, room 16 in the Caribbean building.

As soon as Gordon enters the room he notices a damp, musty smell and a bed that feels like it is 15 years old.

Gordon meets with Brian and he finds out that Brian has no experience of running a hotel.

Brian tells Gordon the fish is fresh from the fish market and Gordon decides to check out the food.

The menu he is given to order from is massive and he orders chicken wings, lobster mac and cheese and a tuna burger.

The chicken wing is dry, the lobster mac and cheese in’t technically mac and cheese because they use penne pasta and he finds out that the tuna burger is frozen.

He is surprised the tuna was frozen as Brian told had him earlier that they serve fresh fish daily.

Brian says they do also use frozen sometimes.

He says that all of the fish was fresh up until four months ago when he went through the accounts with his brother.

As he is in debt to his brother at the fish market he will no longer allow him to buy from him and he has been forced to buy frozen to cut costs.

They have been getting negative feedback about the frozen fish.

Gordon arrives for an evening service and asks customers if they would expect fresh or frozen fish.

They tell him they expect fresh so asks Brian to explain why they are serving frozen.

In the walk in, he finds something in slimy water and something unknown that is frothy and festered.

There is raw and cooked chicken together and rotten produce stored with fresh.

Gordon asks Brian who is in charge of the kitchen and Brian tells him that it is Ben, the Executive Chef’s job.

Ben refuses to admit that it is his fault.

Gordon wants to close but the decision is made to 86 the wings instead.

James tells Gordon that Ben isn’t around most of the time and that is why the fridge is in the state that it is.

He also says that Brian is oblivious to it as they have been friends a very long time.

Brian tries to defend Ben but Gordon tells him that Ben is incompetent and he is taking his business down with him.

Brian refuses to agree.

Gordon visits Liza to get some peace and quiet and a complaint is rang through from a customer with a dust allergy.

She has had to take steroids for the allergy and her eyes are streaming.

Gordon finds Brian and they go up and are greeted with another customers complaining about a water spillage.

They go to the first customers room and discover the problem is the air conditioner.

It has not been cleaned in a long time. The filter is filthy and is blowing dust and dirt around the room.

The customer is given another room.

That night, Gordon isn’t able to sleep as there is a lot of noise coming from the bar below.

The next day Gordon meets with Brian’s brother Eric, who funds Brian’s business, in hope that he would talk some sense into Brian.

Eric tells Brian that if he doesn’t change things then he will get cut off.

Eric gives Brian 8 weeks to pay up the $30,000 that he owes to him otherwise he gets cut off from further money.

Gordon takes Brian to meet with some of his customers.

They complain of poor service, noise late at night and poor food. One customer was served raw chicken.

Another customer had brought friends in for a Superbowl party but they were served poor food and had clothing ruined by drinks when a brawl broke out.

Another customer admits that he used to get free drinks, he would pay for one drink and be given five drinks.

There are mixed messages, some guests are paying hundreds of dollars to stay and eat surrounded by drunk beach goers drinking at the bar.

Gordon tells Brian that he has to turn up the next day looking like an owner and that he has to get real.

Overnight, Gordon's team redesigned rooms and added a beach club to unused outside space.

The next day, Brian ignores Gordon’s advice and arrives looking like a towel boy in a white tshirt and shorts.

Gordon collects his nametag and sends him off and tells him to get changed and he returned looking like an owner.

Gordon shows the staff the renovated hotel rooms and the new look of the restaurant.

Gordon tells Brian that he needs to realize what is at stake there and that he needs to step up.

Gordon introduces the redesigned menu with fresh seafood, which he believes will be easier for Ben to cook.

They all taste the new dishes and think they are delicious.

Gordon tells them that the mayor is coming for dinner.

The mayor comes in and is greeted by Brian and Gordon.

Brian leads the mayor to his table but instead of informing the chefs about the presence of the mayor, he stays outside wandering.

Gordon tells him to correct this immediately by informing the kitchen.

Brian is failing as a leader and has not stepped up as Gordon had hoped.

The mayor is left waiting for food as Brian had made a mistake and said that the mayor is sitting at table 7 instead of table 15.

He corrects the error but the first two salads Ben made to be served to the mayor had the wrong dressing and were overdressed.

Gordon notices that Brian isn’t doing anything about this.

The mayor still hasn’t gotten any food even though Ben said he has.

Gordon challenged Brian again about this.

Brian tells Ben that the mayors table is still empty and Ben decides he would cook it again.

An overcooked dish about to be served was intercepted by Gordon.

When he asked Brian what he thinks the problem was with the dish, he said the chicken was undercooked.

Gordon was disappointed by Brian and says that he has had enough.

He shakes Brian’s hands and says that he is done. Gordon packs his bag and leaves.

What Happened Next at Beachfront Inn and Inlet?

After Gordon left, Brian missed the deadline for paying his brother back but his advice started to sink in.

Four months after filming Brian sacked Ben and employed new kitchen staff.

They implemented a curfew for the live entertainment and he was focusing on the paying guests rather than the beachgoers.

They made further improvements including installing new kitchenettes, a new menu, new patio furniture and the garden was landscaped.

There was a new gift shop selling Navy Seal merchandise.

Trip Advisor reviews were mixed and there were still complaints about late night noise from the bar.

Yelp reviews were also very negative.

Beachfront Inn and Inlet closed after the hotel was sold to new owners in 2019.

The hotel is now Sunrise Sands Beach Resort and reviews are average.

Beachfront Inn and Inlet aired on July 19 2016, the episode was filmed in October 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 7.

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