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Hotel Hell Beachfront Inn & Inlet

In this Hotel Hell episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Beachfront Inn Inlet, Fort Pierce in Florida, a struggling hotel located on the beach.

The hotel was opened in 2012 by Brian with the profit of a successful fish market ran by his father.

Brian has no hotel experience and the employees and guests party in the bar until the early hours of the morning which has led to complaints.

Gordon arrives at the hotel and is in awe of the stunning backdrop to the hotel but is shocked to see pieces of varnished driftwood for sale for $22.

Gordon finds a large barbecue, complete with old, burnt wings.

Liza takes Gordon to his hotel room, room 16 in the Caribbean building and as soon as Gordon enters he notices a damp, musty smell and a bed that feels like it is 15 years old.

Gordon orders the chicken wings, that are dry, a lobster mac and cheese that isn't a mac and cheese with penne pasta and the tuna burger, with frozen tuna.

Brian admits that they have had to switch to frozen fish as he is in debt to his brother at the fish market.

Gordon arrives for an evening service and asks customers if they would expect fresh or frozen fish.

They tell him they expect fresh so asks Brian to explain why they are serving frozen.

In the walk in, he finds something in slimy water, something unknown that is frothy and festered,

There is raw and cooked chicken together and rotten produce stored with fresh.

Gordon wants to close but the decision is made to 86 the wings instead.

Gordon visits Liza to get some peace and quiet and a complaint is rang through from a customer with an allergy.

Gordon finds Brian and they go up and discover the problem is the air conditioner, it has not been cleaned and is blowing allergens in the room.

Gordon reaches out to Eric, who is funding the business, he has threatened to cut him off and has asked for 8 weeks to repay him the $30k he is owed.

Gordon introduces Brian to customers, they aren't impressed as both the service and the food is poor.

One customer was served raw chicken and one admits he used to get free drinks.

There are mixed messages, some guests are paying hundreds of dollars to stay and eat surrounded by drunk beach goers.

Overnight, Gordon's team redesigned rooms and added a beach club to unused outside space.

Gordon reveals the new rooms, a smaller menu that will be easier for Ben to cook featuring fresh seafood and that the Mayor will be dining with them that evening.

For relaunch night, Brian gives the front of house team a talk whilst neglecting to tell them that the Mayor is dining that evening.

He also neglects to tell the kitchen staff, Brian tells them that he is at table 7, they chase table 15 which is the table the mayor is actually sat at.

Gordon is not impressed with Brian, as Ben has given up and he has done nothing about it.

He walks past the mayors table and there is no food on there despite Ben telling him that the mayor had his food.

Gordon rescues a dish from a server and the chicken looks dry but Brian believes the food to be raw.

Gordon reaches his wits end and packs his bags, leaving Brian stood with the chicken salad.

What Happened Next at Beachfront Inn and Inlet?

After Gordon left, Brian missed the deadline for paying his brother back but his advice started to sink in.

Four months afterwards Brian sacked Ben and employed new kitchen staff.

They have implemented a curfew for the live entertainment and he is focusing on the paying guests.

They have made further improvements including installing new kitchenettes, a new menu, new patio furniture and the garden has been landscaped.

There is also a new gift shop selling Navy Seal merchandise.

Trip Advisor reviews are mixed and there are still complaints about late night noise from the bar.

Yelp reviews are also very negative.

Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information.

Beachfront Inn and Inlet aired on July 19 2016, the episode was filmed in October 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 7.

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