Turnpike's Rest Stop - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Turnpike's Rest Stop

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Turnpike’s Rest Stop in Spring Hill, Florida.

Turnpike’s Rest Stop is owned by Erik and Jodi Parresol.

The restaurant is a sub shop serving large sub sandwiches.

Their biggest sub weighs five pounds!

They opened the restaurant in September 2019.

Their plans were to use it to build a future for themselves and their family.

Erik and Jodi knew nothing about running a restaurant.

They have been married for 31 years.

Their daughter Melissa has come back home to help them with the restaurant.

Melissa has worked in the restaurant business for 16 years.

Melissa says she was surprised when her mother called her and told her they bought a restaurant.

Jodi says they depend on Melissa a lot and that the restaurant would not last without her.

Sometimes, Melissa will snap at Jodi over small things.

Melissa says it gets frustrating that Jodi and Erik still have no clue about how to run the restaurant.

Jodi says the original plan was to work at the restaurant for 2-5 years and then Erik could retire.

Erik was diagnosed with MS but keeps his diagnosis private.

They are losing around $1,000 a month.

They can’t afford to keep putting money in the restaurant.

Jodi says she isn’t sure how much longer the restaurant will last.

Melissa says her parents have invested all their retirement money into the restaurant.

She is worried that this will lead to her dad not having adequate health care.

Robert arrives and says this is one of the smallest restaurants he’s ever seen.

There is lots of clutter around the restaurant.

Robert calls Jodi and Erik into the restaurant for a brief.

Jodi says they have invested around $170,000 to $180,000.

Revenue can vary anywhere from around $10,000 to $15,000 each week.

Jodi has another business.

She has an all-natural dog and cat food treats business.

Erik was a heavy equipment mechanic for 24 years.

Robert asks for someone to bring in Melissa.

Jodi tells Robert that they are known for their big sandwiches.

However, their best-selling items are desserts.

Robert says that he can get a sandwich anywhere so they have to be good.

Robert says he wants to see the service.

He will bring people into the restaurant.

Jodi says Robert is very intimidating but she knows he is here to help them.

The customers are taking a long time to figure out what they want because the menu is so big.

The orders begin reaching the kitchen.

Robert quickly notices that Melissa does know how to run the kitchen.

There are communication problems and far too much food on the plate.

Robert says the food is too pretentious.

Melissa runs to the bathroom as she is upset by his comments.

Melissa says it isn’t her fault because she isn’t an owner.

She says she has shown her parents that some of the menu items are 50% food cost.

She says she has done everything in her power to keep the restaurant afloat.

Robert thinks her parents are standing in the way of the restaurant being successful.

Robert wants to try the food and orders a mix of their sandwiches.

The traveling club is covered in butter and the 5th Avenue is soft and wet.

The pastrami has no flavor.

The Broadway sandwich has so much meat and cheese on it.

Robert calls Jodi, Melissa and Erik to the restaurant.

He says the food isn’t good enough and this is why they are failing.

Robert says Melissa needs to step up as manager.

He brings up how Jodi doesn’t let her change things.

Robert says Melissa should’ve left if she didn’t like working here.

Melissa says she did everything in her power to make things work.

Robert meets with his design team Lynn and Tom to discuss the design concept.

The staff begins taking everything out of the restaurant.

Erik says it’s heartbreaking to see everything being taken down.

Robert meets with Melissa to discuss her frustrations about the restaurant.

Melissa says it must be hard for her mother to listen to her daughter.

Robert says he will talk to Jodi about the problems.

Robert says he wants to see Jodi’s other business first.

The other business has been open for six years.

Jodi says they make around $150,000 a year at this business.

It costs 30% to make that.

Robert says it makes no sense how she managed to make this business work but she can’t make the restaurant work.

Jodi says she wants Melissa to be proud of her.

Jodi admits that she doesn’t have confidence in herself.

Robert creates an exercise to show Melissa that she needs to communicate with Jodi in a way she will understand.

He has Erik explain mechanic stuff to Melissa in his lingo.

It’s almost like speaking another language.

Melissa realizes what she must do in order to train her parents properly.

Robert has one last conversation with Jodi and Melissa.

They tell each other about the conversations they had with Robert earlier.

Jodi offers Melissa part of the business.

Melissa shows Robert her ideas for new dishes.

Robert tries them and loves the dishes.

Robert shows them some new recipes he believes could be added to the new menu.

They begin making the finishing touches to the restaurant.

Robert takes the family into their new restaurant.

They love the way their restaurant looks now.

Jodi invites customers into the restaurant for the first time since remodel.

On relaunch, the customers love all of the changes to decor.

They also think that the food is amazing and say that they will return to the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Turnpike's Rest Stop?

A few months after Robert’s visit, Jodi feels more confident.

The communication between Melissa and Jodi is stronger than ever.

The breakfast concept is a huge success and overall profits are up 35%.

Eric’s new role allow him to get the rest he needs while still being part of the restaurant.

Turnpike's Rest Stop is open.

Reviews are excellent with compliments to the food and portion sizes.

Turnpike's Rest Stop is Restaurant Impossible season 19 episode 4 and aired on 10th June 2021.

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