Pier West Restaurant - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Pier West Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Pier West Restaurant in Twin Lake, Wisconsin.

Pier West Restaurant was opened by Woody Walmsley who built the restaurant eleven years ago.

After leasing the property to a string of unsuccessful managers, Woody decided to give his son Chip a shot.

Brian, Woody's second son, felt that this was a big mistake.

Chip doesn't have any restaurant experience and Brian works in California.

Brian comes in from time to time to help with the restaurant.

Since taking over the restaurant Woody hasn’t made a profit in three years.

Chip has only been able to stay in business as Woody is supporting him financially.

He has borrowed a lot of money from his father in order to be able to keep the restaurant open.

As a result a giant rift has built up in the family and it is effecting their relationship.

Robert arrives at the restaurant and discovers that the decor is bland and non-descript.

He hates the carpet, bland hostess smell and the plain coloured walls.

There is also a disgusting smell from the carpet and he thinks it looks like a college dining room.

The scenery surrounding the restaurant is beautiful and he thinks it is the only reason to come to the restaurant.

Robert meets with Wood, Brian and Chip to learn more about the restaurant.

Woody says that the has invested roughly $1,200,000 in the restaurant.

Chip doesn’t have any experience in running a restaurant.

The only restaurant experience he has is helping out his father since he owned the restaurant.

Brian has put himself through high school and college, focusing on hospitality.

Chip has been in control of the business and managing the restaurant for three years.

The reputation of the restaurant amongst the locals are poor.

They only had 10 covers on a Friday night service and their food costs are currently 50%.

The restaurant isn’t up to date with the bills and there is $30,000 owing.

When Chip first took over the restaurant he had a lot of fire but he has lost his passion over the last three years.

The restaurant is currently losing $10,000 a month and his father gives him money despite criticism from other family members.

Chip is 42 years old and still lives in a home that Woody owns.

Brian thinks that Chip is a terrible leader as he doesn’t want to listen or take advice from others.

Robert promises to train Chip to be a good leader, fix the restaurant and gain a good reputation.

He also promises to get customers in and improve the family relationships.

Robert wants to observe a dinner service to find out the problems at the restaurant.

As soon as they let customers into the restaurant the front of house is overwhelmed.

During the service, server Kim looks lost and confused as she doesn’t know the table numbers.

Another server has to point out to her where the food is supposed to be going.

Woody is busy greeting guests as he doesn’t have much experience in the restaurant.

Despite his experience Brian complains when he is asked to expedite at the window.

Brian claims that Chip and the family have made numerous menu changes.

They have hired numerous chefs and that he stepped away for eight months.

As Brian doesn’t know the menu he isn’t much use expediting as he doesn’t know what the food is.

This leads to confusion in the kitchen and orders are sent out incorrectly.

The ticket times are out of control and there is chaos in both the front and back of house.

After seeing the service and how the kitchen operates he wants to sample the food for himself.

The current head chef Neil is their ninth chef and has only been there for three weeks.

The rest of the cooks have only been there for four days so nobody really knows the menu.

Robert samples the food and some of it was executed well and tasted fine.

The French onion soup needs some herbs but the chicken marsala is good.

He is concerned that there are far too many processed foods.

The fries are frozen and they don’t cook the ribs long enough, they are old and covered in bottled barbecue sauce.

The service is poor and there is no management or leadership, which is why the restaurant is failing.

Robert thinks that Neil is a good cook but that he isn’t allowed to do his job properly.

There is no one helping him out and everyone walks around like it is a joke.

Without the food being consistent and the service being excellent, customers would not return to the restaurant.

Robert meets with designers Cheryl and Tom to see what can be done in the bland dining room.

They share ideas and Robert asks the staff to help empty the restaurant so that they can get to work.

Robert calls a meeting with the front of house staff and they complain about the lack of leadership.

They also admit that they have no respect for Chip as he doesn’t give them what they need.

The staff want him to step up or to leave and get in proper management.

Robert checks in with the design team and is happy with the progress that they have made so far.

Robert gathers the family together and Woody’s wife Jeanine has also arrived.

Woody’s parents are doubtful that Chip is able to run the restaurant but Robert thinks he could be successful.

He gives Chip some homework to be done overnight.

He asks Chip to write an essay about what he can change in himself in order for him to be able to run the restaurant.

The next day, Robert arrives at the restaurant and checks in with the design team.

He is impressed with their progress so far.

Robert meets with the family to talk about the homework he set on the previous day.

He reads his essay to his parents and they agree to give him a second chance at running the restaurant.

They decide to give him eight months to turn the restaurant around.

If he doesn’t turn the restaurant around then he has to step aside and give up running the restaurant.

Roberts next task is to work with Chip and Neil to create a new menu.

They love preparing the new dishes that are fast and simple.

The recipe for the ribs is updated using a dry rub and wrapping them before cooking low and slow.

Chip begins to regain his passion for the restaurant after the session and tasting the new rib dish.

Chip calls the staff together for a staff meeting where he shows them that he wants to turn around the restaurant.

The staff are all happy and invigorated after the meeting.

The design team have finished in the dining room and the new look is revealed.

They love the new look of the restaurant.

On relaunch night, the customers love the new food and look of the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Pier West Restaurant?

A few months later, sales were up 25% and the customers love the new decor.

They kept Roberts menu and added a childrens menu.

Chip and his father are getting along better and they have regular staff meetings.

Pier West Restaurant closed in January 2014.

They closed after shutting for the winter season and not reopening.

Reviews after Restaurant Impossible are either very negative or very positive.

Pier West Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 6 episode 8 and aired on 16th June 2013.

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