Windsor 75 - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Windsor 75 Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Windsor 75 in Windsor, Connecticut.

Windsor 75 is owned by George and Theresa Calos.

They have run the diner and restaurant for seven years.

It is their third attempt at owning a restaurant.

The first one was short-lived and the second one they owned for seventeen years.

The restaurant has always been George's dream because he doesn't know anything other than running a restaurant.

Theresa was petrified at opening another restaurant because she knows the sacrifices that the restaurant demands.

At some point along the line, she didn't want to continue, but knew it was the only thing that would make her husband happy.

She had no choice but to go along with it.

Since George purchased the restaurant, it's always been a struggle.

The stress of the restaurants has taken a toll on the family especially on their sons John and Georgie.

They've worked on and off at the restaurant for years.

The reason being that their father's idea of running a restaurant is entirely different from theirs.

As such, they have to take some time away from the restaurant.

Georgie says that it is his fathers way or the highway and he is strict.

George has a strong personality and his yelling has made many people leave the restaurant.

George has tried everything he thinks he can.

He's angry at not being able to turn things around and at the point of almost giving up.

Robert arrives at the restaurant and sees that there are leaks in the restaurant roof.

The handrails are battered and beaten up, chairs are ripped and the breakfast bar is chipped.

He thinks that the restaurant looks pathetic, is bland and he thinks nobody cares about it.

Robert asks the owners to meet for a brief about to hear more about the restaurant.

Theresa is working in the restaurant and does the payroll and deals with the figures.

Their son George is currently a cook at the restaurant and has been cooking there for the past three years.

Before working at this restaurant he was server in the previous restaurant since he was 15 years old.

George thinks that the restaurant is failing because the servers job is so complicated.

He thinks that the employees aren’t able to do the job as he expects it to be done.

George is always in the kitchen and lets the front of house run itself.

There is no one in change of the front of house currently.

Theresa is sad on a daily basis because there is no money in the bank.

They have no savings and she fought against the opening of another restaurant.

The family relationship is strained and the family issues get tangled with the work issues.

Problems at work have caused issues in the personal relationships and some problems have dragged on for years.

Georgie believes that he and his brother should have taken over the restaurant and let their parents retire.

Instead their father in charge, they are understaffed and they are behind their competitors.

Robert asks to see the service as he wants to see their food service and what they do on a typical day.

He observes that they have five different menus that customers can order from.

George says that this is because he thinks a diner should have everything available at all times.

Robert notices that the service is terrible.

The five servers are busy in the kitchen and no one is taking care of the guests at the front of house.

Robert knows it isn’t their fault as they appear to be doing what is supposed to be George’s role.

The servers appear to be preparing the food as well as serving the food to customers.

One server is preparing a salad and another is plating dishes instead of serving customers.

The staff aren’t trained to do these roles and it leads to the disappointment of customers.

The service has been a disaster and John appears in the middle of the chaotic service.

George is frustrated with Robert’s presence in the kitchen, tells him he shouldn’t talk to him before he leaves the restaurant.

Robert meets with his designers Cheryl and Tom to discuss ideas for renovating the dining room.

Cheryl wants to make the restaurant clean and modern.

He asks the staff to help clear the area ready for the design team to be able to get to work.

George returns to the restaurant and Robert makes himself available for them to be able to talk to him.

Robert has a hard time trying to get through to George but George says that he is open to learning more from Robert.

The next day, Robert arrives and checks in with the designers.

She has created new shutters for the bar so you can keep it open or block it off.

They made some progress overnight but the work ground to a halt after Tom and the crew got started.

They struggled with laying the new flooring and it has put the renovations behind.

Robert assembles the family in the courtyard to talk to them about the problems at the restaurant and with the family/

George has lost more than money at the restaurant, he has also lost his family.

After a productive meeting George accepts that it is his fault and he is ready to change.

He wants to rebuild the relationship and start afresh.

Robert shows George and Georgie how to make some new menu items.

He also shows them updated recipes for some of the dishes they already serve.

The new dishes are tasty and will make them money.

After the session they taste the food and love the new menu items.

The design team have finished with the renovation of the restaurant.

The owners are looking forward to seeing the changes but admit that they are physically and mentally exhausted.

The new restaurant is revealed and they are amazed at what they have done at the restaurant.

They don’t think it looks like the same restaurant and they love the new colours.

On relaunch, the customers love the new look and atmosphere of the restaurant.

They also love the new food and the new menu on offer with many promising to return.

What Happened Next at Windsor 75?

A few months later, business is up 10%.

They have changed their opening hours and are now offering breakfast on weekends.

Long term customers aren't a fan of the new shortened menu but new customers like the menu.

The servers are no longer helping in the kitchen.

Johnny and Georgie still work at the restaurant.

The family relationships have also improved greatly.

Windsor 75 closed in August 2015.

Reviews after Roberts visit are mixed with customers both loving and hating the changes that he made.

Windsor 75 was Restaurant Impossible season 7 episode 3 and aired on 6th November 2013.

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