Abudanza Ristorante - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Abudanza Ristorante

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Abudanza Ristorante in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Abudanza Ristorante is owned by Lou and June Maravilha.

June says it’s always been her husband’s dream to own his own restaurant.

Lou says they are known for their big portions.

He also says that at first, they were successful.

June says things went downhill when their son got sick and they had to step away from the restaurant.

Their son LJ was diagnosed with ROHHAD Syndrome.

Lou says that their son is in the final stages of the disease.

June says time is short with their son and they don’t know how much longer they have left with him.

Lou says that his focus has been on his son for the past year.

Since they aren’t present much in the restaurant, the staff have become out of control.

They show up when they want to show up and don’t do what they need to do.

Due to the poor service customers refuse to come back to the restaurant.

June feels like Lou puts the restaurant before her and their son.

Lou says they can’t afford their bills, which is why he is at the restaurant so much.

He’s put everything he’s got into this place and he feels like a failure.

Lou says it’s a very difficult situation and he doesn’t know what they are going to do.

Robert arrives at the restaurant and is not impressed.

There is dust build up everywhere and the carpet is frayed.

The chairs are old but are sturdy.

Robert says this restaurant has great bones but is not in a great situation.

Lou has a degree in the hospitality industry.

June was helping out at the restaurant but now she stays more at home with the kids.

Lou says that they are in around $250,000 to $300,000 of debt.

They are behind on their mortgage by about six months.

They have already been given a date where their house will be taken away from them.

June says they have seven kids and she tells Robert about their son who is ill.

Robert tells them he wants to see their service.

It’s very clear that Lou’s son Nick, the manager has no clue what he’s doing.

Service is slow and the food isn’t that good.

Robert tries a handful of things off of the menu.

He says the concept is good but the execution is bad.

Robert tells Lou that there isn’t flavor in the food and Lou disagrees.

He meets with his design expert, Taniya and they discuss ideas for the restaurant.

Robert has the owners and staff begin taking everything out of the restaurant.

Robert meets with the staff.

The staff say that they don’t respect Nick, the manager.

Nick admits that he lost faith in himself and passion in the job.

Robert tells the staff that they all walk right over him.

Lou gets mad and walks out for a moment to calm down.

He tells the staff that they need to get it together or else they are gone.

Lou tells Nick that if he doesn’t step up, then he’s out too.

The next day, Robert arrives and meets with Lou and June.

Last night, they spent time together with their kids.

Lou realizes that he needs to find a balance between the restaurant and his home life.

They meet with Nick and he tells Lou that he doesn’t want to disappoint him again.

He says he will get it together to make sure this restaurant is successful once again.

Robert tells Nick that he has to take on the role of manager, showing up on time and with an ironed shirt.

Nick has a lot to learn but now he is determined to make this place work.

Robert is in the kitchen with Lou and the cook to show them the proper way to make the foods he tried yesterday.

He lets them try the dishes and they absolutely love them.

Taniya and her construction crew are making finishing touches on the restaurant.

She added color to the dining room by adding colored fabric to the ceiling tiles.

They also used leftover wood from the floors for the bar top, replacing the old mosaic tiles that was originally there.

Robert meets with the owners and the staff.

Lou tells them they have to listen to Nick.

Nick apologizes for not being the best manager in the past but says that that all changes now.

They give the staff a chance to walk out if they want but nobody does.

They all have a group hug.

The construction crew is very close to finishing the transformation.

They installed cool light fixtures and bring all of the furniture back inside the restaurant.

Lou says that he never thought he would be in a position where his house was going to be taken away from him and his kids living on the street.

June says she thinks she was headed towards divorce and she feels like Robert has stopped that.

Lou says he is making changes for himself and for his wife.

He wants them to spend time together and not have to worry about everything that’s behind him.

Robert meets with June and Lou to show them their new restaurant.

They open their eyes and are greeted with a gorgeous new restaurant.

June is crying because she loves it so much.

Lou says there are no words for it and it’s overwhelming.

June is now sobbing because of the artwork surrounding their son, LJ.

She says that this means everything to her.

They bring LJ to see the restaurant and LJ gives Robert a hug.

The restaurant opens up for the first time since the remodel.

On relaunch, a customer mentions that the first thing she noticed was the gorgeous lighting.

Another customer points out that now it is bright and everything pops.

The atmosphere is very welcoming and the food looks amazing.

The customers love the food and they said they would definitely come back.

The flavors are fantastic.

June says that this is bright, new beginning.

Taniya tells Lou that this was a well-deserved restaurant.

Lou tells her that they saved their family.

Robert thinks in the long run, this will be a great restaurant.

Robert says he can’t let them lose their house and gives them $20,000 to save their house.

Robert says family is the most important thing and he’s crying a little bit.

Lou and June hug Robert.

What Happened Next at Abudanza Ristorante?

A few months later, business was up 50%.

Nick has stepped up in his role as manager.

They were able to buy a stairlift for LJ after Robert saved their home.

Abudanza Ristorante closed in May 2015.

They closed after failing to reopen following a fire at the restaurant.

Their Abudanza express location remains open.

LJ sadly passed away in early 2016.

Abudanza Ristorante was Restaurant Impossible season 9 episode 12 and aired on 13th October 2014.

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