Ellendale's Restaurant - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Ellendale's Restaurant

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Ellendale’s Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ellendale’s Restaurant is owned by Julie Buhler.

Robert arrives in Nashville to meet with the production team.

They tell him that it is Ashley and Jennifer, former members of staff of the restaurant who have applied to the show.

They that Julie the owner is the biggest problem at the restaurant.

The pair think that she is in desperate need of help.

They say that she can cook but isn’t managing the business side of the restaurant well.

The kitchen is also filthy and they think the restaurant is close to closing.

The current staff don’t want to help as they fear for their jobs if they talk.

They can see that the online reviews of the restaurant are awful.

They aren’t sure if Julie will accept help from the show.

The producers send someone to interview her for a potential show on Food Network.

She is receptive and seems interested in the possibility.

Robert discovers that Julie owns two restaurants and this one has open for 16 years.

The other restaurant Fat Balls is very successful, whereas Ellendale’s is failing.

Robert plans to pitch a fake show to Julie and get her story while the team sets up outside.

She shows him around and tells him how she came to own the space.

Julie tells Robert that she is still in $790,000 debt from buying the restaurant.

After a while Robert shows her the team outside and tells her it is an ambush for Restaurant Impossible.

She is afraid to accept help as she is worried about her reputation.

She decides that she has to think about it before letting them in.

After she calls her boyfriend in tears Robert talks to her.

She is not willing to admit she is in trouble and needs help.

She decides to let them watch the service and eat lunch but she fears for her reputation.

Robert eats from the buffet and enjoys the Caesar Salad.

The food is good but overdone and needs some tweaks to improve it.

He then talks her son Johan, who explains that she is very attached to her restaurant.

They keep waiting until Julie’s boyfriend shows up and she finally says yes.

Robert meets with his design team of Lynn and Tom.

It is late and they have to work quickly to empty the space.

Robert pulls the staff outside to get their take on the restaurant.

He finds out they do not have a manager and that the space is dirty.

The next morning, Robert comes in to see cockroaches all over the kitchen.

All of the food needs to be thrown out and the kitchen cleaned before they can begin work.

Robert also calls in an exterminator to get rid of the infestation.

The design team have mainly been working on the front of house.

They are working on the ceiling, walls and bar while leaving the new carpets alone.

Robert confronts Julie with what he saw in the kitchen.

He shows her the footage because she does not believe they were there.

She is so focussed on cooking that she ignores everything else around her.

Julie is upset and embarassed and talks to the producer about changing her mind.

Robert has to talk to her to calm her down and to continue.

He confronts her about her mistakes so she can accept the positive change coming her way.

They go through her numbers together and she has been barely breaking even.

Robert suggests that Johan should be trained to be the manager.

For now, he will be polished to look the part.

With less than 2 hours to go Robert takes them into the kitchen that is now ready to take her through a few dishes.

He demonstrates making a surf and turf.

She tells him how much she loves cooking and it is therapeutic for her.

Just as they are almost ready to open the lights go out.

They find out that it is the whole neighbourhood that has gone.

It is beyond their control and they have to delay work.

Johan arrives looking sharp and he is excited to becoming the manager.

The lights finally come back after flickering for some time.

The team quickly rush to put in the final touches to the restaurant.

Soon it is time to take them into their new restaurant and Julie is so happy to see the space.

There is a beam on the ceiling and more wood to make it look more like an upscale farm house.

The design team come out to meet Julie and she is grateful for all they have done.

On relaunch, the customers are let in.

They love the space as it is brighter and more inviting.

They also love the food coming out.

Robert lets Julie know it was Ashley, a former member of staff that called the show.

She shows her appreciation to her for contacting the show.

What Happened Next at Ellendale's Restaurant?

Two months later, it is revealed that sales are up by around 20%.

The diners love the new look and the new menu that Robert introduced.

Ellendale's Restaurant closed in July 2018.

They closed as owner Julie wished to expand her deli business.

Reviews are mixed after they appeared on Restaurant Impossible.

Ellendale's Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 12 episode 4 and aired on 12th November 2015.

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