Peppino's Ristorante - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Peppino's Ristorante

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Peppinos's Ristorante in Oviedo, Florida.

Peppinos's Ristorante is owned by Louis and Susan Lonetti.

They have been contacted by a server called Amma.

A producer sets up a three way call with Robert to learn about the restaurant.

She tells that the restaurant needs help and the family is also falling apart.

Robert thinks that she clearly cares about the family and the restaurant.

He also questions if her and the other staff are good employees as often the staff are a problem in his rescues.

Robert will reserve judgement on that until he has seen the restaurant for himself.

Robert and the team arrives when the family are at the restaurant and sneak in.

They are overwhelmed and seeing him and gives them a few minutes to calm down.

Robert sits down with the owners for a brief on the restaurant.

The couple have owned the restaurant since 1992.

They used to be in retail and made a lot of money in the trade.

They decided to get out of the business and try something else.

Their son Nato was working as a cook and they decided to buy the restaurant he was working at.

Their plan was to pass the restaurant onto him when he was settled down.

This would allow them to retire and make sure his family was provided for.

They made $320,000 in the previous year but their outgoings were $400,000.

They lost $80,000 and ended up in debt.

Susan was forced to cash in her pension and life insurance policy to raise funds for the restaurant.

Over the years it was successful after they initially purchased it for over $1million.

Unfortunately, Nato has drug addiction issues and he has been in and out of the restaurant.

There have been periods of several years where he has been away from the restaurant.

They were left running the restaurant and feel that he is unreliable.

The couple have felt unable to pass the restaurant on and as a result are still more involved than they planned to be.

Robert asks to be shown around the restaurant to see all of the space.

He meets with his design team of Cheryl and Tom to discuss their plans for redesigning the restaurant.

The team have a big job on their hands as it needs overhauling from floor to ceiling!

The place looks so dirty and dated and the kitchen is in a similar condition.

The team begin emptying the restaurant to begin the redesign.

Robert asks Nato to make his signature dishes for him.

He wants to see how they look as he won’t taste anything based on the filthy kitchen that he saw.

Robert can see that he knows his way around the kitchen and can cook.

However, his fiery personality leads to him being heavy handed in his cooking.

His dishes and cooking style is old fashioned and Robert will work on modernizing the food.

Robert meets with Amma, who originally contacted the show.

She has worked at the restaurant for two years and feels like the owners and staff are a second family.

Amma thinks the family are to blame for the issues at the restaurant.

Robert wants to show the family a clip so they can see their behavior.

They need to also know what people really think about them.

Nato is angry in the footage, about the footage and how he is perceived by others.

He seems to be angriest and most aggressive towards his parents.

Robert hopes that it is a wake up call about his aggressive behavior in the restaurant.

The business is failing because of his angry behavior in the restaurant and in his food.

Robert makes him promise for no more anger and aggression in the restaurant.

The next day, Robert arrives and checks in with the design team.

He is impressed with the progress that they have made overnight.

Robert meets with the family to see how they are feeling after the previous day.

Nato has been reflecting on the previous day and now understands how he has been a problem.

Louis and Susan say that they haven’t seen that side of Nato before.

Nato apologizes to his parents and tells him that he is committed to changing his behavior.

Robert has redone the menu and narrowed it down significantly.

The kitchen has been cleaned so they are able to prepare the new dishes in the kitchen.

Robert shows Nato how to make new dishes that will be added to the menu.

The dishes are fresh and vibrant and will bring customers back to the restaurant.

Nato enjoys cooking the new items and learning different and more modern methods.

Robert puts him to the test of running the kitchen and cooking the items on his own.

He will be watched via a secret camera by his parents.

Robert sends in Amma to try and annoy Nato to ensure that he is committed to change.

Nato does very well and doesn’t get angry or aggressive and creates great food.

Robert and the family is impressed with the change in Nato.

The design team have finished and it is time to reveal the new restaurant to the family.

They are overwhelmed by the changes that the design team have made.

On relaunch night, the waiting customers are let in.

They love the new look and the new food and promise to return to the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Peppino's Ristorante?

Peppino's Ristorante Italiano closed in January 2020 .

They closed as business had slowed.

The building was later demolished.

The reviews were positive after Restaurant Impossible.

Peppino's Ristorante was Restaurant Impossible season 13 episode 4 and aired on 30th March 2016.

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