So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Harker Heights, Texas.

So Natural Organic Restaurant is owned by Jameel and Luvina.

Their daughter Ayana has contacted the show on their behalf.

Robert meets his team in a gym down the road from the restaurant.

They’ve chosen the gym as they used to sell pre-packaged meals at the gym.

The owners will be asked to come meet new partners at the gym where the ambush will be.

Ayana is making the plea for her parents.

They are struggling despite having almost all their children working at the restaurant.

Robert and the team pretend to work out in the gym until the owners come down.

Jameel and Luvina are happy to see Robert after instantly recognising him.

They tell Robert what inspired them to start the business.

Their child was sick and they needed to change their diet as a family for health reasons.

They are both in the military and Luvina is also a registered nurse.

They opened the restaurant three years and it cost them $150,000.

All of their children work in the restaurant.

They are in $100,000 of debt and have had to take out more loans to stay open.

Robert is taken to the restaurant space and he thinks that it is bland looking.

Their daughter Arabia makes all of the natural products that are on display for sale.

Robert finds her in the kitchen and she is unbothered by his presence and the team.

Roberts crew begin setting up outside.

The lunch service starts and Robert has brought people in so he could see how they run.

There is no structure and everyone is doing a little bit of everything.

No one has one specific role and soon confusion sets in.

The food is not well made, takes ages to come out of the kitchen and the customers have complaints.

The steak seems to have the most issues and most of it is sent back to the kitchen.

The family gets on each other’s nerves and squabble with each other.

Robert meets with Jameel and Luvina and tells them what he has seen.

They are not happy hearing all the problems at the restaurant.

Robert asks them to make their top dishes for him to try.

They are emotional at preparing dishes for him and need some encouragement.

Robert tastes the dishes and they aren’t as bad as most he tastes.

He notices that the chicken and the steak taste alike because the same spices are used.

Robert talks to them about how they need to improve their business to attract the right customers.

Tom and Lynn are the design team for this ambush and they take a look around.

They discuss ideas for the space and the volunteers empty out the space ready for the revamp.

The ceiling, walls and floors are all bland and they will need major changes.

Robert gets to meet all six of the children, with the youngest being 11.

The children all complain they do not have time to themselves/

They feel like they cannot be children because they spend all their time at the restaurant.

Robert gives the parents a challenge to work on what they need to change so they are not reliant on their children.

Robert checks in with the design team at the end of the day and they have made some progress.

The next day, Robert checks in with the design team and they have made great progress overnight.

The walls have been finished, with a rustic wall and a floor that looks like whitewashed wood.

Robert meets with the parents who have reached out to a part time worker about taking on more hours.

They will be changing schedules so at least one parent has time off to spend with the children.

Robert takes Arabia and Luvina to the kitchen to take them through cooking some new dishes.

They cook a salmon dish and jerk chicken with proper seasoning.

Arabia smiles for the first time after tasting the food.

Robert tells them they need to give the staff specific roles.

Their current approach is less productive.

Robert has the gym owners come down to the restaurant.

They give feedback on the prepared meals they sold before.

They are happy with the new dishes Robert served them.

They agree to sell their meals again if it is up to the standard of the dishes they tried.

Robert has arranged for them to go visit a bowling alley to promote the restaurant.

They will be taking a batch of cornbread and chilli to market their business and food to the patrons.

The people tasting the food love it all and promise to come to the restaurant.

Robert surprises the family with an ice cream cart and a day of bowling together.

The team has enough time to complete renovations and when they are back, they are shown their new space.

They cannot believe the changes that the team have made.

It is now warm with rustic browns, brick walls and wood boards.

There is a fresh herb garden and proper shelving for their natural products.

The team are brought in to meet the family.

On relaunch, the customers are let in.

People love the decor and the ambience of the restaurant.

They also have nothing but good things to say about the food coming out of the kitchen.

What Happened Next at So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market?

Two months later, it is revealed that their daily sales have increased by 45%.

So Natural Organic Restaurant closed in 2019.

They have closed the restaurant and only provide a catering service as well as a food market.

Restaurant reviews were mostly very positive after the show aired.

So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market was Restaurant Impossible season 13 episode 6 and aired on 20th April 2016.

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