Edgar's Restaurant - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Edgar's Restaurant

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Edgar’s Restaurant in Akron, Ohio.

Edgar’s Restaurant is in a golf resort and serves a wide variety of international cuisine.

They have had just one profitable year in the 8 years that they have been open.

They have been struggling, especially with the off season as it leaves them with no customers.

Robert arrives at the restaurant and thinks that the room is dark with worn furnishings.

Glenn is called in to speak to Robert and he explains the problems with the restaurant.

He gives Robert the numbers but they do not add up as it shows that they are making a profit.

Glenn is confused and keeps reducing the numbers.

Robert decides to watch the service closely to see what the issues are.

Glenn asks the staff to give smaller portions for the dishes.

It takes almost 45 minutes for the food to get to the tables.

Customers confirm things have been changed including the portion sizes.

Robert is not happy to find out Glenn is trying to deceive him.

Glenn lies and Lee the sous chef tells him all that is being put on for Robert including Glenn being on the line.

Robert takes Glenn aside and tells him all he has found out that is different.

Glenn gives excuses for the changes he has made to the service.

He sits down to taste Glenn’s cooking and isn’t impressed.

He finds it all bland, over cooked, heavily coated with sauce and over complicated.

Robert compliments Glenn on the thought process but tells him the food is too broad and over complicated.

He tells him he needs to simplify what he is offering in order to improve.

Robert meets with the design team of Luke and Tom.

They aren’t impressed but love the open windows and find things that they can work with.

The team of volunteers and staff members empty out the space.

Robert is still not convinced he has found all of the problems with the restaurant.

Especially as Glenn is still not being open and honest about things.

Lee and Dino tell Robert the real situation.

There is no inventory and Glenn does frequent crisis buying, which stresses the staff out.

Glenn’s wife is in IT but working for other restaurants.

Robert thinks that she could be the solution to their problems.

Robert has Glenn admit out loud that he has a failing restaurant.

He is told to call his wife and ask for help in the restaurant.

Robert learns that he has been strong-headed and has not asked for help before.

Robert checks in with his design team and learns of their plans for the space.

Glenn meets with Robert again.

He shares he learned that he has had pressures from being a black owner in the area.

Robert gives him an assignment of planning out the roles of Lee, Dino and himself.

The next day, Glenns wife Alberta, comes in for a meeting with Robert.

She agrees to help out saying she will help as much as she can and will not take no for an answer.

Robert checks in with his design team and they have made some progress with lighting and redecorating.

Robert has an exercise for Glenn showing him how many protein dishes he has on his menu.

The answer is 31, which is far too many to choose from.

He realises he has too many items and they work together to reduce the menu by two thirds.

Robert creates a menu featuring new dishes for the restaurant.

Robert is behind schedule when he meets with Dino, Glenn, Lee and Alberta.

Glenn has decided that Lee is in charge of the kitchen and Dino is the General Manager.

Glenn’s wife will set up the POS system.

Robert shows Lee and Glenn the new dishes he created and he has reworked one of Glenns dishes.

He shows them how to manage food costs by ensuring the ingredients are a fraction of the final menu prices.

The design team are behind schedule and Robert hustles them along.

Alberta generates sales reports and discusses them with Glenn.

The team manages to finish on time and Glenn and Alberta are taken in to see the space.

They are shocked and surprised to see the brand new space.

It is warm and classy with browns and golds.

They cannot contain their joy and hug Luke and Tom.

Glenn lets in the waiting customers and the regulars love the new look complimenting it all.

On relaunch, the new dishes are perfectly made and served quickly.

Glenn is managing the whole restaurant rather than hiding in the kitchen.

The customers compliment the food and Glenn gives Lee the great feedback which in turn boosts morale.

What Happened Next at Edgar's Restaurant?

A few months later, sales are up.

Alberta, Lee and Dino are doing well in their roles.

Glenn is enjoying not shopping daily for ingredients.

Edgars 2020 Revisited episode

In 2020, Robert Irvine revisited Edgar’s.

He visited owner Glenn back in 2019 for season 16.

Glenn didn’t want to tell Robert the truth about his restaurant.

They were doing well but then the pandemic hit.

They were completely shut down and losing money.

Between March and May, they lost $210,000.

Glenn says that the future looks bleak.

They can only stay in business around 30 more days.

The state of Ohio is at 50% dining capacity right now.

The inside of the restaurant looks exactly the same.

The restaurant has cleanliness reminders and social distancing signs in place.

Glenn decided to do carry out even though their menu was not designed for it.

Glenn says everyone was wearing gloves and masks.

They were on top of CDC guidelines.

He tells Glenn to cook for him so he can try the food again.

Robert likes the food, but it isn’t working for them right now.

Edgar’s is on a golf course but the fine dining menu doesn’t cater to them.

Robert uncovers that the golfers are wanting something quick and easy to eat.

24,000 people use the golf course in six months.

This could bring in a lot of money for the restaurant.

Robert and Glenn come up with a menu to cater to the golfers.

Robert says he is going to redo the patio with new furniture.

Robert shows Glenn how to make the food they came up with.

Robert leaves Glenn to prep the dishes for opening.

They are making finishing touches on the patio.

It’s time to show the patio to Glenn and he is amazed.

There is plenty of space between each table.

Glenn’s wife Albertha says this is the beginning of a new chapter.

As they prepare the restaurant for opening, the staff is busy disinfecting the restaurant.

Glenn gives the staff a pep talk.

They open the restaurant and the customers think the patio space is beautiful.

The staff is wearing masks, they are doing all the right things, and the guests are satisfied.

The customers love the new menu items.

After the revisit, their profits have doubled on the weekends.

The Back Nine menu is so popular that Glenn has even had to turn customers away.

Edgar's Restaurant is open.

Reviews are mostly positive.

There are some complaints of the menu being changed and some issues with service.

Edgar's Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 16 episode 3 and aired on 9th January 2020.

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