Mr B's Southern Kitchen - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Mr B's Southern Kitchen

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Mr B's Southern Kitchen in Tampa, Florida.

Mr. B’s Southern Kitchen is owned by Calvin Jefferson and his sister Ninkia Green.

The restaurant is an American soul food/Southern flair restaurant.

Calvin and his sister run the business together.

Ninkia says the restaurant was built mainly on the labor and hard work that she put in.

Calvin and Ninkia were supposed to split the days.

It never worked out that way since he has to go over to the church.

She says that Calvin doesn’t understand the work she puts in.

Calvin says the community needs them to be a success.

They are losing anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000 each week.

If they can’t turn it around, they probably won’t last another year.

Calvin says that this would be a huge loss for the community.

Calvin thinks that most of the issues stem from the back of house.

Ninkia says she feels like an employee and she has no say in important decisions.

She says Calvin has never taken a management class so he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Ninkia says that Calvin has a huge ego and feels as if Calvin has forgotten about her.

Robert arrives at the restaurant.

He isn’t impressed and thinks that the restaurant is very nondescript.

There is nothing there that stands out to him.

Robert calls Calvin and Ninkia into the restaurant for a brief about the restaurant.

They have been in business for four years now.

Some of the dishes are honey inspired due to local produce.

Ninkia was in the property management business and Calvin is a full-time pastor.

Ninkia runs the day-to-day business and also does the cooking.

Calvin oversees the finances, the staff, and the schedule.

The restaurant was their parents’ dream and they wanted to make them happy.

They are currently in around $400-$500,000 of debt.

Ninkia is fighting for the restaurant because it has grown on her and she now has a passion for it.

Calvin says his church has a thousands of members but none of them come to the restaurant.

Calvin admits that the customers probably didn’t have a great experience here.

Ninkia says that she has put so much into the restaurant.

She says that her brother doesn’t listen to her.

Calvin says that Ninkia doesn’t use her authority.

Robert says he wants to see the service, then he will try the food after.

The restaurant is only able to fill to 75% capacity due to state restrictions.

There aren’t enough menus to give out to the customers.

Robert says that Calvin may be a great preacher but he isn’t a good businessman.

The customers say it doesn’t feel like an actual restaurant.

They think it feels more like a take-out spot.

There is no energy in the restaurant and the wait time is too long.

Robert says a restaurant needs life and excitement and this restaurant does not have that.

Ninkia has some real energy.

It is obvious that the food is pre-cooked, instead of being made fresh to order.

Overall, the food is boring, service is slow and the communication is awful.

Robert calls Calvin and Ninkia to the front of the house.

He tells Calvin that if he can’t commit and have more energy then he shouldn’t even be here.

Robert says it isn’t good enough and it is why they are failing.

Ninkia is fed up because of all the hard work she puts in.

She says that she is tired mentally and physically and wants them to heal from this.

Robert orders shrimp and grits, meatloaf, and chicken and waffles.

Robert says the meatloaf is disgusting.

The shrimp and grits tastes like wallpaper paste.

The chicken is cooked okay but overall the food is boring.

Ninkia wants to learn from Robert.

Robert meets with his design team of Lynn and Tom to discuss the design concept.

The staff begins taking everything out of the restaurant.

Robert must figure out how to bring Ninkia and Calvin back together as siblings.

Robert takes a sledgehammer to the wall to open up the space.

Robert meets with Ninkia to discuss how they need to work on her relationship with Calvin.

She admits that she is so tired.

She shows Robert some of the news clips that Calvin was a part of that Ninkia didn’t know about.

She feels like she isn’t being seen at the restaurant.

Robert says she must stand up for herself or else people will continue to walk on her.

Ninkia says if Calvin doesn’t value her then nobody else will.

Ninkia tells Calvin how she truly feels and says she continue how things are.

Calvin wasn’t aware of how this was affecting her.

Ninkia says it felt good to let this out.

Robert is challenging Calvin to write a eulogy to his sister as his homework.

Calvin will do whatever it takes to show his sister that she’s appreciated.

The next day, Calvin reads the eulogy to his sister.

Ninkia says she feels more valued now.

Robert shows Calvin and Ninkia some cooking techniques to up their game in the kitchen.

Ninkia says she feels empowered.

Robert shows them some new recipes that will be added to the new menu.

They begin making the finishing touches to the restaurant.

Robert shows them their new restaurant.

They are amazed by all the changes that the team has made.

Ninkia is crying and she tells Robert thank you.

Calvin and Ninkia invite the customers into their new restaurant.

On relaunch, the customers love the changes that the team has made.

The customers also love the new and improved food.

What Happened Next at Mr B's Southern Kitchen?

A few months later, sales have increased 150%.

Plans are underway to add an outdoor dining patio.

Ninkia now has more support running the kitchen.

She recently had her first local news interview representing Mr. B’s.

The relationship between Calvin and Ninkia is stronger than ever.

Mr B's Southern Kitchen is open.

Reviews are excellent with the chicken and waffles being a big hit with customers.

Mr B's Southern Kitchen is Restaurant Impossible season 19 episode 2 and aired on 27th May 2021.

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