A Pizza Melody - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible A Pizza Melody

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits A Pizza Melody in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Pizza Melody is owned by George Felter and his husband Terry.

George started out at 16 in the fast food industry.

He enjoyed it and became a manager at a young age.

George says Terry was the best thing that ever happened to him.

George always wanted a restaurant so Terry wanted to help him make that dream come true.

They paid $65,000 for the restaurant.

Terry saved up his money that he had earnt working for the airlines.

George says that this restaurant is a dream come true.

He loves satisfying the customers.

Terry says George is a perfectionist when it comes to the food.

When the food isn’t made right, he starts yelling at the staff.

George micromanages all the staff.

Chef Jerome hasn’t gotten the chance to showcase his talent because of George.

Terry says it hurts to see how George has changed.

On average, they have lost around $50,000 a year.

It keeps getting worse.

Terry is the numbers guy.

The business has lost around $900,000 in total.

Terry puts all his money from working at the airport into this business.

George doesn’t take a paycheck.

This restaurant is taking all of Terry’s savings.

He doesn’t have a retirement fund.

George lives for this restaurant.

Robert arrives at the restaurant.

There is an awful smell that greets you when you walk into the restaurant.

Robert sits down with Terry and George.

He asks about the awful smell but they say that they don’t notice it.

In their first year of trading, they just broke even.

They paid $65,000 just for enough seats for 15 people.

George says he wanted to relocate but with their huge debt, it’ll be close to impossible.

Robert tells them he wants to see the service.

They are falling way behind and George isn’t really helping.

George is micromanaging the kitchen but ignoring the front of the house.

The customers are getting their food but it’s still frozen.

The customers say they wouldn’t come back.

Robert tells George to stop and close the kitchen.

Robert asks the customers what they think.

They say that they waited way too long for their food.

Terry is crying and says this hurts.

He doesn’t like to see a failure.

Robert doesn’t want to try the food but he knows that he has to.

The dough on the pizza is raw and the baked ziti has no flavor.

The sauce on the eggplant parmesan and meatball sub is not good.

The menu is way too long.

The staff begins taking everything out of the restaurant.

Robert meets with the staff.

Jerome says food cost is way too high.

Robert uncovers that the staff lives together.

Robert tells George that he is too angry to run the restaurant and that he is toxic.

George opens up about how he had to pretend to not be gay growing up.

George has kids that he hasn’t seen in 15 years because he is gay.

George says he’s angry about his life.

George reads a letter he wrote for his kids to Robert.

He gets emotional.

Robert says that he seems like a different person now.

Robert goes over the new menu with George.

Robert wrote every dish on this menu on glass plates.

He has George toss the plates at the ground to break them.

This will help release some old emotions.

George says this felt good because he has a lot of pain in his heart.

Terry tells George that he is so proud of him.

Robert checks in with his design team to hear their plans for the redesign.

Robert says that George now has to apologize to his staff.

George tells his staff that he’s sorry.

He says he will try harder and be careful with how he reacts.

Ericka is crying because she is happy and says it is nice to be recognized.

They all have a group hug.

Robert wants to see if George can respect Jerome’s talent.

Jerome makes a dish and lets George try it.

George realizes he needs to let Jerome have more of a say in the kitchen.

Robert shows them three recipes he believes will send this restaurant over the top.

The recipes are low food cost and be sold at great profit.

They have one hour until they are opening.

They are sweeping and mopping the floors before they can bring the tables inside.

The tables are being set and the restaurant is now ready.

Robert hopes Terry and George love it as much as he does.

Yesterday, Terry was very angry.

He knew Robert was here to help him and wouldn’t change this experience for anything.

Robert has helped him as a person and to be a better restaurant owner.

Robert takes Terry and George inside to see their new restaurant.

Robert brings in Tom and Lynn.

Tom says this is unlike no other he has done before.

Lynn says they never got to do something in so much depth.

Terry and George invite customers into their new restaurant.

The customers love the new design of the restaurant.

On relaunch, orders are coming through fast.

The food is delicious and the pizza is very unique.

George is checking in with customers.

He isn’t micromanaging and he is complimenting his staff.

Jerome says he loves it.

Robert says this restaurant will be very successful for Terry and George.

Tom and Lynn sing karaoke on the stage, along with Robert.

What Happened Next at On the Bayou?

Since Robert has left, Pizza Melody has seen a 50% increase in sales.

The restaurant is currently paying its own bills with no help from Terry.

Ericka is in charge of the front of the house.

Jerome is running the kitchen.

George can often be seen in the dining room enjoying karaoke with Terry.

They praised the show on social media.

A Pizza Melody is open.

Reviews are mostly very positive, there were a few complaints about George shouting.

A Pizza Melody is Restaurant Impossible season 19 episode 11 and aired on 5th August 2021.

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