Ship Inn - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Ship Inn

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Ship Inn in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Ship Inn is owned by Michael Person.

The Ship Inn is a seafood and steak restaurant.

There are three formal dining rooms, a cocktail lounge and a bar area.

The restaurant is a casual dining establishment.

Michael likes to use fresh produce and meats.

Michael has always wanted to have his own restaurant.

Around 20 years ago, he purchased the Ship Inn.

Michael can’t believe that there are now no customers in the restaurant.

The first fifteen years were steady but in the last five years sales have gone down a lot.

Michael has lost $895,000, all of his life savings are gone.

He had to refinance his house and soon the bank will start foreclosure.

As a businessman, Michael admits that he probably should’ve backed out earlier.

Michael’s wife doesn’t come to the restaurant.

Michael says he gave up a lot of his life for the restaurant.

Robert arrives at the restaurant.

Robert points out that the building has a lot of history in it.

Robert says that the inside of the restaurant is dated and old.

The brass has not been cleaned.

Robert calls Michael into the restaurant.

Michael is originally from Vienna.

He came to America and went to a hotel and restaurant management school.

He worked in a palace in Vienna.

Michael bought the restaurant in 2002.

At the time, the restaurant was making $2.1 million.

Then, it started to decline.

Michael says his biggest problem is bringing customers in.

His house was paid off but he had to remortgage it.

His wife was totally against it and says this affects his marriage.

His wife owns another historic restaurant in the area.

Robert tells Michael that he wouldn’t want to come there either.

Robert says he wants to see the service and then try the food.

Michael says his main concern is the kitchen.

Michael is micromanaging everyone and isn’t letting them do their jobs.

The chef Jared says that this menu isn’t his.

Jared moves well in the kitchen but Michael is getting in the way.

People are waiting a long time for their food.

Michael doesn’t take responsibility for mistakes.

He places all of the blame on the staff.

The staff admits that it feels like they are talking to a brick wall when they speak with Michael.

Robert ends the service.

Robert realizes that everything in this restaurant is outdated.

Robert calls Jared and Michael to the front of the house.

He wants to try the food.

The Norwegian salmon fillet has no seasoning on it.

The greens are overcooked and the flatbread is overcooked on the edges.

The quesadilla is overcooked as well.

Robert rates the food as only a four out of ten.

Michael starts to bring down Jared for the food being bad but Robert stops him.

Robert meets with Lynn and Tom to discuss the design concept.

The staff begins taking everything out of the restaurant.

Robert meets with Jared to ask what he likes to cook.

Robert says that from today forward, Jared will have a voice.

Tomorrow, Robert wants Jared to come up with four dishes he would like to serve in this restaurant.

Robert shows Michael the locals’ opinion on the restaurant.

Michael brings the staff to show them as well.

The staff says that there needs to be more communication.

Michael isn’t letting them speak.

Server Harry says that Michael has a hard time taking criticism.

Robert wants Michael to think about all of this tonight.

He says he must bring his wife there tomorrow.

Michael realizes he needs to try hard because it affects his family.

The next morning, Robert meets with Michael.

Michael says he needs to work on his attitude.

He admits he didn’t listen to his wife when she didn’t want to refinance their home.

Robert says Michael must make that right.

Michael isn’t sure if his wife will be coming today.

Jared presents the four dishes to Robert.

Robert calls in Michael to try the food.

Michael says he would rather the flavor be plainer.

Robert loves the flavor but he would change the plating.

Michael’s wife Gertie arrives at the restaurant.

Robert talks to Gertie alone.

Gertie doesn’t like coming to the restaurant because she’s been disappointed so many times.

Gertie says that Michael refinancing the house hurt her because she worked hard to pay it off.

Robert asks Michael to join them.

Robert hopes that Michael doesn’t go back to the same person when he leaves.

Michael realizes that he has been selfish and now he must listen to people, especially his family.

Michael is going to need a support system and Gertie will be that.

Robert meets with Jared and Michael in the kitchen to show them recipes that will be added to the new menu.

These will be their new signature dishes.

Jared says that it is new and refreshing.

Robert shows them a reinvented Philly cheesesteak.

Robert has added a new vegetarian recipe as well.

Michael tells Jared they need to work on their communication but he appreciates his efforts in saving the restaurant.

Michael is giving the staff the new uniforms.

The design staff begins making finishing touches on the restaurant.

Gertie says that Michael seems more open minded.

Michael is happier and more relaxed too.

Gertie is looking forward to coming back now because with all the hard work, it will be successful again.

Robert has taught Michael to be more receptive to his wife and his staff.

Michael’s goal is to succeed and do better from here on.

Robert brings Michael and Gertie into their new restaurant.

They are amazed by how great the restaurant looks.

Robert added Gertie’s name to the decor as he wanted to make Gertie a part of this.

Michael invites customers into his restaurant for the first time since the remodel.

On relaunch, the customers love the changes.

They say it’s much more inviting now.

Jared says it’s great to not have Michael micromanaging.

The customers love the food.

Michael thanks Jared for his hard work.

Gertie is proud to come to the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Ship Inn?

Two months later, sales are up 20%.

Customers are loving the new menu.

Jared is enjoying his role in the kitchen and has created two new menu items.

Michael’s wife Gertie is now a regular at the restaurant.

Ship Inn is closed.

They closed in July 2022.

The building was listed for sale in February 2022.

Reviews were mixed after the episode was filmed.

Ship Inn in the Park is Restaurant Impossible season 19 episode 10 and aired on 22nd July 2021.

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