Big Dawg's - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Big Dawg's

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Big Dawgs in Memphis, Tennessee.

Big Dawgs is owned by Tyrone.

It is run by him, his wife O’Neka, and their son Chuck.

Big Dawgs started as a hotdog cart that attracted a large crowd.

This made Tyrone want to expand into a physical space.

However, he soon discovered that running a cart and a restaurant are two different things.

Currently, they are losing between $10,000 to $15,000 a month.

O’Neka is struggling to pay the bills.

When Robert arrives, he is immediately disappointed by the poor view of the space from the entrance.

The furnishings and decor are confusing and the countertop is loose.

He calls in O’Neka and Tyrone to hear their story.

They share that their decision to get into the hotdog business was driven by their child.

Their child needed medical assistance after surgery.

They are currently $50,000 in debt and have no understanding of their revenue or operating costs.

As the service begins, Robert observes the rudimentary nature of the business.

There are hand-written tickets and they are only accepting cash and Cash App payments.

They don’t accept payment by credit cards.

The front and back of the restaurant are equally chaotic, lacking systems and processes.

Despite the restaurant's name, they serve burgers, chicken, and wings but no hotdogs.

Robert orders from the menu and tastes the dishes in front of them.

He expresses disappointment in the overall taste, especially all of the hotdog dishes.

O’Neka takes the criticism poorly and becomes emotional.

Robert steps in to encourage and uplift them.

The design team of Tom and Lynn arrive to assess the space.

They guess the wrong business type upon seeing the restaurant's name.

The team decide to completely change everything.

They immediately begin clearing out the space, with the help of volunteers and the community.

Robert has a conversation with Chuck to understand Tyrone's motivations.

Robert learns that Tyrone's love for cooking has changed since opening the restaurant.

Robert then checks in with his team.

They have decided on a creative direction for the space, which he agrees with.

He speaks with Tyrone and encourages him to rediscover his passion for cooking.

Tyrone becomes excited about the opportunity and prepares a hotdog recipe that impresses Robert.

Tyrone feels rejuvenated after the cooking experience.

Robert gives him and O’Neka homework to draw up a plan for the restaurant.

O’Neka also writes a heartfelt letter to Tyrone about their marriage.

The team works overnight.

The next day, Robert checks in on them first.

He finds that they have repaired the shaky bar and the new colours are bringing the place together nicely.

Next, he checks in with the family to review their homework.

Tyrone presents his plan, which Robert agrees with.

O’Neka reads her emotional letter.

Robert provides the design team with a brief, emphasising that the restaurant will focus on hotdogs.

He also shows the owners why their cash system is detrimental and encourages them to adopt a POS system.

Robert takes them to the kitchen to train them on new dishes.

They make jalapeno popper hotdogs, Memphis hotdogs and a Korean fried chicken sandwich.

The family loves the taste of all the dishes.

They are hopeful that they will attract customers and generate revenue.

Tyrone is moved to tears, grateful that his prayers have been answered.

Robert returns to his team and helps them complete the finishing touches.

The staff is tasked with learning the new menu and the new POS system.

In the evening, everyone gathers for the big reveal.

Tyrone and O’Neka are the first to enter the transformed space.

They immediately tear up upon seeing the changes.

The restaurant now looks more cohesive, with a cohesive design.

There is a wallpaper wall adorned with old-school hotdog signs, capturing the essence of the restaurant's theme.

Chuck is brought in next, and he is just as shocked and delighted by the transformation.

Tyrone is now embracing his role as an owner rather than being buried in busy work.

He takes pride in helping where he can and warmly greeting guests.

On relaunch, the customers are drawn in by the inviting atmosphere.

They eagerly try the revamped menu and cannot stop singing praises for the delicious dishes.

The customers love the changes and promise to return to the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Big Dawg's?

After the show, sales have increased by 50%.

Chuck is now working at the restaurant three days a week, contributing to its success.

Tyrone has started making steady payments to O’Neka, alleviating their financial burdens.

Big Dawg's was awarded the prestigious title of "Best Food Based Business of the Year" in Memphis.

Big Dawg's is open.

Reviews are very positive with customers loving the hotdogs.

Big Dawg's is Restaurant Impossible season 22 episode 6 and aired on 2nd February 2023.

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