GiGi's Place - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible GiGi's Place

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits GiGi’s Place in Covington, Georgia.

GiGi’s Place is owned by Cynthia Brown.

The soul food restaurant is run by her and her husband Travis.

She started in telecoms but was catering on the side until she opened a physical space in 2011.

They expanded to a larger location in 2020.

The workload doubled leading to Cynthia having medical issues.

Her daughter Leslie has had to come in to help but she has had pushback from the staff because she is not her mother.

Cynthia believes the friction is just a clash of characters but they are good people.

Robert arrives and he is confused at the name of the place.

The large sign advertises Soul Food but the inside looks like a nail salon.

Inside is a mix between sit-down dining and buffet style dining.

Robert sits with the owners to hear their stories.

Travis has no experience in the restaurant business but helps out when he can.

He is partly paralysed on one side of his body.

Cynthia says she wants to retire but she did not keep her books properly in the first space.

She did not know it was a seeing a loss before she moved into the new space, which she is also renting.

Robert wants to see a better picture of the business so asks them to start the service.

Robert has his eye on Leslie to see if she can step into Cynthia’s shoes.

He sees that she is micro-managing and the staff prefer Cynthia as a boss.

Robert sees Leslie and the chef Ryan bickering and Cynthia breaking it up.

Robert tries to get to the bottom of the squabbles.

He decides to order from the buffet and the kitchen.

He finds the buffet food bland, dry with limp vegetables.

The food from the kitchen looks better but needs some more seasoning.

Robert gives Leslie and Cynthia the feedback directly that the buffet food is poor.

Cynthia wants the restaurant to be a buffet restaurant.

To accommodate her he says the two can be distinguished and done properly.

The design team of Tom and Lynn are brought in to see the restaurant.

Robert tells them the restaurant will be having a lunch buffet and dinner service.

They will be opening it up and arranging it properly so there is more seating space.

The staff, customers and volunteers empty the space.

Robert has an exercise for Leslie and Ryan to address their animosity.

They write down their grievances and put them up.

Leslie has a lot to say but Ryan is initially resistant to putting anything down.

Leslie says Ryan is dismissive, disruptive and resistant.

Cynthia is called in as she sheds some light on the situation.

Robert thinks that Leslie is inexperienced and she was put in as a leader and Ryan is not happy about that.

Work has commenced in the restaurant space and Robert is happy it is looking a lot brighter..

They are taking a mural from the former space and putting up a neon sign.

Robert gives the team an assignment.

Ryan and Leslie are to write down their vision for the business.

Leslie has also written out all the instructions she has to remind staff constantly.

The next day, Robert checks in on his design team, who have progressed with some statement walls.

They have knocked down a dividing wall so the space is bigger.

He meets with Leslie, Ryan and Cynthia.

Leslie has her instructions down.

Robert tells her she needs to deliver it all in the best way to get the staff on her side.

Ryan tells his wishes.

They are mainly to get along with Lesie and help work on Cynthia’s dream.

Leslie and Ryan call a truce and commit to working together.

Robert sends Leslie and Ryan to the kitchen to work together and cook a meal together.

Robert and Cynthia watch them on a monitor.

They work well together solving the clues and getting the ingredients, sharing tasks on prep and cooking.

Robert shows them how to make a Jerk Chicken dish, a Sweet Tea Braised Oxtail and a crispy fish sandwich.

They love the dishes.

Robert rushes to meet his design team, who are a little behind.

Leslie addresses the staff and she apologises to them.

She reaffirms that she and Ryan will work together for the business.

By the evening Leslie and Cynthia are taken into their new space.

The restaurant now looks like a restaurant.

It is open and warm with new cohesive furnishings and lighting.

They have a buffet set up along the side with increased seating.

Travis is brought in next and he is moved to tears.

On relaunch, the customers are let in and the regulars love the new look.

The staff are all working well together with Leslie calmly managing them.

Ryan is maintaining peace in the kitchen.

Cynthia is left with nothing to do but be an owner and greet the guests.

The customers love all the dishes.

What Happened Next at GiGi's Place?

Two months later, Ryan and Leslie have been working well together.

Leslie has strengthened her connection with the staff.

Ryan is running the table service dinners.

GiGi's Place is open.

Reviews are mostly positive.

GiGi's Place is Restaurant Impossible season 22 episode 11 and aired on 9th March 2023.

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