Greg's BBQ - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Greg's BBQ

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Greg’s BBQ in Belen, New Mexico.

Greg’s BBQ is owned by Greg and Carin.

Greg learned to smoke meat in the Marine Corps North Carolina style.

His wife Carin was also in the Marine Corps and this is where they met.

She is active in the restaurant along with their daughter Victoria and son Michael.

Victoria takes care of the books and Michael works the kitchen.

Greg and Michael butt heads in the kitchen often, even though Michael uses Greg’s recipes.

Greg has some health issues and needs double knee surgery.

Robert arrives and he is confused by the disjointed space, which has a high ceiling and poor lighting.

Robert calls the owners and finds out their story.

He sees that Greg has had surgery on his foot, losing a toe.

They started with a smoker in a truck then got a food truck.

They later bought the restaurant for $10,000.

Their revenue has been up and down for years.

Robert asks for the numbers.

Despite Victoria’s masters degree in accounting she has no experience in finance for a restaurant business.

Victoria is called in and he shows her what a proper Profit and Loss statement looks like.

They are good on taxes and have paid external loans but are not tracking their expenses properly.

They open up for a service.

Robert sees they have a POS system and the servers are doing well.

Victoria is helping to cook because a staff member had a death in the family.

Michael and Victoria are in charge in the kitchen which impresses Robert.

He sees the problem is Greg, who is bothering his children as they work.

Robert shuts down service sending customers home so he can taste dishes from the menu.

Robert tries the food in front of the family to give direct feedback.

There is no flavour in the meat and their special sauce is too strong.

He tells them they need to market more outside of the Belen area to get enough patronage to stay afloat.

The family are a little down from the feedback.

Robert sits with Greg alone.

Greg tells him he used to go to therapy but he stopped.

He coped by developing an eating disorder so he had to have gastric surgery.

Tom and Lynn are brought in to see the space that they are working with.

They have some complicated work to remove the echo and open up the space between the bar and the restaurant.

Staff and volunteers empty the space and the family say goodbye to it.

Robert sits with Michael and Victoria to find out more about their father.

They worry about his health because he refuses to take things easy.

Greg is added to the conversation and he gives some insight on why he is controlling.

Robert lets him know his children are capable and he should consider stepping back.

Chatting with Greg alone he finds out more about his mental health problems.

He offers a two week trip to Boston for him and Carin to get help from the Robert Irvine Foundation.

Robert checks in on his team and the new entry way is clear.

He hears the plans they have for the place and is pleased with them.

They have some hiccups as their painters are delayed by a day.

Tom has a conflict that requires him to leave the next day.

He promises to set up his team as much as he can before he leaves.

Robert leaves the family with homework.

He wants Michael to make up some dishes and for Greg to write about what his family means to him.

The next day, Robert comes in and goes straight to his design team.

They are trying their best without Tom and are a little behind.

He leaves them to it and sits with the family who have new ideas .

Victoria presents her idea of using social media for marketing and using their food truck for publicity.

Michael has come up with 3 dishes they could use for the menu.

Greg reads out the letters to his family and they love the fact he expresses himself.

Michael and Greg cook one of the meals, a potato skins dish together and they have fun doing it.

They serve it to Robert, who loves the taste and suggests it for the menu on their food truck.

They go back to the kitchen where Robert shows them how to make new recipes.

They make BBQ Ribs Corn Dogs, Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich and a Smoked Pork Chop.

They absolutely love the taste and all the dishes will be on the menu for the relaunch.

The family gets started with recording videos for social media and calling their regulars.

The team completes the finishing touches to the redesign.

The family are gathered by late afternoon to see the new restaurant.

Robert takes in Greg and Carin first to see their new space.

It is now modern and open with a waiting area and waitress stand.

The high ceilings have been covered with textured tiles to limit the echoes.

There are new lights and furnishings.

The children are brought in and they are equally shocked.

They thank Lynn who comes in to meet them.

On relaunch, Carin and Greg let in the customers, who are astounded at the changes.

Victoria is front of house taking care of guests while Michael is leading in the kitchen.

Carin and Greg watch in awe as they work.

They are happy with the customer feedback to the food.

Greg tells Michael he is proud of him.

What Happened Next at Greg's BBQ?

After the show, sales are up 15%.

The new potato skins dish is their current best seller.

Greg has settled into a general manager role leaving Victoria and Michael to run their areas.

He is planning his visit to Boston to treat his PTS.

Greg's BBQ is open.

Reviews are mostly positive with a few customers having cold or underseasoned dishes.

Greg's BBQ is Restaurant Impossible season 21 episode 13 and aired on 22nd July 2022.

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