Island Kine Grinds / Aloha Island Grille - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Island Kine Grinds

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Island Kine Grinds in Nampa, Idaho.

Island Kine Grinds is owned by Renus Domingo.

He moved to Idaho with his wife Ludi.

Missing home prompted them to open the restaurant.

They had a great time in the beginning until Renus had a sudden illness that paralysed him.

He was in hospital for 3 months and was bedridden for longer.

Renus had to relearn how to move and walk.

He used to be the cook in the restaurant but now he is limited in his activities.

Renus got sick again ending up with him needing open heart surgery.

They are in $250,000 debt and have almost depleted their life savings.

Robert arrives expecting a coffee shop but sees the Hawaiian theme.

Inside the floors are dirty and there is a low ceiling.

There are ugly battered tables and there is nothing redeeming about the space.

Robert meets with the owners and he tells his confusion in the name.

They both worked retail before owning the restaurant.

Robert has to look through the numbers himself but they have not kept good records.

They tell Robert of Renus’s health problems and how he hid it till he got progressively worse until it was an emergency.

Robert tells them their business is not profitable and they are basically bankrupt.

They end the conversation to start service.

The customers complain they do not feel the Hawaiian theme.

Robert notes they give plastic cutlery and the menus are limited.

The servers have a long ordering process that can be simplified and the back of the house is chaotic.

The food is prepared and put on steam tables so it is not fresh.

Robert tells them they are not a true restaurant.

He sends the customers home while he tries food from the menu in front of Renus and Ludi.

He is not impressed with the offerings and they are either bland or too salty.

Renus cries at the feedback and says they both lost their passion and he is frustrated.

Ludi is overwhelmed.

Robert tells Renus he has to find a way to support her as it is more than the business at stake.

Lynn the interior designer is the only one available as Tom is away.

Robert tells him the name needs to change.

All of the signage and branding needs to be redone so Lynn has a lot of work cut out for him.

The new name for the restaurant is going to be Aloha Island Grille.

The team and staff empty out the space and Robert imparts some inspirational words to Ludi and Renus.

Robert sits with the couple outside and teaches them about restaurant finances.

Robert has his team also join in a brainstorming session with the couple on creating new recipes that represent Hawaii.

Robert checks in on Lynn and some progress has been made.

He talks through the whole plan for the space which Robert loves.

Robert gives the couple some homework of writing out what frustrates them about each other.

He also has a plan for Renus to get him started on getting better.

The next day, the couple have both done the assignment.

They reveal their frustrations to tears and insights from both.

They identify communication as their main problem and vow to work on it.

Renus has also outlined how he can contribute more to the business in his limited capacity.

Robert gives them a break and checks in on the work in the space and a Tiki totem pole is being erected.

Robert is impressed with the progress and the new logo is still being worked on.

Robert goes back to the couple and takes them on a trip to a shallow pool at the local recreational centre.

Robert explains to Renus how simple exercises in the pool will not put too much stress on him but he can exercise.

Renus does great and Ludi is proud of him.

When they get back Robert has them in the kitchen to demonstrate some new dishes.

They make island fried chicken, poke wrap and loco moco.

The dishes are traditional Hawaiian dishes with modern twists and they love it.

Robert leaves them to help his team finish up the prep of the space.

By evening the couple are shown the front of the building to reveal their new name and logo and they love it.

They are led into the space that is warm and modern with a lot of greenery and the Tiki totem with a thatched roof.

It finally has the Hawaiian beach vibes that the customers craved.

In return, the couple give Robert and Lynn leis to say thank you for beating their expectations.

On relaunch, the customers are let in and they are all greeted with leis.

Renus helps with greeting guests so Ludi can check on the kitchen and the servers.

The food is great and comes out quickly, which they love.

Renus is happy the Aloha spirit is in the space.

Robert is given a grass skirt and taught a few Hula moves dancing with some Hawaiian dancers.

What Happened Next at Island Kine Grinds / Aloha Island Grille?

After the show, sales increased 15%.

Hula dancing is now featured at the restaurant every Friday.

Renus exercises twice a week and is motivated to get his life and the restaurant back on track.

Island Kine Grinds / Aloha Island Grille is open.

There are new owners of the restaurant as of late 2022.

Reviews are mostly positive.

Island Kine Grinds is Restaurant Impossible season 22 episode 3 and aired on 12th January 2023.

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