Sunnyside Cafe - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Sunnyside Cafe

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Sunnyside Cafe in Williamston, Michigan.

Sunnyside Cafe is owned by Jeanette, who took it over from her mother.

She worked at the cafe as a child, and when it closed, she reopened it with her siblings.

In 2019, she purchased the restaurant from her brother.

Jeanette faced numerous challenges after taking the restaurant over.

The restaurant quickly became busy, and she struggled to handle the workload, especially in 2020.

Her strained relationship with her son added to her difficulties.

He ended up leaving the business.

Jeanette found herself on the brink of giving up, burdened by debt.

Upon arriving, Robert immediately noticed issues with the restaurant's appearance.

There is a trip hazard near the door and mismatched, shoddy furnishings.

He sat down with Jeanette, who shared the history of the business.

She explained that she had bought it solely to save it without fully understanding the financial situation.

Robert requested to see the numbers and discovered that Jeanette hadn't made any profit since taking over.

Moreover, her house was tied to the business, putting her home at risk.

Concerned about the lack of systems and proper leadership, Robert decides to observe the breakfast service.

During the service, Robert realised that there were only two servers.

Jeanette's micromanagement made the process harder and slower.

In the kitchen, Don the head cook struggled due to a lack of training.

Robert also learns about Jeanette's son David, who left the kitchen due to issues with her micromanagement.

After 30 minutes with no food served, Robert can see that the food quality is a major problem.

He has a conversation with server Abby, who honestly expresses her reluctance to be a manager under Jeanette.

Robert provides feedback to Jeanette, highlighting the food and leadership as the main issues.

He suggests the need for a chef to lead Don and a manager so that Jeanette could step away from day-to-day operations.

The design team of Lynn and Tom are brought in to see the space they will be working with.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with the current space.

They emphasise the need for a brighter ambiance suitable for breakfast service.

Staff and volunteers were called in to quickly empty out the space.

Robert checks in with Lynn, who provides a breakdown of the planned changes to open up and brighten the space.

Robert reviews the records and noticed that when David was present, the restaurant had profitable specials that showcased his creativity.

The absence of David has been felt at the restaurant.

Robert decides to meet with David and his sister Josephine.

He discovers that micromanagement was one of the main reasons David had left.

The relationship between David and Jeanette is still strained.

Robert believes that Jeanette's attachment to her mother's legacy was holding her back.

He confronts Jeanette about her micromanagement tendencies and her fears, offering words of advice to boost her morale.

The next day, the team have worked hard overnight.

Robert meets with Jeanette and her children and Jeanette has taken the time to reflect on herself.

She wrote a letter of closure to her mother and another letter of apology to her son.

A new cook Brian has been brought in and tasked with creating a creative new dish.

Robert checks in with his design team, who have made significant changes.

There is a new ceiling and they have completed sections of the floor.

David joins Brian in the kitchen, and Jeanette meets with Abby, the server.

Abby is offered a management role with the promise of no micromanagement.

There will also be other changes that would give her full control.

Abby accepts the role.

David presents a new dish for the three of them to taste.

Both Jeanette and Robert agree that it is amazing.

Inspired by the dish, Robert guides them through the process of making three new dishes.

They are a corned beef hash, a lemon poppy seed pancake, and hot chicken pita.

They are impressed by the taste of all the dishes.

With two hours to go, Robert checks on his design team and there is still much to do.

Jeanette busies herself by making calls to recruit more servers for the relaunch.

By evening, Jeanette is the first to enter the revamped cafe.

The space has undergone a transformation, featuring black, white, and pops of yellow.

There are also sunflowers that give it a bright and sunny feel.

Jeanette loves every aspect of it, remarking that sunflowers were her mother's favourite.

As customers began to arrive, Abby takes charge as the manager and Jeanette embraces her role as an owner.

Brian excels in the kitchen, leading the team and creating exceptional dishes.

Jeanette refrained from micromanaging, allowing Abby to thrive in her new position.

What Happened Next at Sunnyside Cafe?

After the show, sales increased by 35%.

There are lines at the door every weekend.

Brian continues to impress, serving food in under 10 minutes.

Jeanette has become more open and responsive to the needs of her staff, fostering a positive work environment.

Sunnyside Cafe is open.

Reviews are mostly positive with some negative reviews on the food.

Sunnyside Cafe is Restaurant Impossible season 22 episode 10 and aired on 2nd March 2023.

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