Friday, 13 May 2011

Kitchen Nightmares - D-Place - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares D-Place

Episode Recap

Chef Gordon Ramsay visit's D-Place, Chelmsford, Essex, a cafe Bar owned by Israel Pons, having once owned a string of businesses this is the last one left. The bar is supporting the restaurant and sales have dropped. He has Philippe Blaise in the kitchen, a well trained, travelled and experienced French chef. Gordon is not impressed with his meal of microwave rice, rubbery, overcooked seafood and a runny creme brulee. The chef and manager Dave Bone hate each other and argue constantly. They agree to set aside their differences.

Gordon watches a service and see the young assistant chefs being taught bad habits cooking preprepared food. The menu is changed despite 4 recent menu changes and some french lunch dishes including croque-monsieur. They so a team building guacamole making exercise judged by Gordon and Israel. The next morning there are trays of roast potatoes the chef insists were cooked in oven and not the fryer, it is discovered he is lying. Gordon insists on closing the restaurant for 48 hours to get the place back on track and Israel reluctantly agrees.

They redecorate the dining room, clean the kitchen, fix the oven and bring in lots of new kitchen equipment. They then improve the menu and practice the dishes. They also revamp the exterior of D-Place too. They also decide to rename the place as Saracens Cafe Bar as the hotel next door is called Saracens Hotel. On the launch day they have a fully booked lunch, the lunch service goes terrible and Philip threatens to walk out. Israel steps in and says to Gordon that it is also Dave's fault due to disorganisation of front of house and he asks him to leave and shuts down the service.

What Happened Next?

Gordon returns and Israel and Tara are no longer running the business, it went into receivership and the lease was put up for sale. Gordon speaks to Philip who is still there and Gordon visits Israel and Tara at home. Speaking about the business things appeared to pick up but it was too late for them, the brewery took back the business losing them lots of money. It was bought by new owners and reopened as Saracens. Philip Blaise said that they had people complaining about the new menu but it was obvious in the episode they were going to struggle to turn it around. Since then it has remained open and is highly successful.

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  1. My god, that cook's voice! The most horrible accent I have ever heard! No wonder he was hated by the rest of the crew. And I am not even British myself.

  2. chef was like a French frank spencer

  3. This was one was never going to succeed under that particular owner with his track record of successive failure.

  4. "As long as there's a hole in my butt, Big Boy, those potatoes were in the fryer...." What a line! That and the egg holding therapy session were the highlights of this season.

  5. One thing that is not clear from the article is if Philippe Blaise is still the chef there at Saracens. OMG! He was lazy, and an amazingly awful chef (& that's not counting his ghastly voice). From looking around on the web, it doesn't appear the place is doing all that great now, so maybe he IS still there.

  6. Honest question about this episode: When Ramsay leaves in the end Philip says buy, does Gorden reply "putain" or did I mishear?


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