Saturday, 1 July 2017

Kitchen Nightmares - Michon's - CLOSED

Michon's Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits, Michon's in College Park, Georgia, AL, a Smokehouse and restaurant owned by Al, Gaye and daughter Natalie. They named the restaurant after her as they had hoped to pass it on to her one day. The staff say when it was run by Al it ran smoothly until he could not work due to a collapsed lung. Gordon meets Al and he says he wants to retire but Natalie is not ready to take over.

Gordon arrives and is impressed with the decor but is shocked to hear he can't have potato salad as the chefs can't be bothered to make it. Gaye brings him a day old chicken wing and he also samples the smoked chicken gourmet salad, brisket and cornbread. The salad has rotten tomatoes, the brisket is like rubber and the cornbread is a mouth of sand. Gordon discovers all his food was microwaved except the salad and walks out.

Gordon returns to watch a dinner service and finds the kitchen reheating food rather than serving fresh out the smoker. He discovers plastic tubs of chicken wings that were cooked days ago. Gordon is not impressed and relays this to Natalie and takes her aside to try to get her to step up and lead the restaurant. Natalie watches a staff meeting via camera with them asking for better leadership. Natalie vows to her parents to step up in order to take over as planned. Her first step is to appoint a head chef and she appoints Terrance.

Gordon revamps the menu adding barbecue classics and also introduces Chef Adam, an experienced barbecue chef to be a consultant for a month. On relaunch night Gordon invites some VIP guests, barbecue experts and at first the kitchen begins to struggle but Natalie steps in to help them regroup. While the chefs are getting back on track Natalie takes the VIPs on a tour of the smokers. The customers are impressed with the food from the new menu and the relaunch is a success.

What Happened Next? 

The College Park branch of Michon's featured on Kitchen Nightmares closed in August 2013, the Peach Tree Center Avenue location closed in early 2018. Yelp reviews prior to the closure of the College Park location were mostly negative, highlighting poor service, a long wait and poor food. In March 2012,  the newly opened Downtown Michon's restaurant burnt down in a fire just a few weeks after it's launch. 


  1. I noticed that towards the end, when Gordon, Michon, and the chef Gordon brought are in the office the chef gordon brought's apron changes colors. From black and white stripes to solid black.

  2. Do they still stockpile wings and serve them days later?

  3. Looking at the show repeat now. It is appalling. If Natalie did not want to be in the business, she should have been adult enough to say so from the start.

  4. First of all, who's the jackass burning down the restaurants,however the fate of the business naturally hinges on weather Natalie want to accept the challenge or not...personally i think she has what it takes... at the time of the show i thought she just needed more training on the floor. ..human resources and kitchen management is two different jobs but to be successful you have to learn all aspects of the business.i wish them well ...employee's are relying on her to lead...she has to make a maximum effort. ..i wish the business well.

  5. It says closed but also indicates that the original place is still open. In a way, it is still open? Perhaps the title should indicate it is still open?

    I think it is neat that they are still in business.

    1. The restaurant featured in the show is closed and that is what the blog post is about. I do state that the other restaurant is still open but it isn't the same restaurant so I don't want to mislead the readers of the blog who would only be interested in the restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares.

    2. That location was beautiful,I hope their other location is as beautiful. Good Luck!

  6. I don't know why this programme as shelved as it's an eye opener to where you expect decent food at any restaurant, personally I think most of these places were too far gone before this programme intervened and that's why most of them sailed down the river!

  7. What annoyed me about this episode is the pressure for her to actually want to run the restaurant, its such an American thing, that what the parent wants to do, the offspring must automatically want to do as well. I would think if it was still open, she'd run it till the parents passed away and sell it as soon as she could.


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